Patrick Barclay Interview: Video Trailer

Watch the short trailer for EPL Talk’s upcoming interview with Patrick Barclay, one of the top soccer authors and journalists in the United Kingdom.

The complete interview — conducted by EPL Talk’s Laurence McKenna — will be released in its entirety in the near future. During the interview, Barclay covers several fascinating topics from the comfort of his own living room.

4 thoughts on “Patrick Barclay Interview: Video Trailer”

  1. what? i’m very interested in an interview with barclay, but what the hell was that? besides the fact that i had to strain to hear anything being said, it was basically small bit and piece phrases. if this is just a tester tactic of showing us trailers — cool, but an audio quality fix and at least a little longer clips would be effective. if i didn’t already know who barclay was and like his work, this trailer would most likely prevent me from seeking out the podcast. still, good idea for a trailer.

    1. Matt, yep, it’s a bit of cheeky editing from Laurence McKenna. Just a quick preview with small bits of key phrases that Laurence patched together.

      The Gaffer

      1. That really hasn’t compressed as well as I would have liked. It’s supposed to be HD Matt. Gaffer did we upload that in HD? If so, Youtube has butchered it. Maybe it’s just the early compression.

        Sorry Matt, compression might change after Youtube cleans it up. That really isn’t the quality that it was compressed in.

        1. Laurence, YouTube gave me an error message when uploading it in HD, so it may have deferred to the SD version instead. No worries, we’ll make sure the final interview itself is in HD.

          The Gaffer

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