Do You Want a MLS Talk iPhone App?

If you’re a regular reader of Major League Soccer Talk, I want to see if you’d be interested in having an iPhone app created for MLS Talk where you could check on the latest posts, read the latest comments, listen to each new episode of the MLS Talk Podcast and read the latest MLS Talk updates on Twitter.

A few weeks ago I launched a similar iPhone app for EPL Talk and the feedback so far has been very positive. If you want to test the EPL Talk version out, which is available for free, to see what features you’d like to be included on the MLS Talk version, download it from iTunes today.

If you are interested in getting a free version, please let me know in the comments section below. I want to see whether it’s worth paying to have one created before I go ahead and do it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

In the meantime, there is another MLS Talk iPhone app which is already available which features the latest episode of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast. You can get that one from iTunes for $1.99.


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