Premier League Launches Official iPhone App

The Premier League has launched its own official Premier League iPhone App for soccer fans around the world. We’ve been waiting forever for something like this. And the technologically slow Premier League has finally caught up with the times.

The features of the app include:

  • Updates on the long list of the Premier League’s latest legal filings. Find out what’s happening with their lawsuit against YouTube, their legal threats against websites that show crests for Premier League teams, and their attempts to stop users on Twitter sharing match reports of Premier League games.
  • The debt index. Instead of wondering how much debt the Premier League clubs are in, you can find out the exact number by using this feature on the app. The chart is updated daily to show the massive debt and how it dwarfs those nansy-pansy European clubs, and
  • The long list of who has rights to what in each country. If you’ve ever wondered who has the rights to show the Premier League in each country, broken down by the different forms of rights packages such as broadband, television, radio and mobile, you can now use this feature of the app to finally unlock the secrets that the Premier League have never revealed before.

Download the Premier League iPhone app today.

10 thoughts on “Premier League Launches Official iPhone App”

  1. Should it not also include the listings of which footballer is sleeping with which teammate’s wife/girlfriend/ex-girlfriend?

    How about who’s been arrested lately?

    A little less tittilating: Transfer rumors?

    How about a translator for Harry Redknapp? From cockney to proper English…

  2. I know this is an april fools, but if ou got a team together that could make this app you would make a lot of money. I’d pay a fiver for it.

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