Barcelona v Arsenal: Live Blog

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Today beginning at 2:15 pm ET (7:15 UK Time), I will be liveblogging the Barcelona against Arsenal UEFA Champions League match, with a little EPL chat mixed in.

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Editor’s note: Whether you’re at work or at home watching the game, log in to this post on EPL Talk during the game to share your observations about the game and read Jordan Acker and Phil Badger’s analysis. May the best team win. Let’s just hope that it’s as entertaining a match as the first leg.

20 thoughts on “Barcelona v Arsenal: Live Blog”

  1. At least whoever the referee is won’t have been subjected to the moral panic surrounding the health and safety of Arsenal players. Because it has clearly started to affect the decisions of English refs.

    1. Couple of points.

      Firstly, the team was Wolves guys.

      Secondly, I have seen a lot of talk about this alleged stamp. It was nothing of the sort. A tangling of legs at best. Karl Henry has NEVER been sent off in his career – doesn’t really strike you as the player that goes around stamping on people. It has been brought up and made more off in an attempt to some way justify the baffling sending off.

      BUT, even if we do take on face value that it was a stamp. Since when does a previous unseen incident justify an awful decision by a referee?

      I’m really surprised that some people can’t plainly see that there is a sensitivity around tackling Arsenal players that has evolved, something that doesn’t apply to any other set of players in the league. This victim mentality is doing their opposition no favours whatsoever, because it is playing on referees minds, and it is also prompting their players to behave in a disgraceful manner everytime they are on the receiving end of a tackle. (By that I mean surrounding the referee and rolling around as if they have been shot).

      The mentality seems also to have spread to their fans reading some of their comments surrounding the red card.

      The simple fact is, for anyone who watches, or plays a lot of football, it just wasn’t a red card. Half the time it wouldn’t even be a booking. There is no way had it occured against any other team other than Arsenal, it would have turned into a talking point.

    1. The game will be shown live in the United States on Fox Sports Net. You’ll need to check the TV guide for your local Fox Sports Net affiliate to make sure the game will be on.

      The Gaffer

  2. i looked on my tv guide and it says the cska inter game is on at 11:30am central time and the arsenal barcelona game is on at 4pm central.
    i looked on fsc+ and its not even on there.
    is it just me or are we not going to be able to see the arsenal barcelona game live on tv tomarrow? has this been overlooked?

  3. Way to dwell on moot points for the first 5 minutes of the cast this week. (Teves instead of Berbatov 10 months after the fact)

    Let’s go Arsenal! (I’m a liverpool fan actually, but routing for the gunners today)

  4. At the risk of upsetting the Woolwich mob (check your history of how Arsenal bullied their way north of the Thames) … heh! heh! heh! Another trophy-less season from the so-called ‘kids’ (who’s average age is greater than most EPL teams). I wonder if Whiner (er, I mean Wenger) saw Messi score a hatful.

  5. Hello
    I am Brazilian, I love soccer and am looking for a cool blog to talk about the Premier League.
    Sorry, my english is not very good.
    I love the Premier League and Champions League. In Brazil we have our championship. This season I’m watching games of players like Ronaldo, Adriano, Kleberson, Edu, Robinho scoring in our country.

  6. FYI! FSC HD on Comcast in Washington, DC!!! …But on channel 846 and 251 (Comcast Sports Network HD -both channels are the same one) for sporadic and ONLY ONE live Champion’s League match per round/week with repeats of other matches on other days; and the Premier League Review Show on Mondays at 4pm EST.
    Today the Barca Arsenal match was shown live in HD on those channels.

    I just learned of this small Comcast HDness in DC; was this known by anyone else? And how is it that there is no FSC HD channel proper but selective feeds?


    1. Yes, this is known and it has been mentioned here before, specifically for DC. But CSN, HD or otherwise, shows programming from FSN and not FSC. The Barca game was on FSN, so that’s why it was available on CSN. Wednesday, the two live games are available on FSC and FS+ and not FSN, so that is why you won’t see it on CSN.

      “And how is it that there is no FSC HD channel proper but selective feeds?”

      First, there is not FSC HD because your service provider has chosen not to carry it. You don’t like it, then call them and tell them. How else are they supposed to know that you want it? Second, if you really mean how com there is selective feeds of FSN (not FSC) on CSN and not a full channel, then you’ll have to blame one service provider (Comcast) and one network (Fox Sports Net) for choosing to limit sports viewing options in the DC market. If you think that sort of collusion is illegal, write your congressman and tell them that if Comcast already does this now, imagine what they will do when they get NBC.

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