Do You Want a MLS Talk iPhone App?

If you’re a regular reader of Major League Soccer Talk, I want to see if you’d be interested in having an iPhone app created for MLS Talk where you could check on the latest posts, read the latest comments, listen to each new episode of the MLS Talk Podcast and read the latest MLS Talk updates on Twitter.

A few weeks ago I launched a similar iPhone app for EPL Talk and the feedback so far has been very positive. If you want to test the EPL Talk version out, which is available for free, to see what features you’d like to be included on the MLS Talk version, download it from iTunes today.

If you are interested in getting a free version, please let me know in the comments section below. I want to see whether it’s worth paying to have one created before I go ahead and do it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

In the meantime, there is another MLS Talk iPhone app which is already available which features the latest episode of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast. You can get that one from iTunes for $1.99.

20 thoughts on “Do You Want a MLS Talk iPhone App?”

        1. Took the words right out of my mouth. Show some love for Palm webOS. Lots of us Palm Pre and Palm Pixie users out there, and more on the way once Palm is out on AT&T and other networks.

          1. Jay and Nerts, I’ll check with the development company I use to see if they have the capability of programming apps for the Palm webOS.

            The Gaffer

          2. But Gaffer Palm was bought by HP and they just had press conference today unveiling the HP Pre 3, the smaller HP Veer, and the HP TouchPad and HP plans on releasing more devices and to use WebOS on PC’s and Printers.

            1. CTBlues, I misread the coverage that was coming out yesterday. I saw the headlines that “Palm was dead” but didn’t realize it was the “Palm” brand that has been ditched, not the technology. The question is whether the Pre will flourish under HP or not? What do you think?

              The Gaffer

              1. I think with HP backing it instead of Palm I think it will do a lot better. Also they said they are going to have WebOS on PC’s by the end of the year and on alot of other products (ie printers and tablets) so I think it has a good chance to flourish. I think HP will be able to take its time since it is the best selling computer company in the world where as Palm didn’t have that kind of time because they were having such financial problems.

                A big thing that helps sales too of phones lately is the number of apps the OS has also from what the conference said and other developers said it is very easy to develop for.

  1. No. It’s called RSS. It’s called Google Reader Mobile.

    Learn it. Know it. Live it.

    iPhone/Apple is 100% hype and marketing, 0% utility.

    1. Ruzz, I respectfully disagree. The iPhone is 100% utility. I can’t begin to count the ways it saves me time and makes running MLS Talk 100 times easier.

      I use the Google Reader iPhone app, but it is limited in what it does. With a MLS Talk app, I can fire that up and listen to podcasts as well as read all of the MLS Talk posts and comments, instead of sorting through all of my RSS feeds I have on Google Reader to weed through those and find the MLS specific ones. Don’t get me wrong. I love Google Reader, but it’s not a one size fits all solution for me.

      The Gaffer

  2. I use folders in Reader to group soccer, politics, snowboarding, podcasts, &c. If I had an app for every blog I follow… I’d have 1000 apps on my phone.

    Reader iPhone app? Since I’m anti-Apple I don’t even think in terms of apps. Reader Mobile is just a URL to me.

  3. Gaffer,

    This would be great news as an avid reader of MLS Talk! I already have the EPL Talk app for my ITouch and it’s a great resource. Having an MLS Talk app would be like icing on the cake! Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up!

  4. I would like to see one, but I think you should have the guys the make it for you take a look at the Engadget iPhone app because you can read the comments and post in the comments without really leaving the article.

  5. I just want to reiterate the point that everybody already has an “app” for accessing website content. It’s called a web browser, and it’s compatible with ALL websites, not just one particular soccer blog. If you’re worried about keeping track of updates on a particular site then you need to familiarize yourself with your browser’s “hotlink” feature, or learn a bit about RSS. Because the pernicious idea that every website is going to require it’s own software on your hardware represents a gigantic leap backward for computing and the Internet.

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