Can Portsmouth Play in Europa League Next Season?

Sports News - April 11, 2010

I’m noticing between Twitter and a few other things, there seems to be confusion over Portsmouth and the Europa League — due to them making the FA Cup final.

Every year, UEFA makes any club who wants to take part in European competitions apply for a UEFA club license. Without the license, you can’t take part in either the Champions League or Europa League. As part of the review process, UEFA looks at a club’s accounts to make sure they are sound budget wise to handle a season in Europe. The application deadline for this year was March 1st.

On March 9th, the Portsmouth News reported that Portsmouth FC decided not to apply for a UEFA license. That decision was made because, according to the article, the club were not in a position to submit its accounts to meet UEFA criteria. They still had the option to apply even while in administration, but opted not to.

So, in the end, Portsmouth FC decided a month ago to not bother with an UEFA license, and so can’t go to the Europa League now.

Given Chelsea will most likely make the Champions League, that means 6th (or 7th considering Manchester United won’t be using their spot for winning the Carling Cup either) is now going to be enough for the Europa League.

According to Bert Kassies’ unofficial European Cup football site, there were four teams who would have made European competitions this year but did not get UEFA club licenses, including one domestic cup winner.  So while not common, it’s not totally unheard of.

21 thoughts on “Can Portsmouth Play in Europa League Next Season?”

  1. What if Portsmouth borrows a license from a similar club and just tries to wing it by the bouncer? Does the license have a pic? Facial description?

  2. Another question: If Chelsea wins both the league title AND the FA Cup, who would they play in the Community Shield game before the season starts? League runner-up or FA Cup runner-up???

    1. In the event of a cup double, the community shield is played between the winner & 2nd place in the league. Otherwise it would just be a reply of the cup final.

  3. Gaffer,

    If Fulham wins the Europa League does that mean they get an automatic invite/bid for next season? Please advise and keep up the good work!


  4. If Fulham wins the Europa League, I believe they will go into Champions League Qualifying. If they get bounced there, then they will enter the final stage of Europa League qualifying.

  5. Actually I may have got that wrong. Now I remember something I read a couple weeks ago on another forum. They were all under the impression that the Europa League champion would only secure a place in next year’s Europa League, not a spot in Champions League qualifying.

    1. That is correct. The EL champion get an automatic entry into next seasons EL group stage (unless it qualifies for the CL through it’s national league).

  6. We can’t even afford to pay our players for getting to the final. There is no way we could afford to pay players for Europa League schedule. There will be furious negotiations with players and other teams in order to allow us to play many of the players from the semi-final again. For some, they might have played their final match in a Pompey shirt. Dindane is the most obvious one.

    We have no business playing in Europe next season. With every player leaving and no money to replace them, we are going to struggle mightily in the Championship.

  7. Shame. Europa league could have made all the difference for Pompey. European football, along with regular Championship first team action, could have got them half of next seasons squad in loan players. The top teams always have some cracking youth players, who arn’t quite good enough for their first team, and would surely have jumped at such a chance.

  8. Gaffer,

    Thanks for the info. I am reallly enjoying this season and will be bummed out next year cause it looks like they wont finish in the top 7. Would really love to see them participate in the Europa League again. You do a greatttttttt job! BTW will you be coming up to Philly for the USA/Turkey match in May? I was at the Unions first game the other evening and it was awesome. If you are planning on coming up let me know. Me and a bunch of friends are doing a tailgate for the agme and would love to meet you.


    1. Dante, no plans to head to Philly this year. But if Man United plays in Philly as is rumored, I may find myself up there. Would love a good tailgate and a chance to meet the readers of EPL Talk.

      The Gaffer

  9. According to the Associated Forgien Press Pompey is trying to appeal the FA to see if they can get into the Europa League. I wish I had a link but I read the article on my “My Soccer Pro” iPhone app.

    1. CTBlues, you need to use the EPL Talk iPhone app which has a link to the story about Pompey trying to appeal to play in the Europa League. It’s under the Twitter icon on the app.

      The Gaffer

    2. Their justification for the appeal is that now they are in the FA Cup final and could play in Europe next year and with the parishoot payments and money from the Europa League they would be more appealing to buyers.

    3. Hope they succeed – for their sake and because Liverpool deserves the slap in the face that no Europe would be.

      That said, this is precisely the sort of thing the FA typically effs up.

      On the third hand, they did try to screw Liverpool out of the CL in ’05 and this may give them a second chance.

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