Bobby McMahon Interview: EPL Talk Podcast

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On this episode of the EPL Talk podcast, Fox Soccer Channel’s Bobby McMahon joined me to discuss Tuesday’s visit by José Mourinho and Internazionale to Stamford Bridge, taking on Chelsea in the second leg of the clubs’ UEFA Champions League Round of 16 tie. We break down the match as well as talk about FSC’s presentation and the rest of the week’s matches in the Champions League.

3 Responses to Bobby McMahon Interview: EPL Talk Podcast

  1. Zico says:

    Great podcast. Bobby McMahon is always great… candid punditry with little fluff.

    • Richard Farley says:

      Agree, Zico.

      Bobby might have been my favorite interview yet, but that’s also because of my biases. That said, I thought it was a good show, and (if we’re lucky) he will want to come back on soon.

  2. Simon Burke says:

    Terrific listening – there is a fella that just loves talking about football all day. Good interview Richard – I am liking your interviews a lot.

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