Fulham v Chelsea: 1975-76 – Video

It’s been a good few days for Fulham and Chelsea, the west London clubs that neighbor each other. Fulham are through to the semi-finals of the Europa League and will face Hamburg on April 22 and 29. Chelsea are through to the FA Cup Final after defeating Aston Villa at Wembley.

But did you know that Chelsea played Fulham in a competition called the Anglo-Scottish Cup in the mid 1970’s? According to Wikipedia, “The Anglo-Scottish Cup was a tournament arranged for teams in English and Scottish football leagues during the summer for several years during the 1970s. It was created in 1975 as a new incarnation of the Texaco Cup, with a similar format to its predecessor, but involving clubs from England and Scotland only.”

In the 1975-76 season, which is the one that features the above video, Fulham went all the way to the final but lost 1-0 on aggregate against Middlesbrough.

In the above video, you can see Fulham take on Chelsea at Craven Cottage on a sunny day in west London. There’s plenty to see in the video such as a Ray Wilkins with hair, Bobby Moore and Alan Mullery playing for Fulham, what Craven Cottage looked like in the mid 1970s and what the Putney End looked like without a roof.

Fulham won the match 1-0 so you’ll have to guess what the outcome was of the penalty that Wilkins took. Was it saved or was it missed or did it hit the woodwork? Maybe someone who was at the match (or saw it on telly) can remember and tell us.

Feel free to share any observations from the video that you thought were interesting. Please post those in the comments section below.

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