A Banquet of Previews

The MLS cup is up for grabs

The 2010 season is upon us, so to help you get ready, or in case you’re bored, here are previews of each of the 16 teams. For each team, I’ve linked to more than one preview. I always find it interesting to see what different folks say about the same situation. Given the late settlement of the CBA and the many roster moves that have occurred in an effort to get rosters to the 24 man limit by Wednesday night, no preview is older than March 15.

Note: I generally like WV Hooligan’s previews, but he did most of his early on, and with all the late player movement I thought it best to link to more recent posts. But I would recommend heading over to Drew Epperly’s WV Hooligan for his views on various teams. Use the team logo links on the right side of the screen to find the previews.

Below the team reviews, I’ve also linked to a few general previews as well as a look at the Seattle/Philadelphia match. Take note that I’ll pick up again with my weekly attendance reports on Mondays throughout the season. In case you missed it, here is my 2010 prequel post.


Isaac Heath for Goal.com

Travis Clark for SBI

Jeff Carlisle for ESPNSoccernet
Adam Serrano for SBI

Jeff Carlisle for ESPNSoccernet
Nicholas Rosano for Goal.com
Frank Dell-Apa for ESPNSoccernet
Jason Maxwell for View From the Couch
Travis Clark for SBI

Zac Lee Rigg for Goal.com
Justin Rodriguez for ESPNSoccernet

DC United
Avi Creditor for SBI
Justin Rodriguez for ESPNSoccernet

Jeff Carlisle
Travis Clark for SBI
Zach Woosley for Goal.com

Kansas City
Avi Creditor for SBI
Nate Brinson for American Soccer News
Shane Evans for Goal.com

Los Angeles
Jonathan Vera for Goal.com
Adam Serrano for SBI
Ivan Yeo for American Soccer News
Jeff Carlisle for ESPNSoccernet

New England
Frank Dell-Apa for ESPNSoccernet
Avi Creditor for SBI
Alan Ramsey for Goal.com

New Jersey(yeah, I said it)
Ives Galarcep
Terence Steed for Goal.com

Avi Creditor for SBI
American Soccer News
Keith Hickey for Goal.com

Real Salt Lake
Frank Dell-Apa for ESPNSoccernet
Randy Davis for MLSNet

San Jose
Jeff Carlisle for ESPNSoccernet
Andrea Canales for Goal.com

John Zielonka for Goal.com
Adam Serrano for SBI

Drew Epperly for WV Hooligan
Frank Dell-Apa for ESPNSoccernet
Phil Shore for Shore Thing Sports

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Some players that I’ll be watching this year …

  • Brad Ring of San Jose, coming back after being out last year with an injury, if he can find time on the pitch.
  • Kei Kamara of Kansas City, I saw him several times this spring and he looked very strong and eager to impose himself.
  • Ryan Smith, also of Kansas City, former Arsenal academy player. Look for him on the left wing with Roger Espinoza behind him on defense.
  • Geoff Cameron of Houston. Can he be the centerpiece of a new midfield? DeRosario, Clark, and Holden gone in the space of two seasons.
  • Joel Lindpere of RBNY. He really impressed me in the Santos match. One of eleven new players on the roster.

    Seattle v Philadelphia Preview
    from Philadelphia Union ASN
    Enjoy the Season!!
  • 4 thoughts on “A Banquet of Previews”

    1. Peter C,
      I love the attendance reports. Thank you.
      Any predictions on attendance ?

      Here are my thoughts….
      The two knowns are that Seattle will draw 6-8,000 more fans/game than last year. Not sure how Seattle has 38,000 tonight when I thought they capped the stadium at 36,500 ?…..but nice too see.
      I am assuming that Toronto sells out every game, so Toronto draws 1,500 more with a slightly smaller stadium (I read for $18 mil they could increase their stadium to 30k, what are they thinking ? that is a layup ).

      Does LA draw more with Landon having proved himself ?
      NY with a new stadium ?
      Philly sell out ?

      I am going to say this, LA sells 2k more, NY averages close to 20k, and I will pray that Philly sells out, 18k

      So now we have Seattle and Toronto adding lets say conservatively 8k fans, LA 2k, NY 4K ? and Philly 2k above average = 16k per game for the league

      IF every other team stays the same that brings the average fans per game per team to 17,300….not too bad.

      1. Thanks for the kind words.
        No, no predictions, but of course I’d like to see improvement this year.

        Seattle and Toronto aside, I’m hoping LA can hold its ’09 numbers, but I have doubts. So many changes in Chicago, and Blanco gone, the same. Dallas must improve. I think you’re right about RBNY and it’s important for the league to have a strong franchise in the NY metro area. As for Philly, I know where the stadium is, and combined with the ruthlessness of the Philly sports fan, I can only hope they come close to full houses once they move in to PPL Park.

    2. Hopefully we can get a full squad out to the Home Depot Center this Saturday for the Galaxy game against New England and pack the place. I bought my tickets.

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