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Cagliari Season taking a dip?

 Cagliari Season taking a dip?

Cagliari are known to play some fantastic football thanks to their coach, ever since he took over in 2008, Massimiliano Allegri brought an attacking spirit with his attacking 4-3-3. And after bringing this to Cagliari, they’ve been scaring teams all over the table, with their fast attacking football. And at the beginning of the season, Cagliari’s results seemed fine, but with time, and especially in the past several weeks, Cagliari have dipped way below their standards.

Cagliari have been a mid-table team, never facing relegation struggles, but never pushing the extra step for European football. But when a mid-table team faces a string of results like Cagliari is facing, something has gone wrong. And it’s not like anything is missing from Cagliari’s setup; a great coach, experienced player, and young talent, so what could be going wrong? Could it be the fact that their president Massimo Cellino seems to have lost interest in the club, and so he’s looking for foreign investment like Fulham? Or could it be that the players have stopped believing in Allegri’s tactics? Whatever it is, they need to snap out of it, because getting 1 point out of a possible 18 is not a good record.

Not only has Cagliari’s form dipped, but it could get even worse for the Rossoblu, their next 8 games of the season aren’t simple. This weekend they go to Sampdoria which has a reinvigorated Cassano scoring for the side, then they face AC Milan who will be probably looking to close in on Inter Milan, after that they go to Turin to go against Juventus. Just the first three seem extremely difficult, I could see them get three more losses there, and the following matches will be Palermo, Napoli, Udinese, Roma, and Bologna. Nothing simple for them to come except maybe the Bologna match. And if Cagliari can’t do something soon, they will be facing maybe coming 15th, 16th, and maybe even coming as close as 17th, which is not a good result for a former mid-table side.

I really fear for Cagliari, I could see them doing badly this season, have Allegri snapped up by a bigger team, and eventually a team full of talent and skill gets relegated. But Cagliari is suffering as other teams start to thrive, teams that really need to thrive, like Atlanta, Lazio, Chievo, and Udinese. And although Cagliari aren’t risking big this season, but if Cellino is serious about investing in English football, it could turn out with a great team being left to demise.

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0 Responses to Cagliari Season taking a dip?

  1. jayoh says:

    Even Bologna looked pretty strong for the better half of today’s game, none of the mid table teams are anything to overlook for sure… i still don’t see Cagliari dropping though…they’re 11 points clear right now.

  2. True, but it really has to be highlighted that Cagliari, a side that were so great, have now lost 5 in their last 6, if it were to continue like that (and it’s not like the run-in makes it any easier), they could face some trouble.

  3. jayoh says:

    I certainly concur, they’ve been great to watch for sure…I also very much appreciate articles that don’t deal with Juve, AC Milan, and Inter on this site, quite refreshing! Keep up the good work!

  4. bookmakers says:

    they ware doing so well, such nice passing…

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