Birmingham City New 2010-11 Home Kit: Vote Now

Kevin Phillips Birmingham City 2009/10

Birmingham City has made the smart move to allow its supporters to choose which football kit the club should wear for the 2010-11 season. Too many times, football clubs make the decision without much or any input from supporters and what ends up being released is an abomination.

The decision to allow Birmingham City supporters to pick the home kit for the 2010-2011 season results from new owners Carson Yeung’s pledge to work more closely with supporters.

Interestingly, Birmingham City has dropped Umbro as it’s official kit supplier for next season and have replaced them with a Chinese company named Xtep. The deal is worth £7.8 to Birmingham City over the next five seasons and it’s believed to be the first time a Premier League kit has worn a a kit made by a Chinese company.

Browse through the four different choices and decide which one you think looks best:

Kit A
Kit B
Kit C
Kit D

Which one do you think looks best? Go ahead and pick the shirt you think they should wear. The voting ends Friday, April 9.

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14 thoughts on “Birmingham City New 2010-11 Home Kit: Vote Now”

  1. I prefer the last two first kits (“Brum Ajax”, current) to any of these options.

    Of these, kit A is the best. I’m not a fan of middle crests. The last option is too MUFC wannabe.

  2. My guess is that it’s a response to the “Chelski” taunts for their Russian ownership. Obviously it IS intended as an insult but frankly it’s pretty absurd for any EPL team to mock another for reliance on foreign dollars or players. I remember when the Nintendo group bought the Mariners and there was much handwringing these foreign usurpers. MLB actually forced them to reduce their share to 49%. That rule is now seen as basically archaic and racist in our areas. In fact we’re pretty pleased with how our relationship with Japan has gone.

    Anyway, to the Chelsea supporters I’d say grow-up. To those who are offended I’d remind them that at least they’re not screaming racist taunts that seem to be the norm in other clubs. And finally, let’s hope we get to hear that chant against England this summer! :)

  3. Brilliant idea. If Arsenal supporters were given this chance I doubt we’d have any of our three kits for this year, or at least we’d have white sleeves again. Kudos to Birmingham.

  4. I like kit C and Kit D lets hope the New kit brings us good luck :) Champions league here e come lol

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