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Middlesbrough Supporters Make Fun Of Newcastle United

boro fans make fun of newcastle Middlesbrough Supporters Make Fun Of Newcastle United

Trust the football supporters of Middlesbrough, from the north east of England, to come up with a comical banner poking fun at the Newcastle United supporters who were positioned to the right of the above banner. “Trophy Virgins,” the banner reads with a picture of the Newcastle United team crest featured on the banner.

The north east derby between Middlesbrough and Newcastle United in the Championship ended 2-2 this past weekend.

Tip of the hat to Phil from Soccer Shout for the photograph.

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9 Responses to Middlesbrough Supporters Make Fun Of Newcastle United

  1. Tony says:

    Newcastle – 4 League Titles, 6 FA Cups, 1 European Trophy.
    Middlesbrough – 1 League cup

    Says it all.

  2. Ed The Red says:

    Tony, You must be older than me to remember them. Just keep living in the past kidda.
    Big Club Newcastle? My arse….

  3. RT says:

    Ed The Red, no point in arguing with them, they seem to have missed the subtle point to the whole joke. Grow up skunks.

  4. Sir BR says:

    What you mean the joke that is Boro, though you absolutly side splitting humour has been highlighted shame your team hasn’t this season.
    I’ll admit you played the better football on the day, but your the ones who’ll be in the fizzy pop league with your half empty stadium next season.

    So the joke is on you LOL

  5. Dave says:

    Grow up you pathetic skunks.

    The banner is directed at the majority of your fans who have never seen you joke of a club win anything, and to the few that have, they are a dieing breed.

    Get a sense of humor and laugh it off. But im forgetting arent I ? The rules on banter with Geordies, you are all OK to talk crap and joke about other clubs, but when the joke is on you lot, it is a completely diffrent story.

  6. Oh for goodness sake, will you soccer fans grow up. Do you not have council houses to decorate instead of indulging in this vile barbaric manner?
    Would it not be nicer if you dressed up in some decent attire and greeted your guests with some sandwiches and cream soda rather than being rude.
    Perhaps this civilised approach is too much to ask from some of the plebescites who take interest in the ridiculous sport of soccer.
    Thank god the Polo and Fox Hunting communities are not infested with moronic council house dwelling simpletons of this sort.

  7. Bruce Gottesman says:

    Actually, as a Newcastle fan I think the sign is pretty funny. Sadly, fans inside St’ James’ Park won’t be able to make a reply, as the Tyne-Tees derby looks to be put on hold for now. Being relatively new to English football – only 9 seasons of serious attention – I’d like someone to make this clear to me: if Newcastle do in fact win the Championship, does that count as having won something? If not, I was born in November of ’68, which makes me slightly older than the Fairs Cup trophy from ’69…

  8. Dave says:


    The fairs cup, was never, and will never be classed as a majour trophy, though the cup that took its place did become one. And the Championship is also not one, not even Sunderland fans class it as one.

  9. Bruce Gottesman says:

    Maybe it wasn’t major, but the Fairs Cup was SOMETHING, and it was certainly worth more than the Intertoto Cup we were awarded a few years ago…

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