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Alright, I know the season isn’t over yet but it is never too early to think about next season. And, regardless of how Arsenal finish this season, all eyes will again be on Arsene Wenger over the summer transfer period. Indeed, it seems that every transfer window over the past few years, Wenger has been criticized for not buying the right players (or players at all) and, with multiple injuries to his best players this season, one has to wonder if results would be different this season if he had better quality coming off the bench.

So, while I am far from an expert on transfers, here are my Top Five suggestions for Arsene Wenger for the 2010-2011 season; I’d love to hear yours!

5. Marouane Chamakh: Some insist this deal is already done and I agree. He will be coming in on a free transfer this summer, which is very attractive to the notoriously frugal Wenger. He will provide the necessary attacking depth when half of Arsenal’s strikers get hurt again next season.

4. Franck Ribery: Yes, he needs to come to North London despite the attacking force of Van Persie, Bendtner, Arshavin, Eduardo, and company. Wenger seriously needs the experience of Ribery on the pitch and around the training ground. Even with Chamakh, the Gunners still need to bolster their attacking options if they want to win the title. This experienced international player can provide leadership for Wenger’s kiddos in the dressing room and be deadly on the pitch, if Bayern are willing to part ways with him…

3. Joe Cole: Despite being injury prone this season, he is an extremely hard worker who is getting very little love from the folks in West London. A move to The Emirates could jolt his career and provide an interesting option in the middle of the pitch. You can’t tell me that a midfield that includes Cole, Fabregas, Arshavin, and Walcott isn’t a mouth-watering prospect…

2. Carlos Cuellar: While somewhat less well-known than some other Premier League defenders, the Villa man has proven to be extremely consistent at Villa Park. He would bring a new dynamic to Arsenal’s back four that could provide the stability they need to sustain a title challenge. Sol Campbell has filled in nicely this season but how long can that really last?

1. Shay Given: Yes, I said it. Shay Given. While many have bemoaned Arsenal’s inability to finish in front of goal this season, Manuel Almunia has been almost laughable in his own goal this season (the first half of last week’s Barcelona match notwithstanding). At the very least Almunia needs some real competition for his spot in the Arsenal net. I personally think he would lose out to Given and that would mean more clean sheets for the Gunners in 2010-2011.

What are your thoughts? And don’t worry Arsenal haters; I’ll be back with my suggestions for your favorite club soon!

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  1. I think a goalkeeper has to be first on the list. Shay Given would be perfect, but I don’t know if I see that one happening.

    Man City has Joe Hart who would probably do fine filling Given’s spot, but would they be willing to sell Given to Arsenal (thus fixing one of Arsenal’s perceived weaknesses)?

    I’m not certain of Given’s contract status but if I’m Man City hoping to become a staple in the top 4, I’m not looking to help Arsenal out that much.

  2. this is terrible

    5. ok
    4. wenger isn’t paying that much
    3. washed up, worse than all of arsenal’s current options. dude has two goals all season and lost his pace.
    2. sagna is miles better
    1. wtf mate. sure he would be great, but do you think the billionares will let him go?

    1. I think billionaires who can afford another keeper are more likely to sell and buy another than a cash-strapped team looking to hold on to their players!

  3. Fletch,

    With the exception of Chamakh, I think that your signings are unlikely to occur. They are either all both too expensive in transfer fees and wage demands for Arsene and Arsenal’s carefully designed and protected system.

    My guess on potential targets for Arsenal this summer:

    1) Goalkeeper – I would like to see one of Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) or Hugo Lloris join the club. Both are young (26 and 23 respectively) and bot have Champions League experience. Both are highly rated. Both would be cheaper than Given and more likely to be available for purchase. Both would have a lower wage bill than Given, who is not going to accept a pay cut from his six figures at Eastlands.

    2) Centre back – Someone has to come in to play with Vermaelen. Gallas is now going to be 33 and coming off a World Cup (maybe, injury pending). He is getting more injury prone. Sylvestre and Campbell can’t do the sort of regular duty we will need with the multiple competitions we play in. My hope is that no signing will be required here, as Johan Djourou should be back and I hope Kyle Bartley progresses from the youth system. But, I would not mind seeing Brede Hangeland from Fulham, for example, brought in. Even he might be out of the price range. Alex Song could also move back, if Arsene buys a holding midfielder. Maybe Steven Dufour at Liege, if he recovers from injury.

    3) Striker – Chamakh is likely to be brought in and that would be a good fit. Loic Remy has been mentioned and he might fit as well, but only if Chamakh falls through.

    I see it likely that Chamakh, a goalkeeper, and a centre back will be brought in. That’s it. Arsenal’s season next year will ride on the continued development of the young talent on the team, not super huge signings that they cannot afford in the long term.



    1. I agree that all five are not likely for sure but the thing that will be interesting for me is whether or not Wenger brings in another goalkeeper. I would have bought someone this past January but Wenger seems to trust Almunia. Who knows?


  4. Chamak coming to arsenal is great. As for replacing Alumnia, it is not necessary to judge him based on his mistake. We should view his positive traits as well. So far overall, I feel Alumnia is a good bet for continuing 2011 season and onward. The good thing is that he has improved alot since the last year esp when he overtake Lehman’s no1 jersey.
    What we need is a new versatile defender. Maybe we need another bulldog style versatile central midfield to support arsene’s formation of 4-3-3 attacking style. so far Diaby is the closest but i believe he is more of attackng trait rather than defending trait. If Song can produce excellent performance against Barca and otherremaining matches, then i see no need for buying players. Maybe another winger will be required as well.

    Its just unfortunate that Arsenal ran into spate of injuries at a crucial time.

  5. Joe Cole isn’t injury prone this year at all. He was just coming back from a major knee injury and Chelsea was slowly bringing him along. He was injured in Jan2009 and normally it takes a year-year and a half to fully recover from that type of injury. He’s had a quiet but solid season given above circumstances. His versatility is a major plus. The guy is still young and as much as I dispise Chelsea I gurantee the guy is going to play a major role for someones midfield next year. Cruciate Ligament damage is one of those things where you just need time to heal.

    Ribery would be interesting, I’d much rather see Ribery as a gunner than on Chelski or anyone else in the top 4. Fabregas and Ribery could be deadly in the midfield.

    I think looking outside the league may be more prudent for Arsenal if Wegner decides he wants to actually spend money.

    With Juventus falling apart, im Almost certain they are going to try to unload some of their current players and rebuild. If they can pickup Martín Cáceres when he comes off loan or maybe see if Wegner can get more out of Giorgio Chiellini or Buffon. Yes, Juve is falling apart but dosn’t mean they don’t have good players to give up. Might even see Del Piero being shopped.

    Poaching from teams being relegated is a viable option too. Might not be a bad idea to give David James, Michael Brown, Robert Green, J. Spector, or Matthew Upson. I know most of these guys will mostlikely jsut add depth but its no secret that these teams will be unloading players if they drop into the championship.

  6. i can see the move for chamakh only….
    ribery out of wenger’s policy.
    cuellar, given – doesn’t look likely.
    joe cole – man u may sign him.. (but its possible)

    i would definitely like a new goalkeeper , a defender and chamakh…..

  7. i will be very very happy if wenger proves me wrong by signing ribery!!!!!!

    but wenger won’t lash out cash , real madrid, man u , chelsea all want to sign him and they will lash out cash for him …. so my verdict is that don’t expect ribery at arsenal!

  8. Fantasy island-Chamakh is the only possibility on this list.
    In addition, we need a keeper, a centreback, and another striker because our 2 back-ups are duds.
    Veloso in midfield

  9. Got to be a wind up the last thing we need is Cole already got 4 players 4 Fab,s spot 2 playing wide out of position And how do we buy Given from Trillionaires the richest club in the world to pay what half his wages

  10. Sakho- young, french, unknown, typical wenger buy

    Veloso – need some steel in that midfield. Song has been great but when he’s not there I dont think Denilson cuts it.

    Carlton Cole – its been banded around in the press. But signing him has many benefits: height – gives us an alternative to B52. holding up the ball – B52 tries to play like the rest of the team at times, need someone who can just hold it up, he’s English – new rules soon to come into play in the prem and CL about home grown players, therefore having another Englishman can only help. Plus if West Ham are relegated he will go cheap.

    Mata – with TW14 looking like he is getting better, we really need a natural left footed winger. Nasri or Arshavin are fine, however they tend to drift in and both play blinders when playing in the Cesc role in the hole (which is their natural position). Someone with pace and trickery on the left to compliment Theo is desperately required. Mata and Clichy /Theo and Sagna, great wing play.

    1. I second wanting Sakho. He’s a star-in-waiting, provided he receives the right guidance, and would fit beautifully in our system. I would argue that he isn’t unknown at this point, though; I’m fairly sure the other major teams have an eye on him.

  11. Outside of Chamakh, I only see a central defender or two coming in, hopefully someone with size. Maybe Djorurou’s return from injury will be enough to get by but I hate going into the season with the cupboard bare if injuries arise again. I’m working under the assumption Gallas/Silvestre/Campbell will be gone.

    Felipe Melo was the hot rumor last year.. Juve fan’s really dislike him from what I’ve read. But we’ve got Denilson/Song covering at DM. And I think everyone in the midfield has re-signed up for 3-5 more years.

    Can’t see a goalie coming because all 3 are under long-term deals plus Szcz?sny waiting in the wings.

  12. out; denilson, walcott,silvestre,campbell,eboue,spanish waiter, rosicky. in; akineev, chamakh, yaya toure, we will win thr league.

    1. Actually no, we will struggle to get a place in europa league. We will be screwed if one or two injuries occur.
      With you as manager, we would be fighting relegation in two-three seasons.
      Sorry for being harsh but thats how it is.

  13. First, obviously all five of these transfers are without regard to the individual player’s situation and/or ability to be transferred. Outside of Chamakh, the rest are highly unlikely but they would all make a positive difference at The Emirates. But tell me, why is it so “fantasy” to think that Shay Given or Joe Cole could transfer? Just because they aren’t mentioned as targets in the press? Anything can happen over the summer a la Robinho (not saying that turned out well but he got on a plane thinking he was coming to Chelsea…). All I’m saying is that changes comes fast in the business world of football.

    Also, I like Arsene Wenger but his major weakness is that he is in love with unknown, up-and-coming talent for which he obviously has an eye. I’m not saying he shouldn’t acquire these players but the difference between the Gunners and United and Chelsea are experienced, big name players. Fabregas is getting there but Arsenal have no one in the ranks of Gerrard, Lampard, Giggs, or even Rooney. These players are more mature and provide the intangibles on and off the bench. That’s why United and Chelsea have held on to the title for so long, in my opinion.


    1. Giggs? You can’t be serious putting Giggs in Fabregas’ class anymore. He’s been phenomenal over many years, but come on… I bet if you asked 100 managers worldwide who they’d want to build their team with of the 4 you mentioned, half would start with Fab (the other half Rooney). Arsenal have their problems, but not having a player with a combination of skill and experience and “intangibles” of the 4 you mentioned is absurd. I will, however, accept that the DEPTH of EXPERIENCE and skill at Arsenal is currently behind United, Chelsea. Not for much longer, though, I believe.

      1. I agree, it’s the depth that Chelsea and United offer that really makes the difference.

        United pick up a few injuries, or need to rotate the squad, and they fall back on a guy like Ryan Giggs to fill the gap.

        Arsenal pick up a few injuries, or need to rotate the squad, and they must ask a guy like Eduardo to fill the gap.

        1. I think we are all saying the same thing. Yes, Fabregas is better than Giggs if you want to compare them directly but the fact is that Arsenal are lacking the franchise players that can help them down the stretch when they are facing injuries, etc. I’m not saying I would start Giggs over Fabregas… AT ALL!! But I am saying that NOT having a player like Giggs ultimately hurts Arsenal simply due to the fact that he is not in training with younger players or available as a sub. With the congested fixture list of every top four team, a Giggs-like player is an essential part of winning silverware. Imagine if Arsenal had Giggs or Paul Scholes for this week’s Barcelona match to deputize for Fabregas? Would Gunners fans be a little less worried…? Just a thought! Thanks for your responses!

  14. Fletch, you an amateur mate? Why aren’t you addressing serious concerns more seriously? Top priority, goalkeeper and depth in defense-no more playing Silveste. To think that with our limited resources we should target the obvious, well known, high profile and expensive solutions is absurd. We are not Madrid, we don’t just check the rankings on FIFA 10 and put bids in. There are plenty of players more talented than Joe Cole for example, with much lower profiles and who don’t come with the added stigma of “club betrayal.” If we’re talking about London rivals, why not bid on Robert Green and Roman Pavers? You could probably get both for the price of Cole. As for defense, why get another right-back when Sagna is currently backed by Eboue? Why not add a tall center-back like Subotic?

    1. Olly,

      Just because my opinions are different from yours doesn’t make me (or you) an amateur. This is a blog designed to incite discussion and debate based on the articles published. Take it as such and have fun.

  15. Cuellar is an interesting solution at CB. Chamakh seems like it will happen, which might end up being a fantastic signing. Ribery is too expensive for a position that we already have in spades. Cole? We have enough injury-prone attackers already thank you very much. Eden Hazard is the more likely signing at that position – young, French, and relatively unknown; he has Wenger written all over him.

    “Almunia would lose out to Given” – lol you get the Captain Obvious award for the night. But why would City sell? He’s been their best signing since he came in, and he would start at most big clubs. He’s been so good this year that the fee would be monstrous. We had our chance to sign him cheap, Wenger chose to trust Almunia, and City swooped in with their oil money. That ship has sailed. Sadly, we must move on and look at someone like Akinfeev or Lloris if possible. or someone… anyone but Almunia.

    1. oops, just realized that Hazard is Belgian. my bad. Still, he must speak French, and he could reunite with his buddy Thomas!

  16. Looks like Chamakh is a done deal but I don’t believe he’s any better than Bendtner having seen him in Champion’s League action. Would love to see Joe Cole at Arsenal but he’s not the type that Arsene buys so can’t see that one materialise, hope I’m wrong though. Arsenal could have bought Given a couple of seasons ago but pulled out of the deal with Given agreeing to come. He’ll stay at Citeh for the money now as he’s entering the twilight of his career. I would like to see Neuer and Subotic at Arsenal and a left winger with pace

  17. If west Han go down I would raid them like mad
    I would get
    rob green
    matt upson
    James tomkins
    and or
    valon bermami
    Carlton cole

  18. Of all the 5 mentioned, Chamakh is the most likely to make his way to the Emirates. Free tranafer, that’s exactly what the professor wanted and it seems it’s what is on th table for him to hold. About the others I’m not sure Wenger can let go of all that money, you all know how he plays with numbers.

  19. No chance…four out of those five were total rubbish predictions..chamakh looks likely at the moment…riberry too expensive…shay given will be too expensive and arsene will not indulge…joe cole will not suit arsenal’s style..he would suit man u more and man u needs a strong winger so i see him moving there…cuellar is unpredictable..arsene already gambled with the experience of sol…if he invests in defenders i see him looking to another european defender along the lines of vermalen..or he may go for someone with the spanish experience like puyol who can bring that expereince…

  20. These players should be bought:
    De Gea or an experienced Goal-Keeper

  21. Title of this thread should be “Transfer Speculation and Dreams” rather than Transfer Talk. While I am lifelong supporter of The Arsenal, and would very much like to see many, if not all of these players coming to the Emirates, the fact is:
    5) Chamakh – agreed, done deal
    4) Ribery – many times said he desires the warm Spanish climate. If he comes to the EPL it will be Chelsea, the only team who can pay the hefty transfer fee
    3) Cole – possible given that he already lives in London and recently married with a baby on the way. This does make a big difference to a player and his family
    2) Cueller – possible but not likely. Oneil will resist selling such a good player especially to a top 4 team. With no replacement lined up, and a small squad I can’t see the logic in Oneil making this deal. Also remember Djourou will be coming back and makes for a good partnership with Vermaelen on paper
    1) Given – Citeh won’t let him go, at least not at a Wenger price. No way does this deal happen. Period.

  22. I agree with Arsenal needing a new keeper and that a player of Given’s quality would make a big difference, there is no way a new gk will be signed, we have four keepers already, 3 of them only recently signing long term deals. Besides Mannone and Szcz?sny, are still young and havn’t really been given a chance to prove themselves (except for mannone’s brief stint), so instead of signing a new keeper i would rather see them get a chance in the league and see what they can do, besides they really couldn’t do worse than almunia anyway.

    Also I would like to see merida get more game time, I can see him being like a fabregas styled player and if he can mould into the fabregas style of play, it could be devastating to the opposition with Arsenal having two players of that quality

  23. Chamakh wants Arsenal and Arsenal wants Chamakh so it should alraedy be a done deal.

    I find the Carlos Cuellar suggestion interesting, he is a relative unknown, but he is strong defender, the question is can he make it at a big club?


  24. I’m a Arsenal fan since G.Graham of:?Merson, Adams and later on
    Wrighty. For skill and class we have been blessed with Dennis B and Thierry. Both came to Arsenal already well known, after not succeeding at their
    respective ‘big clubs’. Both were big fees especially for arsenal.
    We have a big stadium in ‘affluent London’; ticket prices reflect this.
    With Champions League money. Investors circling for years.
    Why not buy more players for £10-15mil
    like Vermalen (prem signing of season) and Arshavin (arguably better than Fab)
    Everyone can see we are slipping as a club.
    We needed these same players last season, but we ended up selling
    two good players and replacing them with one. The maths is not hard.
    Frugality of Wenger has helped us miss out on:
    Drogba (pre-marseille)
    and probably more… So what Managers do it all the time, hmm
    maybe but the fees were reasonable, we lost out to Ronaldo on a couple
    hundred thousand, we could have got
    Drogba for under a Million (always had his physical attributes)

    I support the team but to me Wenger is unbalanced:

    Too frugal, excite ticket holders with a marquee signing
    Best players allowed to leave too easily and are not replaced
    Gk is vimportant position Seaman has not be replaced
    Squad Height & Strength has been lacking
    We have flair but little organisation
    Good on the ball, bad off it.
    We just can’t beat the best

    It is time for a change.

  25. Chamakh?? Ok. Arsenal were just thrown out of the champions league by barcelona. Would chamakh make it into the barca, inter, man united, chelsea, milan, madrid squad??? Quite simply, no. He is not the kind of player who will help arsenal to a major trophy. Nor are denilson, diaby, eboue, song or bendtnar. So hes encourage development of these players. Some of whom are 22, 23 years old. Fabregas was playing with style and profesionalism at 17. Thats the difference between true class and false class. Wenger has turned many unknowns into world class. But all of those players were INTELLIGENT footballers. Song, diaby, denilson, eboue, bendtnar are far from being intelligent. But people think diaby is a ‘midfield powerhouse’. And so, arsenal will not win a trophy. Chamakh? Spare me. Weren’t sunderland after him in the summer? Hmm

  26. I agree we need to bring in top class talent; that is obvious:

    1.) I really like the Lyon keeper, Hugo Llloris. Adding him would be a great, if very expensive, addition to the side.

    2.) I also like the Dutch winger playing for Hamburg in Germany; Eljero Elias. We need more quality on the wings. Mata is also an interesting and expensive daydream.

    3.) Bendtner contributes but really should only be a sub for a team of Arsenal’s ambitions. Chamakh is interesting. I would really like us to try to sign Fernando Torres when Liverpool don’t qualify for the Champion’s League.

    4.) Center Back. Djourou is coming back. Who knows if Gallas will re-sign. Campbell has over-achieved but is just not good enough…Silvestre is even below Campbell’s level.

    5.) Defensive Midfielder. I think Song has turned into a world class player but we need cover at this position.

  27. Arsenal squad next season:
    ST–van persie




  28. I agree with grumpylonder

    Plus so what if Djourou is coming back. What did he do before?
    Answer: Nothing. He is not a great organiser, or Rock
    End-of-the-day is Drogba gonna sweat if his name is on the team sheet?
    Answer: No…just ask his Swiss youth captain compatriot Sender-dross
    Ok Chelsea aren’t everywhere, there are other teams and strikers
    who will still make our defence look just as silly:

    Bojan K & Zlat-spam-hima-rich
    Real Madrid’s fwd line
    Tevez & Ade-big-mouth

  29. Uri E is clearly on drugs if he thinks his team could be invincible

    Maybe invincible in the MLS or Scots Prem, but not in my league
    Honestly your team is alright, however needs more class

  30. Furthermore…we had a number of players 23 and under against barca. Wenger was quick to point that out. BUT..barca had just as many players of the same age on the pitch…what does that say about this ‘talented’ young arsenal squad?? Most are bench players at the most.

    Song is not world class. He works hard, Ill grant him that. Vieira was world class in that position. You see, its not just on the ball that matters, its performance off the ball. Keep an eye on essiens movement off the ball. Intelligent. He doesnt want to chase the game around, he wants to control his area. Makelele, roy keane, gilberto, are some more examples. I wouldnt dare compare song to these players. And that is the standard arsenal need, if they are to compete at the highest level. I like song though. Diaby, denilson, BENTdnar….terrible players. Merida, ramsey and eastmond look way better to me, if they ever get a chance.

  31. 5. Chamakh: A free transfer and the physical presence we need at striker.
    4. Manuel Neuer: Young goalkeeper with experience we need and potential necessary to be a gunner.
    3. De Rossi: (long-shot) De Rossi can dominate the midfield both offensively and defensively and his aggressiveness is something often Arsenal lack. However, it is highly unlikely that Roma would give up their superstar De Rossi unless arsenal were to fork out an unlikely high sum.
    2. David Villa: (long-shot) We can capitalize on Valencia’s financial problems as we continue to be extremely profitable, yet have not won trophies in years. Its time to break the bank for someone of Villa’s quality.
    1. Chellini: Chellini has the size and strength to be a rock for Arsenal for years and years. He is a major reason why Italy won the World Cup. I am not saying that I would like it, but Juventes have been interested in Van Persie for years, and a swap deal could include Chellini and money, or possibly even Melo.

  32. Chamakh is free but out-and-out striker he is not, goal scoring record
    indicates that. A good target man to head or feet is what I get from
    his show-reels

    Never seen Neuer so can’t comment on him. I feel Joe Hart
    would be England No.1 if he came and would only go from strength
    to strength. Kasper Schmeichel may be a dark horse, he has talent,
    is young enough to develop has acquired experience, and has a father
    who probably still has time for expert tutelage.

    £25/30mil bid Wenger reputedly made for De Rossi pre-season was
    justifiable then. But not now £15-20mil bid, how old is De Rossi 29/30

    D Villa 2-3 seasons ago would be a coup at almost whatever price.
    But I think he is again 29/30 now. This is a risk because a move to a new
    club means a 3+yr contract with 6figure wages + a record transfer fee on
    Arsenal’s part. He won’t be given too much time to settle and could
    underperform like Shevchenko.

    Chiellini has garnerd plaudits, but hasn’t that been mostly as a
    fullback. Although that versatility is invaluable. To swap RvP would
    cause an uprising only quelled by the purchase of Aguero

  33. I am not at all displeased with the speculation going around lately that Wenger is interested in Fiorentina GK Sébastien Frey. Aside from his own merits, Raymond Domenech has repeatedly overlooked him for the French squad (to the extent that Frey, now 30, declared international retirement at 28), so he must be good.

  34. Great summer coming:
    arsene is a smart buyer. For g.k. Frey or Buffon will be bought for sure coz they are experienced and top class. Arsene admitted that he will be lookin for experienced and top class player. Frey and buffon will not also stand in the way for our future num. 1 scezezzny who would be world star. Almunia has already played his last match for arsenal and he’s off to the bench with a injury that is not at all clear. That sums it up. Arsene gave chance to fabianski to prove his worth in recent mathes. Fabiski failed. He will be loaned and then be soled. A senegalise def. More like varmaelen unknown , strong and hard workin will be bought for 6 M . The duo will make a great solid back . There will be 35 M + selling will be available for transfer budget. There will be 2 more signings. Hazard and Melo will be bought for AM and DM position. The spendin will be gk 8-15 M . Hazard + Melo for 30 M . + CD 6 M. Outs are gallas – free. Senderos 2 M almunia 4 M silvestre 3 M Traore 3M and eduardo for 7.5 M.

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