Weekend Review Show: MLS Talk Podcast


It’s an extended edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Weekend Review Show, as we are joined by:

  • Christopher Riordan, who was on hand at Lincoln Financial Field to witness the Union’s first home game,
  • Dave Clark from Sounder at Heart to talk about an exciting RSL-Sounders match-up at Rio Tinto, and
  • former MLS Talk host and current NASL Director of Communications Kartik Krishnaiyer to talk about the opening of the USSF’s second division.

That, and a closing comment from yours truly regarding the highs and the lows of Major League Soccer’s third weekend of the season.

20 thoughts on “Weekend Review Show: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. Good to hear from Krishnaiyer, but he admitted what he has tried to hide for years……he is a DC United fan. You got that out of him Farley, so good job nailing him in the interview. You asked what he misses about MLS Talk and he was about to rant about United’s start before stopping himself.

    KK, some advice. Now that you are no longer a commentator, and DCU is not in your league, just admit you support them and were always super biased towards them? Some of us loved your commentary, besides your constant protests that you were impartial about MLS in Florida, or DC United.

    1. Jeff, did you even listen to the episode? Kartik didn’t say anything about being a DC United fan. He just said that he would have loved to write about DC United this season with what’s happening on the field right now.

      The Gaffer

    2. Jeff:

      So what. He had and has a right to be a fan. Kartik’s handling of the podcast and his commentary where a model. I believed he had a soft spot for DC., yet it never interfered with his reporting. Get off of it.

  2. Great show. Loved the line-up, a little bit of everything. Special comment at the end was a good touch. In general agreement with your point there. The Fire game sure had a score that otherwise should not have happened.

    I really wait for the weekend wrap podcast each week.

    1. Thanks, Lou. You feedback is always appreciated. If you have somebody you’d like to hear do wrap-ups of important Fire matches, please let me know.

  3. Very dissapointed in KK regarding the USSF Div II. Did you notice he totally shafted the three USL teams? Never mentioned Puerto Rico or Portland by name (even when asked a question about them), and only mentioned Austin because they played last weekend (and whooped Montreal’s *ss). We’ll see how he feels when Portland and Austin are first and second at the end of the year! I understand what his job is now, but he comes off as some kind of jilted divorcee’ refusing to acknowledge three teams in the league while artificially propping up others.
    Also hilarious he assumes that the NASL will actually get sanctioning next year. Don’t hold your breath.

    1. Kartik was on as a representative of the NASL. It would have been inappropriate for him to comment on the USL teams. Realistically, if he did venture a comment, he wouldn’t have been able to say much. He wouldn’t be able to be honest about those teams. He would have had to have been politically correct, deferential – practically useless.

      He did a service, CVO, by avoiding the topic all-together.

      And the idea that NASL won’t get sanctioned next year is far more absurd at this point than the idea that it will. Whatever you have against the NASL or how they went about their business, they’re here now.

      If you want to preach that they shouldn’t have broken off, fine. I disagree, but whatever. There are good reasons there.

      Saying something like “Don’t hold your breath” is building an argument of the bitterness of the past. Move on.

      1. Believe me, Richard, I had moved on, but became very bitter after hearing that KK had not. “He did a service?” Really, there was no gallantry in his efforts.
        The USSF made it clear that both sides were supposed to represent this temporary union in good faith, so to purposedly avoid even mentioning that two teams in this group even exist is exactly the kind of attitude caused this mess to boil over in the first place. He was asked a direct question about two teams and refused to acknowledge one that just happened to be a USL team.

        I’m upset because this kind of posturing is going to kill Div II soccer in the U.S, no matter who is or isn’t sanctioned.

        1. It may be better to change the description up top to state that Kartik Krishnaiyer was going to be on to talk about the NASL teams in the new league. That way when he talks about the games that only involve teams in that league and leaves out the surprise result of the weekend it doesn’t come across as posturing or anything else.

          1. a.) Kartik only came across as posturing to people who seem to be creating some issue here that does not exit.

            b.) At the beginning of the segment, he is introduced as the NASL DoC. We’re not presenting him in another capacity, however …

            c.) You might have a (very good) point re: the text of the post.

            One note: There seem to be people on this board who revel in attacking Kartik. These people have at times made their way to Set Piece Analysts, and you also found your way to the Kartik Report.

            Jim, I don’t think you’re one of these people.

            That you all seem intent on negatively interfacing with Kartik regardless of the context or content is ironic, as it pertains to this threat, as the prejudice you purport he’s representing is more apparent in your cyber-campaign than anything he does.

            Kartik will readily admit that he writes a ton of controversial things. At Set Piece last week he wrote Chelsea is set to be an unworthy EPL champions, possibly the most controversial and publicly maligned piece every posted on that site (well, second, to something yours truly wrote in December).

            You don’t have to go too far to find something to argue with Kartik about. That you’re going out of your way to take this one podcast appearance and make it into the next Sumter of your campaign is so December ’09.

        2. When I say did a service, I don’t mean that in a gallant way. He just provided a service in the same way a newscaster does a service. I mean service in the very basic, limited way.

          Regarding posturing, that’s as incorrectly used as my use of “service.” Kartik just didn’t mention people he does not represent.

          Yeesh. It’s not difficult to discern there’s a conflict of interest there that he avoided.

      2. I vehemently disagree with your comment to the point I’m actually posting a comment on a blog.

        The NASL is, at the moment, a coalition of clubs which play in a specific league which is NOT the NASL. It is more than appropriate to ask the head PR guy for the league which isn’t yet actually playing games under its own name about the other clubs those teams are currently playing against.

        And I’d like to move on, but when attendance is awful, scoreboards don’t work, IDs are forgotten, and the feud between the two warring parties is obviously nowhere near resolved, there is just obviously so little to be optimistic about regarding second division soccer, so color me tickled the Timbers are on the rise.

        1. re: appropriate – I see your point, but it’s wrong. Kartik ha a significant conflict of interest that prevents him from reasonably speaking about the USL teams. In fact, I’m not even sure the USSF is OK with it. A better criticism, “Why did you have Kartik on when he can’t talk about the USL teams?”

          Re: so little to be optimistic about – fair enough, and good points. When I say move on, I mean people need to move on from this anti-Kartik campaign that should have been killed once all the naysayers were debunked by his reporting’s prognostications coming to fruition.

          1. “former MLS Talk host and current NASL Director of Communications Kartik Krishnaiyer to talk about the opening of the USSF’s second division”

            the problem, I think, is in the wording, then, because when you say the USSF’s second division, myself as a Timbers fans, all the Islanders fans who read this blog, and any Aztex fans who exist out there are going to be listening to see what Kartik says about our team. The fact he tried to say next to nothing speaks volumes – like it or not, the coalition of NASL teams does have to play teams who aren’t in the NASL this season, and when you have him on to talk about the league, that’s not talking about NASL.

            If Kartik was the PR guy for the American League and you asked him about the opening weekend for MLB, I’m not sure I would expect him to talk about the Braves or Pirates or Diamondbacks, because he’s in a position to talk about the separate league; but if Kartik was the PR guy for the old G14, and this was the EPL Talk show, and you asked him to talk about the first weekend of Premier League action, I think I would expect him to talk about a game between Fulham and Wigan, or at least teams outside of the big four, if he’s following them. But because of the way the two leagues are so visibly intertwined this season, I’m not sure there’s any conflict of interest in talking about Austin or Portland or Puerto Rico in regards as to what they’re doing on the field.

            For instance, you asked Kartik about which players people would recognize /in second division soccer/, NOT in the NASL. Is it really a conflict of interest if Kartik were to say something like former Beckham-numbered Galaxy player Quavas Kirk is now on the Timbers?

            Now, some of your other questions were indeed NASL-oriented, which are legitimate, because that’s where Kartik’s area of expertise lies. And if you had asked Kartik about, say, his opinion of how Portland or Austin are running their franchise, I’d agree with you there might be a conflict of interest there. But almost pretending a quarter of the league doesn’t exist isn’t going to help the NASL coalition this season or in the future. (The USL is equally to blame as well.)

          2. John:

            Good points all around.

            If people want to blame me for the advertising of the interview or the questions, I’ll accept that.

            The Kartik blame is ill-placed, IMO.

            For what it’s worth, USL PR is terrible. Has been ever since I’ve been doing this. Getting people from their group is so hard that I’ve given up. However, I do have individual contacts at the remaining USL teams, so we can use those in the future. As well, Chris Riordan follows PRI.

            So blame me, and I will apologize. Kartik, however, is fine on this one.

          3. Richard – no apology necessary. As I’ve stated I’m just frustrated the fact Kartik didn’t give much lip service to the three USL teams still speaks volumes about the situation the D2 is in even though he’s on NASL payroll. I don’t believe it’s a conflict of interest for him to talk about the USL teams when asked about the USSF D2 as a whole. I’m not anti-Kartik. I’m not trying to attack or blame Kartik. Given his current position and given my interest in the economics of minor league soccer I’m interested in what he has to say in the future when you have him back on the show. I’m just frustrated that it is somehow unreasonable for him to talk about the Timbers just because NASL/Traffic pays his salary, especially considering minor league soccer needs all the media it can get. I apologize if that’s unreasonable from my end.

            Still I’m looking forward to the start of the season and in hearing other people talk about the second division this year on your show, especially because this year and next year are such crucial years off the field.

    2. CVO, I don’t believe Kartik not mentioning the three USL teams was intentional. His response sounded very stream if consciousness as he went from topic to topic and team to team. I don’t believe leaving the USL teams out was deliberate even if he is an employee of the NASL.

      The Gaffer

  4. Richard,

    Two things:

    1) I’d like for somebody to come on the podcast and discuss in detail the new home-grown rule and the interplay with Generation Adidas. I’ve heard and read news about it, but I’d like some more in-depth analysis as well as possible players that will come up via this new rule.

    2) Since KK discussed the NASL-side of USSF D2, anyway we can get coverage of the USL teams as well (specially my PR Islanders)?

    On a side note, after watching the Union-DC game and the linkage of Arrieta/Moreno/Le Toux, I can help but feel happy for Arrieta professionally but sad that he left the PRI. The Union fans are going to love him!

    1. Hi Angel:

      a.) Good idea.

      b.) Chris Riordan covers PRI for us, and he mentioned Arrieta on this podcast. Next time he is on (which will probably be in 2-3 weeks), I’ll ask him about PRI, giving us an update on that.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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