ESPN2 to Televise Manchester and North London Derbies Next Week

Sports News - April 03, 2010

ESPN has been patient throughout this entire 2009-2010 Premier League season in regards to which matches they’ve been able to televise live on ESPN2. For the vast majority of games, they were B- level or C-level Premier League matches. But finally after their recent record-breaking Manchester United against Chelsea broadcast, they finally got a massive match featuring two big teams, and now they”ve got several matches coming up soon which should continue to garner big TV ratings.

In fact, they’ll be showing three live Premier League matches on ESPN within five days. The games will be: Chelsea versus Bolton, 3pm ET on Tuesday, April 13; Tottenham against Arsenal, 3pm ET on Wednesday, April 14 and Manchester City versus Manchester United at 7:45am ET on Saturday, April 17. Schedules are subject to change.

ESPN picked up the mid-week games because the Spurs versus Arsenal game was originally scheduled for a weekend but was moved because of Tottenham’s FA Cup run.

View the most updated schedule of Premier League matches on US television to see which games will be available on which channel from now until the end of the season.

9 thoughts on “ESPN2 to Televise Manchester and North London Derbies Next Week”

  1. Great news! I was so upset when the North London Derby was rescheduled because it would be off ESPN2HD. Glad to see them add the mid-week games.
    Of course, this wouldn’t be such a big deal if FSC HD would just get on other providers channel line-up…

    1. If Liverpool were in the UEFA Europa League semifinals (on Thursdays April 22 and 29), then Liverpool vs Chelsea must be played on Sunday May 2, likely at 11am ET on FSC & FSE.

  2. most often i have no ideals about games on espn becuase they don’t do the games’ pomotions so i don’t really know how or when they show games

  3. ESPN2 is now slated to show Liverpool-Fulham on Sunday morning! Since they lost the Arsenal-Spurs game for Saturday, they must have made a quick decision to grab this one for Sunday, since the two Fox channels are showing the Spurs-Portsmouth semifinal and Manchester City-Birmingham game.

    So make that 4 ESPN2 games in 7 days. And the game added are the two Europa League semifinal teams. Plus Clint Dempsey. Could be another good ratings game

  4. Well that’s a bummer about the Arsenal game. I was hoping to watch it on Saturday because I wouldn’t have to be into work until after the game was over. I usually work Wednesday but maybe I can get my day off moved so I can watch it.

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