MLS Crystal Ball Edition

Some Starters

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Du Nord: Top 10 significant signings and influential departures.

First, how they finished in 2009 – PPG=Points Per Game – GFA=Goals For Average – GAA=Goals Against Average

 CLB  1.63   1st  1.37   5th  1.03   3rd
 LA  1.60   2nd  1.20   10th  1.03   3rd
 HOU  1.60   2nd  1.30   6th  0.97   1st
 SEA  1.57   4th  1.27   8th  0.97   1st
 CHV  1.50   5th  1.30   6th  1.13   6th
 CHI  1.50   5th  1.13   12th  1.03   3rd
 NE  1.40   7th  1.10   13th  1.23   8th
 RSL  1.33   8th  1.43   2nd  1.17   7th
 CO  1.33   8th  1.40   4th  1.27   9th
 DCU  1.33   8th  1.43   2nd  1.47   11th
 FCD  1.30   11th  1.63   1st  1.53   12th
 TFC  1.30   11th  1.23   9th  1.53   12th
 KC  1.10   13th  1.10   13th  1.40   10th
 SJ  1.00   14th  1.20   10th  1.67   15th
 NY  0.70   15th  0.87   15th  1.53   12th

And Now…
I held off as long as I could. Had a feeling that more rankings would get posted today. In a repeat performance of last season, I’ve collected the prognositications of over 15 denizens of the soccersphere. Some laid out their projections for both conferences, some went so far as to name the 8 playoff teams. Others simply posted their preseason power rankings. All were quite candid in the uncertainty of predicting finishes in the parity system that is MLS, but what the hell, it wouldn’t be sport if there were no forecasters. It’s all part of the fun. And just to make the point clear about the difficulties in trying to see into the future, last year only one person(Kartik) thought the Sounders would make the playoffs, while nearly everyone had the Galaxy as bottom feeders in the west. So without further adieu, I give to you the compilation of 10 power rankings and 9 conference predictions.

First, the power rankings.

Preseason Power Rankings
  Avg In Out
 CLB  1.9   10   0 
 SEA  3.3   10   0 
 LA  3.6   10   0 
 RSL  4.6   8   2 
 HOU  5.5   8   2 
 CHI  6.9   8   2 
 FCD  7.7   7   3 
 TFC  9.1   6   4 
 DCU  10.0   3   7 
 CO  10.3   2   8 
 NY  10.7   4   6 
 CHV  10.8   2   8 
 KC  11.3   2   8 
 NE  12.1   0   10 
 PHL  13.8   0   10 
 SJ  14.4   0   10 

And the conference predictions.

East West
 CLB  1.11   SEA  1.56 
 CHI  2.56   RSL  2.11 
 NY  4.11   LA  3.00 
 TFC  4.22   COL  4.78 
 DCU  4.78   HOU  4.89 
 NE  4.78   FCD  5.67 
 KC  6.89   CHV  6.00 
 PHL  7.56   SJ  7.78 

I guess it’s only fair that I display my own rankings. The biggest(but not all) doubts in the back of my mind … underestimating Dominic Kinnear in Houston, overestimating RBNY with all the roster changes(11).

East West

6 thoughts on “MLS Crystal Ball Edition”

    1. Yeah, it was dart throwing time and since I’m pulling for Philly, I just couldn’t put them last.
      But after seeing the lineup Nowak through out there in a hostile environment last night, I just may have to rethink, put my emotions aside, and join the consensus that has Philly in the cellar.

  1. Its nice to have the Dynamo as underdogs for once. As for the mls new site… it looks pretty but it kinds sucks right now.

  2. I think SJ will perform better than predicted.

    They have many key players back from injury and some great additions to their attack.

    Hernandez being out was a big reason for the horrible GAA last season and hopefully Convey will pick it up a bit as well.

  3. LA is going to suck this year. Did I miss something or didn’t they just lose their highest paid player for 90% of the season?

    1. Beckham is not the only person on the Galaxy. LA has a great line-up and a great goalkeeper. Beckham usually doesn’t come in until July anyways. What’s a couple more months.

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