9 thoughts on “Chris Kamara May Not Be the Best Reporter in the World….”

  1. Best clip ever. Do love the honesty. Ironically, even had he been paying attention, I guarantee he’d have had nothing more to add to the situation – he just would have used more words to state it.

    1. What exactly was he supposed to add? At least he was honest and added some humor to it. Sideline reporters are a waste of time unless they are hot young women. Eye candy is always appreciated.

    1. no please, not soccer am….

      Classic clip though – I much prefer that to the overly glossy US sports presentations.

      1. Soccer AM is good stuff, its fun seeing Skill school and the crossbar challenge and all that goofy stuff. Was hilarious when Kamara put the bullseye undies on and had the Stoke players tee up on him from 10yds away.
        Shows like this would be great for giving fans a chance to get to know MLS and USSL players more. One problem with MLS/USSL is a lot of the players are relatively unknown unless you follow NCAA or regularly watch MLS games. Which is hard because neither of the above are on TV much.
        Would be better than seeing that Sports Nation, PTI, and all that garbage ESPN has on mid-day.

  2. You probably cant really blame Chris for mistaking the red card for a sub since the match was at Fratton Park and the fans have all but checked out for the season down there.

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