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It was an abbreviated schedule in Major League Soccer, but with big wins by Houston and New York, there were still storylines to cover on edition of the Major League Soccer Talk weekend review podcast. On this edition, I am joined by Brian Zygo to talk about the Houston Dynamo and the way the Western Conference is unfolding, while Christopher Riordan joins me to try and unravel the troubling start for DC United.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Review Show: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. What a Joke! RSL was the only team to score a legitimate goal that night. The ref gives the game to Houston on two PK’s and thats a “fast start”? This podcast has no credibility.

    1. Caaaalm down, BPA. It’s one guy’s opinion, and it wasn’t that outrageous of an opinion. A lot of people agree with you. Others agree with Brian.

      Your comment has no credibility! :) j/k It has some. Well, the first two sentences.

  2. These guy gives Houston waaaay too much credit. Olave won the game for Houston simple as that. I mean the guys didnt even have a shot on goal.

  3. If you guys are going to do an MLS Review podcast, can either you or your guest please actually watch the games…or at least the condensed games on Matchday Live?? How can you have an opinion on the Superclasico if NEITHER of you even saw the highlights?

    1. I don’t believe I did state an opinion on the Derby Angelino, precisely because I didn’t get to watch it. If I did, that’s my fault, and I apologize. I don’t think just repeating scoreas and commenting on the result would be the same.

      I’m not going to be able to watch every match this year, though I will try. In truth, I simply forgot to set my DV-R for this one, part of the season being relatively new.

      I would rather be honest with the listener and say I didn’t watch it. I think most people will understand that occasionally a match will be discussed where I’ll have to pass on it.

  4. Really enjoyed both Brian and Christopher. Thought you guys where way to easy on my Fire. One point out of the first two games for a team that is expecting to make a run at the Eastern conference title. Not to mention that the controlled passing game of de los Cobos completely broke down.

    The NYRB shocked everyone with a win over the Sounders and I think everyone is agreed that a stadium bounce is partly due for the fast start. Good point that no know one really knows yet how good RSL may really be.

    I agree that Easter weekend is not a weekend to play a lot of games but I can’t figure out the scheduling. I enjoy the doubleheader action on Thursday and a late Saturday game allows me to go out early and get home for the game.

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