Football Commentators Launch England World Cup Song

England manager Fabio Capello may have forbidden an official England World Cup song, but that hasn’t stopped some of the biggest football commentators in England from recording a song to support their country’s team in this summer’s World Cup. Problem is it’s one of those songs that is grating the first time you listen to it. And it gets worse on repeated listens.

The song, entitled “Let’s Hear It England,” features commentators from ITV, BBC, Sky and ESPN together with the Cotswold Male Voice Choir. Commentators appearing on the track include Guy Mowbray, Jon Champion, Clive Tyldesley, Martin Tyler, Steve Banyard, Rob Hawthorne, Ian Darke, Peter Brackley, Simon Brotherton, Peter Drury, and Steve Wilson.

The project was created by football commentator Steve Banyard. He composed the song and oversaw the production. “For the demo track, Steve recorded all the instrumentation, and much of that is retained in the final version.
Steve began playing the piano from age 9, and has been writing music since he was 11, but this is the first time he’s ever released one of his songs,” according to the Commentators United website.

While I enjoy Banyard as a commentator and I appreciate the effort he has made to create a song to get behind the England team, this is a song that people will get sick of hearing over and over again between now and the World Cup in June.

Take, for example, the lyrics to the chorus:

“Let’s hear it En-ger-land (oh-ay, oh-ay-o)
Let’s hear it En-ger-land (oh-ay, oh-ay-o)
We’re gonna red, white, blue you
Shoot right through you now.”


What do you think? It’s definitely no New Order “World In Motion,” or “Three Lions” by The Lightning Seeds.

30 thoughts on “Football Commentators Launch England World Cup Song”

  1. Aren’t songs like this *supposed* it irritate the other sides?

    Sounds like a good job to me, but…….

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. It’s not bad at all. Then again I won’t be in England when this plays thousands of times. :)

    Steve Banyard is giving away two copies with autographs from him and four other commentators, including ESPN World Cup man Ian Darke.

    I along with another user have had a “guess the commentators” competition for Sky Sports and the World Feed running concurrently all season and the winner of each will win those copies.

    The song is also for charity as well when you buy it for 79p ($1.21 US).

    All of this work from them is going to be in vain once they do go out in penalties in the quarterfinals. :)

  3. They’re gonna red, white, and *what* us?! Are we sure this song wasn’t actually written by one Tobias Fünke?

  4. Not trying to rabble rouse but…

    You would think us Americans would come up with something this corny.

    Take out “En-ger-land ” and insert “Am-eri-ca” and it works better for the States.

    Who am I kidding? The states being creative enough to get some songs going..pfft. Enjoy your song’s im sure we’ll be doing the wave, chanting lame ass U-S-A, yelling D-fence, or something as equally lame. (>_<)

    1. I can’t wait to write new words to it and sing it at the pub during the match June 12. Watch for a video shortly.

  5. “Let’s hear it En-ger-land (oh-ay, oh-ay-o)
    Let’s hear it En-ger-land (oh-ay, oh-ay-o)
    We’re gonna red, white, blue you
    Shoot right through you now.”

    OK, so Martin Tyler is volunteering to sing words like this, and some American fans are actually thrilled that he’s calling our game against England on June 12? He has just declared that he wants our opponent to “shoot right through” other World Cup teams — which, ya know, includes us — and you’re just tickled ESPN has picked Tyler instead of an American voice?


      1. Oh, I am a moron, for sure. But I’m also right. My point is accurate, and correct, and infallible, and it should be absorbed by you until you completely agree with me.

  6. Seems like everyone and his dog is having a go at making an “unofficial” England song for this World Cup. I’ve listened to a few, still Three Lions is the best for me, with The Beautiful Game

    being the best of the new ones.

  7. ok I think that was possibly one of the worst songs I have ever heard. They wont seriously be singing this at the word cup? I know one thing there will be no one in a socceroos jersey singing anything this absurd!

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