Poll: Can Arsenal Beat Barcelona?

Who am I to outsmart Arsene Wenger, but I really feel that the Arsenal manager is making the wrong decision to play its typical brand of soccer against Barcelona in the Wednesday night Champions League match at Emirates Stadium.

An open game from both sides will be entertaining but it’ll be a brutal blow to the ego of most Arsenal supporters who may witness a convincing victory for Barcelona who are seemingly unstoppable when they’re on song. When Ibrahimovic and Messi are playing at their best, which they are now, no team in the world can stop them at their own game. Last season, Chelsea tried to shut down Barcelona and they almost did it if it wasn’t for an injury goal by Iniesta to win the match. But this is the time that I believe Arsenal needs to employ a different tactic than playing their typical game.

Wenger believes that Arsenal is capable of beating Barcelona if the Gunners play to their strength and play their typical brand of attractive soccer. While I admire Wenger for his strong beliefs, victory is often more important than style and I don’t believe Arsenal is capable of beating Barcelona at its own game. Plus, Arsenal’s linchpin in midfield, Cesc Fabregas, only has a 40% chance of playing against Barcelona.

The cards are definitely stacked against Arsenal and I fear that the match may be out of reach of Arsenal before the second leg even kicks off.

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