Is There Anything More Useless than the New MLSnet Website?

The simple answer is no.  This confusing, eyesore of a site is difficult to navigate and manage, but that is the least of it.  What is simply unforgiveable is that the information is delayed, unavailable, or simply wrong.  For example, in this chart, how can Real Salt Lake have played two games, and have a win, a loss and a tie?


Well, perhaps the confusion is that Real Salt Lake has actually played three games, but 48 hours after their third game was played, the score has yet to reach the MLSnet website:


Well, if I cannot get an updated score or a correct table, maybe I can get some stats?  Guess not. 

Maybe I should click on the player page and find out some interesting information about the fine lads who toil in MLS?

I don’t know which elementary school computer geek MLS hired to redesign their web site, but I hope they replace him with someone competent at some point this season.

56 thoughts on “Is There Anything More Useless than the New MLSnet Website?”

  1. Don’t forget that the new video player for matches requires you download Microsoft Silver Light instead of the industry standard Flash.

    Why? Why not….

  2. I disagree. I like the new site a ton more than the old one. Sure there will be some bugs and what not to iron out over the next while, but as soon as that happens it will be an improvement from what it was.

  3. I think the new interface is beautiful and well marketed incorporating social networking and vast amounts of multimedia. Sure it’s buggy at first. So weren’t iPods. Relax turbo. It could not any simpler to navigate…Let’s complain about the delay Comcast and Cox have delivering FSC in HD.

  4. Your criticism is dead on. There should be no data errors. None. And for a league worth a combined billion $$$ at least the navigation should be much more obvious than it is.

    The old site actually worked.

  5. Preach on, brother! I think the new website LOOKS fantastic. But it hasn’t been able to give me the info I need. I used to visit the old site daily. Now, I almost never go to the new website. And as for the team sites (at least the Dynamo), forget about it! The team sites are even less accurate than the main page.

    Hopefully, they’re working out the bugs, but it’s been a month. How hard is it to work out the “standings” page? Or the “schedule” page? Hell, the “schedule” page actually DIRECTS people to watch the league’s games, so they should fix that first and foremost…

  6. What’s more useless than the new MLS website? This one. We get it: the standings and schedule didn’t work for a week. Give it a freaking rest! Quit piling on the easy story and try mentioning the fact that the new website provides 10 times the content as the old one and has incredible video quality. Why do they use Microsoft Silverlight? Probably bc one of the founders of Microsoft owns an MLS team…just a freaking guess. Stop complaining about minor glitches, write about something productive and/or interesting for once, and stop ruining my day every time I come to this site!!!

    1. No, I think the point is that the website works about as well as MLS.

      Perfect for a closed, controlled, owner entitled league. Who needs supporters, or a attractive web interface when we’ve got rich over entitled owners who are kind of interested in the game – er – or at least trying to score a buck off it.

      1. dead right! i mean owners has the fans and players by the balls. treating the players like work horses for little to nothing, telling us fans when to cheer, what we can cheer about (ehem….red bulls…..) having just one company sponsor all mls “franchises” (god i hate that word) for their jerseys. why??? for money…. single entity rocks! so now they hire crap designers to make the new website. i have to say it looks nice but does it function well? no. its just lipstick on a single entity cow. try to find out the attendance? nope…….not for another 3 days. one time i tried to read one of the front page articles and guess what apparently they couldnt find it. navagating through the website is a pain. worse of all is the information. its wrong and late. here’s a kicker. mls told me my game between dc united and philadelphia union was at 11 PM eastern time and on what channel? apparently they dont show mls games on tv. luckily i have one of those tivo things that knows what i like. the website reflects the league, wannabe’s, closed, and not functional.

  7. I agree with most of the comments about the design. Once functional, it has the potential to be a very nice site. But we’re three weeks in and the databases don’t see to be synced across the site, that’s ridiculous! Hopefully they’ll sort it out soon.

    As far as the streaming goes, I think the new Silverlight player/interface/video quality is a huge improvement over the WMV streams from last year. Not only that, but also much better on the cpu with a smooth stream compared with flash. No complaints here.

  8. Quit ripping on the site already. There are some good things. The video is great for one. I am very impressed with the Daily Report this year as well as the highlights.

    2 things though. I think Alexi Lalas has only done 1 Sitter episode so far, he should be doing it more often. And the highlight vids should be 8-10 minutes rather than 5.

  9. Oh, this again? Alright, if we’re just repeating ourselves…

    Looks better. Still some broken bits. Give’em time to work out the kinks. Even Google has broken links on their site from time to time.

    Match Day Live still locks me out because I’m not in North America. Which still sucks major donkey dink. Still haven’t heard a real explanation as to why MLS can’t be streamed internationally or why MLS doesn’t want my 40 bucks.

    1. Settle down. When MLS reaches a bare majority of US supporters, they’ll market it to the world. Plus Garber is busy working out a sweetheart deal with Sky Sports, so he’s got to drive up the value of MLS broadcast by severely limiting it.

      (rim shot)

    2. I’m in North America, so this doesn’t effect me, but I don’t get it either. The only reason they wouldn’t be able to air games on the ‘net outside of North America would be that they sold their international broadcasting rights to someone else (at least, I think that’s they only reason)– some cable network or company or something. But, question is, who owns those rights? And, also, why would they buy those rights? And if someone bought the international broadcasting rights, what are they doing with them?

  10. Dude,
    You’re a little late to the party. Yes, the site is horrible. What really bothers me is all those that write to defend the incompetence by MLS on the launch of their new site. Those that stand for nothing, are nothing.

    1. Is there anything that MLS can’t blame on the newness of the sport, the fragility of their league and the general incapability of Americans to understand the game?

      We have to believe these things in order to give their owners the debt of gratitude they need to continue the single entity soccer charade.

      So a backwards, amateurish website actually advances their cause.

  11. Sure, you can’t find an accurate table, on-time scores, statistics, or player information on the site, but you can find a video about how to make a sandwich.

    That’s all that matters, right?

  12. Clayton,

    The point is that, since we can’t just go to ESPN and FOX to get reliable coverage of the MLS, it is imperative that the MLS itself to provide a good place to follow the week’s happenings around the league. The league had a pretty decent site before, so it doesn’t make sense that they’d release the new website without at least addressing the key issues, such as schedule and standings.

    And since this reflects so poorly on the league’s front office, this website certainly has ample reason to comment on it. I’m just happy there are others who agree with me about it. I kept hearing about how great the site was while noticing how it wasn’t giving me any relevant info.

    Either way, though, they’ll work out the kinks. And it’ll be better than it was before… But that’s what the off-season is for. Not April.

    1. Dave,
      Your first point is exactly right. ESPN and Fox don’t cover MLS at all, but that is exactly why the new MLS site was needed. The old one was only good for stats, standings and schedules, with an occasional article by Steve Davis (who is usually neither informative nor interesting). Also the video player had terrible quality. The new website has a lot better content and Matchday Live is pretty much as good as we could ask for. And so the stats didn’t work for a couple weeks? Stats and standings are the one thing you can find on ESPN and Fox.

      If you have bothered to listen to the league’s explanation for the errors, it comes down to one unforeseeable issue that was working properly before they launched the site, but then got a bug after the launch. I don’t think this is “just another example of the incompetence of MLS management.” Sometimes in business, things don’t go as planned. Obviously they could have avoided this issue by developing the site earlier, but hindsight is 20/20.

      The new website is a huge upgrade from the old one (MLS also is no longer paying to outsource the running of the site), and as such, I think we can put up with a few minor glitches for the first month. To repeatedly portray this as some sort of massive disaster is completely out of line. Besides giving the anti-MLS management crowd something to whine about, the glitches on the site haven’t really bothered me at all because I get that rolling out a new website is tricky and eventually will be worth the trouble, if it’s not already. I think all rational MLS fans can agree that once they get it running correctly, the site will provide a level of MLS coverage that was not available anywhere before.

      1. Quit defending the indefensible. The stats STILL don’t work. This is a league that has been around 14 years. A major company would not get away with this crap. It’s bush-league, and embarrassing.

  13. A little tacky for one soccer website to rip on the competitors don’t you think ?
    The Don addressed this, apologized for this, and said it would be fixed in his interview with SI’s Grant Wahl.

    I like the game highlights for every game. I don’t watch every game, but by Sunday AM, I feel like I got a good feel for all the games played the night before.

    I think the website will be awesome in the future.
    I went to the Premier League website and didn’t see match highlights. I didn’t look long, maybe they are there…..but why don’t we support our league while expecting a lot, instead of expecting a lot and nit picking when the computer programmer they fired didn’t do a good job.

  14. Big Shock everyone! MLS put together something that doesn’t work! And their Website Doesn’t work either.

    1. Ummm, the game scores are the top item on the page and you click on it, and go straight to a page that has a link to all the details of that game….including video highlights.

      I am starting to think that the website is even better than I thought.

      My mom used to work in tech support, they have a word for this.
      PEBCAC….Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer.

    2. Oscar,

      Also, if you go under the “Schedule” tab, all the final scores and upcoming games are there. Just click on FINAL next to the score of the game you want, that brings up a box which will give you the video highlights and recap options.

      Hit CNTL while you click on it, to open in another window.

  15. Clayton,

    No, I hadn’t bothered to listen to the league’s explanation of the website malfunction. Frankly, that explanation is irrelevant to me, a fan. Plus, I have other things to do than listen to lame excuses. But you’re right. It’ll all be better and corrected soon. MLS typically gets its act together and keep us fans pretty happy, for the most part.

    But the reason I defend this MLStalk article is because this malfunction is just another in a long line of idiotic and avoidable malfunctions. And as a Dynamo fan, I can tell you that it’s absolutely to be expected from MLS. They came here to Houston, gave the team an unresearched name, “Houston 1836”, which had to be redone immediately. My game ticket for the very first game in Dynamo history has nothing written on it. It’s literally a blank ticket, because they didn’t have their act together to put ink on the ticket. Oliver Luck then got on the radio 3 years ago and announced a done deal on the new stadium, which had to be retracted. They made a big deal about signing a kid named Felix Garcia, who bailed on the team the next day. And then they make a big announcement and obviously spend some advertising dollars to hype the new website, which couldn’t even tell me the time (and later, the result) of the opening game of the season.

    I love soccer and the MLS, and I’ll be there through and through. But they often gin up publicity and then fall flat on their faces. It’s rinky dink, and unprofessional. And it appears to stem from a total lack of preparation and research.

    And most importantly, these missteps tend to encourage anti-soccer people to jump all over this league. That sucks. MLS, quit doing that! Get your act together.

    1. Exactly… but this rabbit hole goes to some weird, and yet predictable places. Can’t we be supporters of American club soccer without supporting MLS?

      This is not a league by, of, and for soccer supporters. This is a league by, of and for American sports moguls, who don’t give the potential of the game it’s due, who are committed to running this league on a shoestring budget in hopes of eking out a profit someday (except for the cap busting commissioners salary)

      Unlike every other major soccer nation, here in the US, the bottom line is not quality of play. Instead, our league expects supporter gratitude for allowing even a stunted, closed first division to exist.

      Under these conditions, it it really surprising that quality of everything else suffers? Maybe we should leave individual owners to decide their financial fate, instead of letting the league do it for them? Perhaps concentrating power in the hands of the single entity is the reason for this latest episode in a long series of dopey dramas?

    2. Dave,
      My point is basically that with all the good things MLS has going for it (including a new downtown stadium in Houston that was approved by the city last week and the county today), why are there repeated blog posts nitpicking about little things that don’t really matter. You say MLS has been unprofessional in the past, but in last 2 years or so the league has taken huge steps forward in this area. With the new stadiums and the broadcasting of every local and FSC broadcast in HD, the league has a much more professional feel to it. The website helps further this effort as I thought the old one felt very minor-league and didn’t provide the coverage it could have.

      As for “”,
      Do you live in a fantasyland where there’s a line of billionaires waiting to throw truckloads of their money at soccer for the love of the game or for the good of the supporters? Wake up and realize, like the rest of us did years ago, that SOCCER IS A BUSINESS. Owners are not going to spend more money than their clubs bring in. As the league’s revenue grows, so will the players’ salaries and therefore the quality of play, just like every other sports league on the planet. Either go make billions and invest in NASL yourself or just be happy we have a decent, growing league in the US and support it. If you don’t like the way MLS does business, do something about it…and I mean something productive, not whining about it anonymously from you parents’ basement.

      1. Weird – you’re right. Soccer is a business! Thanks!

        Hold on though – the business of soccer goes on pretty well all over the world without a single entity incubator. Why do we need it here, in a nation that has led the world in World Cup ticket sales – twice?


        Maybe trusting a few billionaires to call all the shots is really not good business? Shoot, they might even put meager profits before quality of play. I know that’s a conspiracy theory and all.

        You’re right. If you pat yourself on the back for realizing the impediments that the system imposes on the game, and leave it at that, you really can’t make a difference.

        If, however, you think that the combined voices of the supporters might just trump a billion bucks….

        1. once again i agree with you 100%. i hate the single entity structure for three reasons. one) a league that controlls every single thing under the MLS brand can affect the level of play for the teams. why are mls teams so horrible in the CCL? maybe because mls believes in parity and that rostor development is evil and costs $2 more? garber sets a cap on club growth. he’s only interested in how many fans he can fill up. mls has to let the teams do their own thing. plus setting a salary cap wont make cost go over? really good domestic players run for the hills when a mls “franchise” comes knocking at their door and as a result foreign talent refuse to even say MLS. and yet owners will go head over heels for old farts who “will change the tide” which clubs can only have 1 or 2 old farts per club. wow what a difference. 2.) mls always blames NASL and that we have to have you by the balls so we dont become like NASL? really well why do we entrust a league that is runned by nfl people. Garber = nfl europa which is -wow- defunct. look at the Hunts and Krafts. they can care less about their mls clubs and look FC dallas is a shit hole club and NER refuse to give their fans a home. and this is where this whole things comes full circle with P.R. metrostars had to wait since ’96 only to have a change of ownership which did give them a home but a suckish history to go along with it. 3.) this “franchise” structure makes it difficult for lower leagues. mls poaches lower league teams and leaves the second division scarred. eveyone will shift focus on the mls clubs and no one will give a hoot for local 2nd division clubs. and the sturcture also makes it difficult for any change in the future. also MLS does not do any thing to improve anything in the league.

          why does mls need this when we BEAT all other nations in ticket sales for the world cup? maybe if mls isnt so ignorant to change for fifa standards they can tap into that fan base. and dont give me that propaganda bull shit “we will go bankrupt just like the old nasl”. look at the new nasl and USL in the past. they dont have single entity and they should be dead right now.

    3. preach on brother. i agree with everything you say. i love mls and i choose to view mls over any league beacause mls is my league but their P.R. is HORRIBLE! look at the cba? how long did mls keep us waiting wheter a season would start or not. their ignorant ways to deal with the problem till the last minute affected alot of people’s perception on the league. its unprofessional. i think for the time being they should changed from major league to major unprofessional league. so for now until mls can find its balls and until Garber can find his balls too ima go to NASL because their teams are independent owned, no single entity and hey theres actually a team 50 miles from where i live (F.C. Tampa)

      1. We give all our leagues too much power. For dominant domestic leagues, you can argue it works, but it’s killed our club soccer for a century.

        Look no further than the unique ability of our sports leagues to go bankrupt. They can take their balls and go home if things don’t go their way. Over the past century, a solid half dozen soccer leagues have taken the plunge, and dragged hundreds of clubs down with them.

        This is not so in every major soccer league in the world. Only we sell top div entitlements to the highest bidder. Only we allow our owners to join together and call every shot. Only we have a league that hamstrings it’s own clubs.

        Is it really any wonder they can’t do a website?

  16. I think Dave gets this right. I do not write for this blog because I hate soccer or MLS. I write for this blog because I am a fan. To see fans treated so poorly by the MLS management is a real shame. I run a business and that business had a recent website redesign. We tested that site many times before we went live because to go live with a buggy mess is to tell your customers that you do not care about them.

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that the MLS deal with Adidas and VW promised them that they would go live with their new website (“Presented by Adidas and VW”) by the time the season began. The fulfilled their promise to those companies, but at the expense of their fans who cannot get the most basic information like updated scores and stats. That is a failure of management, and I think MLS needs to be called out for it.

    1. I am using the website currently, because quite frankly outside of the scores not filling in, it is the best website for soccer out there…including this blog.

      The video highlights of the games, absolutely 100% ROCK !
      There are good things to read.
      There is very little advertising.

      When the scores and stats fill in automatically like they were supposed to, then that will be the best too. Sorry for MLS to shoot for the stars, if you are off schedule by a month, everyone will be all over your case.

      1. I just clicked on the lastest EPL game, the English league has been around for more than 100 years.
        NO video highlights of the games!!??! Am I wrong ?

        The MLS hasn’t even been around for as long as the premier league, much less the first division.

        Quite whinning.

    2. Eric,
      They deserve to be called out for it…and they have…over and over and over again. You are several weeks late to the party. Last I checked, the schedule and standings up there now are correct, yet you are still piling on gratuitously. MLS also deserves to be given some credit for investing in a state of the art website that is a huge improvement over the old one, which most of the people complaining about the stats not working fail to mention. And if the new site is an “eyesore” and “useless”, what would you call the old one? I’ve visited the new site more in a month than I did the old one in a year.

      Basically, my point is that your post was gratuitously negative and unoriginal, and there’s also an obvious conflict of interest as you work for a competing website. Now I really need to stop wasting time commenting on your blog and get back to work.

  17. I generally fall in the “give them a little time” camp. MLS has the right design and, in time, it’s going to be a big improvement.

    However, this was a pretty big whiff by MLS. Last I checked the league has a pretty close relationship with Microsoft, couldn’t they get a college kid that wouldn’t have screwed this up this bad? It’s Mickey Mouse and the league looks pretty stupid right now.

    Garber admitted as much and my impression is he get’s how bad he needs to get this turned around quickly. Charles is right on, you’re not going to get that kind of content from any other league website so I think patience will be rewarded.

  18. by the way I am not impressed at all with the NASL site, we used to be able to watch full games on demand on which was a great site! We dont have any such thing right now for USA Divsion 2 football.

  19. Its a good idea but i cant see how you guys can say it doesnt suck. It does. Its horrible and never should have been released until halfway ready. I usually visited the old site at least once a day, not anymore.. im not going to bother with that crap till its ready. is the best place now.

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