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2009-2010 EPL Awards: Help Pick The Nominees

nominees 2009 2010 EPL Awards: Help Pick The Nominees

The 2009-2010 Premier League season is nearing its end, so we plan on launching the second year of the EPL Awards to recognize the best in soccer podcasts, players, managers, writers, online games — and everything else Premier League related.

Before we launch the 2009-2010 EPL Awards though — and invite anyone in the world to vote — I wanted to see if you see anything glaring that’s missing from the nominees. View the nominees for the 2009-2010 EPL Awards now.

If you do see anything missing or disagree with any of the nominees listed, please post them in the comments section below before Sunday, April 11 at midnight ET. Thanks in advance for reviewing the nominees and sharing your valuable input.

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35 Responses to 2009-2010 EPL Awards: Help Pick The Nominees

  1. meinerfugue says:

    I personally think that every epl manager should eligible for the best epl manager award but it should at the very least be an expanded list. Does Avram Grant really deserve to only be on the worst epl manager list in a season where he has been nearly universally praised for the difficult job that he has performed with Portsmouth? Surely getting Portsmouth to so over perform everyone’s expectations given the trying circumstances gets you on the list to be considered? Shouldn’t you be able to vote for/argue that Owen Coyle has put on an impressive if unique show? He had Burnley mid-table until his departure including wins over Manchester United, Everton, Sunderland, Birmingham as well as draws with Man City, Arsenal, and Aston Villa. Not shabby stuff. Since an initial transition struggle, he has taken Bolton from a club that I was sure would be relegated to one that has a very real chance of staying up (if the remaining fixture list isn’t too damning… Chelsea Away, Stoke Away, Portsmouth, Tottenham Away, Birmingham isn’t much fun for the non-masochist). Especially considering that he hasn’t had any input on signings and little time to change the training. Incidentally, I blame him for screwing up my pool that had Burnley staying up and Bolton going down. I’m also not sure that Roberto Martinez has done such a horrible job with Wigan. They had very significant departures and while his first season out of Swansea has been rocky I suspect that it could have been much much worse if not for his coaching.

    cheers and thanks for the mention,

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  2. ovalball says:

    Really don’t see what Giggs and Bellamy are doing on your Player Of The Year list. Dunne, Vermaelen or Bent would make more sense.

    Landon did fine, but surely didn’t play enough to be even considered for Best Midfielder.

  3. Jordan Acker says:

    More of a categorical thing, but couldn’t we have most improved EPL Player?

    Just trying to get my boy Alex Song some hardware this year…

  4. Joe says:

    Where’s Drogba for player of the year?

  5. billyv says:

    No Ivanovic for defender of the year?

  6. lfc says:

    andy gray?

  7. If Landon Donovan is up for best midfielder, Nicklas Bendtner has no reason not to be up for best striker. If you could change only one of those two, I’d remove the former.

    Phil Brown is missing from all three manager lists. Also, I’m of the opinion that all managers should be eligible for Best, Most Improved, and Worst Manager categories. It’s pretty divisive to choose for us when there isn’t as large of a pool from which to choose as players. (Also, not that I would provide any, but be ready for some angry comments over Rafa being eligible for Worst.)

    Abou Diaby in Player of the Year shortlist? Really? I like him, but I doubt he’s even a candidate for Arsenal Player of the Year.

    A Signing of the Year category would be appropriate.

  8. ish says:

    agree with managers thing, have them all there, its only 20 anyway.

    song did well as a midfielder not a defender, have ivanovic in defenders section.

    where is drogba in player of the year, has stupid amounts of goals and assists.

    where is fletcher in midfielder of the year? he has been immense for manU this season.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Thanks for the input ish. Song has now been moved into midfield in the awards, Ivanovic into the defenders category, Fletcher into midfield and Drogba has been added to the best strikers category. Thanks.

      The Gaffer

  9. EPL junkie says:

    Add two categories: Goal of the year in EPL games and goal of the year in European competitions.

    Next, add Josmer Altidore of Hull to the best twitter categories. He must be nominated for posting the video of sheep making him late to practice. Thqt is all Laugher.

    • The Gaffer says:

      EPL Junkie, Jozy has now been added to the Twitter category, but there won’t be a best goals section. Sorry, but there have been so many goals this season that its hard to narrow it down to a short list.

      The Gaffer

  10. IanCrollartansonsKnees says:

    I would argue for a Stoke City defender to be in with a shout of best defender. Look at our goals conceded overall then look at the fact that the only team to concede less away from home is Chelsea, makes it look a bit daft not to include at least one player, especially given the fact Graham Alexander is included in that category. And please don’t patronise me and say its all down to Sorenson.

  11. Robert George says:

    How about a new Category. Best EPL Loan Player and we could have Landon Donovan Nominated.

    I think Dan Gossling deserves a nomination in Best EPL Young Player Of The Year.

  12. Scott says:

    Dawson has been immense for spurs this season. He deserves a nod for defender of the year.

  13. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks everyone for your input. This is very helpful. When it comes to footballers, it’s hard to narrow the worthy ones down to a shorter list, so your above suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’ll include most of the suggestions in the final list which will be created after the deadline ends tonight.

    The Gaffer

  14. brn442 says:

    Yes, I would agree that all the managers should be on the best and worst lists. Avram Grant on the short list for worst? really.

  15. Alex says:

    What about Drogba as player of the year?, Bellamy and Diaby are nominated but not Drogba who is 1/2 goals off Rooney for the golden boot, shameful.

    • Huh says:

      Alex he is clearly the best striker in the league (Drogba) .He has played less than Rooney and has not taken the five or so penalties that Rooney has, he has a lot more assists to boot, great movement, pace and incredible power. He was better last year, this year and will be next year, but people will just follow the bias over the top pro Rooney press . Don’t get me wrong Rooney’s a great player but he’s not even the best in the EPL never mind the world. The British press put Rooney on that pedestal to much.

  16. meinerfugue says:

    Rooney is rightfully in the conversation for best player but yes there should be no question of Didier Drogba on the short list for player of the year. Torres, Drogba, and Rooney are significantly the only players in the EPL who average a goal in less than every 100 minutes played. And they best their nearest competitors by very wide margins.

    Drogba has played 2 less league games than Rooney and has one fewer goal and six more assists. As written above, Rooney also benefits from taking penalties for United. Five of Rooney’s goals are penalties. Drogba also offers goals and service outside of the box through direct free kicks. Drogba is also the only player in the top 10 to score more goals away than at home. I’m not sure that I’d pick Drogba ahead of Cesc Fabregas and Rooney but it seems hard to argue that Drogba hasn’t been one of the top five or so players in the EPL this year.

  17. J says:

    Would be awesome if these two categories are added:
    Best signing of the season
    Worst signing of the season

    And how about a “story of the season”?
    - Liverpool’s fall from grace
    - Portsmouth’s magical run to the FA Cup final
    - Birmingham’s surprising run
    - Manchester City’s spending spree
    - No EPL teams in the CL semifinals
    … you know, that kind of thing…

    And finally, how about a “best game of the season” award… :)

  18. Yes, Drogba must be added to PLayer of Year nominees. Giggs has no business being on there this year, not influential enough.

  19. michael says:

    i support lionel messi,he is going to win it again

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