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Six weeks ago, Oliver Kay joined us ahead of the onset of UEFA Champions League’s Round of 16, venturing a prediction that the English Premier League teams would find this year’s tournament rougher than those of the preceding seasons. Today, Oliver joined me to reflect on the knock-out round performances of Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Also, we look forward to this Sunday’s match between Manchester United and Liverpool and ask what Liverpool needs to go to maintain their string of good performances over Alex Ferguson’s side.

11 thoughts on “Oliver Kay Interview: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. Gentleman, you are on the brink of having a great show here. (I love bobby McMahon, well done interviewing here) However, you’re falling short (way short) in some crucial areas.

    The audio on your podcast is intolerably poor. There have been times I don’t listen to the cast just because of audio. Busch League stuff, fix it.

    Also, your pronunciation often is terrible and Carter has a horrible radio voice, get him some voice coaching, it would help tremendously because I really like what he has to say.

    Listen to the soccernet podcast, emulate what they do.

    Good luck and thanks

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Nate. We are trying to improve the audio. Hopefully, that is apparently in the more “produced” elements of the show – the introduction, for example. Regardless, we will continue to take steps forward.

  2. ha, yeah – kartrik, my bad. He always has such tight commentary – poor vocal aesthetics though, easy to fix.

    So – who would you take in peak condition Rooney or Torres? Gerrard or Essien? Nesta or Vidic?

    1. We should ask those questions on this weekend’s review show. I always like thinking about Rooney vs. Torres vs. Drogba because they are the elite yet such different players.

  3. Tight – so Richard, what do you think about Eric Wynalda’s commentary? I’ve got to be honest with you, for me to enjoy World Cup 2006 games when he was commentating, I had to mute the TV. I actually really like him as a person, he seems amiable, but seriously, his commentary is abismal. I wish that the guys who commentate EPL and Champions league matches did the World Cup for the US too. (excluding Tommy Smith, blind as a bat and never knows what he’s talking about)

    1. Nate, my two cents about Wynalda’s role as host of the pre- and half-time broadcast was that he was getting in the way. He talked too much and didn’t seem like a good fit as a host. He prevented McMahon and Barton from providing as much quality insight as they typically do. Thumbs down from me.

      The Gaffer

    2. Hi Nate:

      I don’t have a straight-forward answer for that one. Back in the days before I was a soulless, immovable analysis-type, Eric Wynalda was one of the handful of players that guided my football maturation. Because of that, I’m completely biased.

      Eric also went to college where I live and runs a team in the town where I went to high school. I just can’t judge this one objectively, because I always give him the benefit of the doubt. That said …

      I like Eric as an analyst. I see him trying to fit other roles, now that he’s at Fox. I think they best role for him is to be able to jump-in and provide the kind of honest assessments for which we love him.

      1. Sounds like Eric is a great guy and that definitely comes through, which of course is more important then my personal opinion about his commentating ability.

        I do have to honestly express my disappointment in the general coverage of football by Americans. There was this cute brunette on Fox Sports World the other day, she was pretty hot and very sweet, but she knew shit about soccer and it was really annoying. Tina Fey is tight though, in both the commentating and the looks department – I’m impressed with her. However, good review of footbal in America seems to be the exception as opposed to the rule and I hope it continues to get better.

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