Video: Why Brian Clough Remains a True Legend in English Football

You’ve see the film The Damned United, or read the book by David Peace that inspired it. The question that remains is, to what extent has the outspoken, charismatic and often times hilarious manager left a lasting impression on you?

For me, Clough embodies what I think of when I imagine English football in the 60’s and 70’s and he remains a true legend in the game. I’m naturally drawn to Clough’s personality and words as I gravitate towards YouTube once or twice a month to learn something from the man who accomplished so much in his almost 30 year managerial career.

His interviews are full of poignantly truthful conversations and his outspoken nature led to more classic quotes than one can count.

The video below is classic Clough. The 5 minute clip is taken from the Big Match in early December of 1973. Clough’s Brighton & Hove Albion team had just lost on December 1st, 2-8 at home to Bristol Rovers. When watching, pay close attention to a few points:

  • The manner in which Clough speaks so directly to the television presenter is a good example in how Clough didn’t mince words with anyone.
  • His opening statement when he so freely states: “Well, obviously they were wrong and they don’t know me“.
  • At about the four minute mark, Clough seems to turn and start speaking directly into the camera as if he’s a political figure addressing the country. At 4:22, in regards to how he’s running Brighton, he assures his critics that, “no newspaper, television or anything will move us from this particular style”.
  • Lastly, Clough had an incredible ability to keep his cool and seem calm and charming when under pressure. At the end of the video, the television presenter brings out a cartoon that paints Clough in a panicked, clueless state while he attempts to phone Sir Alf Ramsey on the telephone for HELP. Clough laughs off the cartoon and admits with a smile on his face, “I’ll ask help from anybody, even Sir Alf“.

Feel free to leave any comments, memories or funny quotes from the legend that is Brian Clough in the comments section below.


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