Bolton Wanderers New Home Football Kit: 2010-11 Season

Bolton Wanderers unveiled their new home football kit for the 2010-11 season last week. It’s a dramatic improvement from the shirt designs they’ve worn during the last two years. One looked like a sports bra. And the most recent one looked like a tea towel. This upcoming season, the shirt looks perfect.

Designed and manufactured by Reebok (yes, they’re still in business under their name), Bolton’s new home shirt features “the moisture management system ‘Play Dry’ which aids the players’ performance.”

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8 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers New Home Football Kit: 2010-11 Season”

  1. Why would Reebok not be in business under there name? They are one of the biggest sporting goods manufactures. Yes they are owned by Adidas, but they have exclusive contracts with the NFL and NBA and also make goods for baseball and hockey still.

    I don’t like the crest in the middle of the chest.

  2. Well, it’s not fantastic, but hey, it’s a Bolton kit. At least it is a marked improvement over this year’s disaster.

  3. looks like a `quaker’ shirt or set of big bad ass lapels.
    another disappointing shirt for my 10 cents worth.
    oh well……. there’s always next year, saved 40quid!

  4. The 188 Bet sponsor logo is *so* tacky. I can’t look past it to evaluate the rest of the shirt. I do like the shorts though.

  5. everyone hates reebok in australia. the australian a-league has every club wearing reebok and the designs and material of the jerseys have been so crap that noone has been buying their team’s jersey. I really dislike reebok, prefer le coq sportif, umbro and canterbury more than them

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