Which Premier League Clubs May Visit New York This Summer?

Football - Newcastle United v Sheffield United Coca

One or more Premier League clubs may play in a friendly soccer tournament in New York City this summer according to a report from a northeast England newspaper.

The English clubs that are being seriously considered are Fulham, Everton, Bolton Wanderers and Newcastle United, who celebrated promotion back to the Premier League Monday night. In addition to the English teams, clubs such as Juventus, Napoli, Galatasaray, Fenerbache, Sporting Lisbon, Porto and Atletico Madrid are also being considered.

While the teams competing are yet to be decided, what we do know is that the tournament will likely be named the New York Football Challenge and that one team that will be playing for certain is Red Bull New York. Plus, all games will be played at the beautiful new Red Bull Arena.

Four teams will compete in a semi-final tournament with the two winners meeting in the final and presumably the two losers playing in a third-place consolation match.

In addition to the prospect of Fulham, Everton, Bolton or Newcastle United heading over to the States this summer, we can also look forward to Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and possibly Manchester City coming to America in late July-early August.

8 thoughts on “Which Premier League Clubs May Visit New York This Summer?”

  1. i hope that Everton do come as a big redBulls fan it wood be fun to see timmy play also i hope that Tottenham Hotspur come to ny

  2. I take the train every day past Harrison NJ and the Red Bull Stadium. It make look nice, but its built on the most polluted land outside of Chernobyl. Its like the land that Eraserhead forgot… Its next to a group of abandoned factories and storage facilities. It is in New Jersey and NOT Brooklyn or Queens like it should have been. I say that because in 10 years while any neighborhood that it would have been build in in NYC would have become a great place to not only see a game but visit all year. The Harrison NJ location is scary, and will never be anything more then what it is… a stadium built over a hazmat site. Plus the Red Bulls suck. and they have since they where no longer the Metrostars, and probably since they where not the Cosmos.

    1. Do you know how hard it is to build anything in Brooklyn’s or Queens? Not to mention expensive. NJ probably made it real easy to actually build the stadium.

    2. While Red Bull Arena may be in an area that is rundown, match day is completely safe. I have been to both the Santos and Chicago matches, and it is a great experience. The stadium is fantastic, and really unlike any other in the US. I’m guessing you are a DC United fan.

  3. Patrick,
    Red Bull Arena is only the first step in a major redevelopment of Harrison. I agree that the abandoned factories don’t look good, but give it time. when the redevelopment is done Harrison will look a lot different. There are hotels, apartments and stores going up.
    if you’re fom the area, as I am, you should know that the Meadowlands was also build on waste land and was no great shakes either until the area was developed.
    Harrison is next to a big soccer hotbed; with the Newark ironbound being mainly Spanish / Portugese, and Kearny with it’s Irish population, why not put a soccer stadium near where there is a fan base? and what’s wrong with giving a small town a chance to making things better? You don’t think the local businesses are already loving this whole set up?

  4. Red Bull Arena is nice and a game or two should be played their, but why limit your crowd for the all thing. Remember how many people packed into stadiums around America last year.

    1. I agree with you man99. They should really use the New Meadowlands and roll in the $$ with that new 80k+ seater stadium with the brand spanking new train station next to it that Metro North is actually running trains to. If they have a match up that they think wont draw as much of a crowd put it in Red Bull Arena other wise it should be in the New Meadowlands.

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