UEFA Coefficient Update

Slight update based on this week’s games. Germany is now 1.5 points behind Italy for the 3rd spot on the UEFA Coefficient list, losing a little bit of ground as Italy went 2-0-1 to Germany’s 1-2-1. Fiorentina and Juventus gained full points this week, but Robben’s wonder-goal eliminated Fiorentina from Europe. At the moment, Italy have only two teams left in Europe, while Germany has only lost Hertha Berlin. With Werder and Wolfsburg gaining valuable away draws with a goal and Hamburg getting a 3-1 victory at home over Anderlecht, there is high possibility that all three sides could progress to the quarter-finals.

How big is next week? If Wolfsburg and Werder were to get home wins and Hamburg and away draw it would bring the Bundesliga to 61.88 and a few wins/draws away from overtaking Serie A.

League 2004–05 2005–06 2006–07 2007–08 2008–09 2009-10 Coeff.
Italy Italy 14.00 15.36 11.93 10.25 11.38 13.57 62.91 -> 62.49
Germany Germany 10.57 10.44 9.50 13.50 12.69 14.91 56.70 -> 61.04

8 thoughts on “UEFA Coefficient Update”

  1. Good work, just one small mistake:

    Italy gained 4 points (2 wins) and Germany earned 5 points (1 win, 2 draws and Bayern’s extra point for reaching the QF). Also, Italy’s points are divided by 7, Germany’s only by 6 (according to the total number of teams in the international competitions)

    Thus, Italy made 4/7 = 0.57 points and Germany 5/6 = 0.83 points and the gap becomes smaller once again

  2. Yes, you’re right Oliver. I completely dismissed the bonus point in that comment.

    Interesting addition is that France has more points than Italy this year. They have a much larger gap to make up, but once again, with a five point advantage coming off the books next year, France could soon be gaining on Italy too. Massive drop for such a major league.

    And Germany overtook England to top the list for this year’s overall league at 14.91 to 14.62. That won’t hold up but to be above Spain and England at this stage is a very good sign of the upward swing of the league in Europe.

  3. Interesting article!

    It’s good to see the Bundesliga doing so well at the moment. It’s really a great league.

    What do you think of the chances of the remaining German teams in Europe? There are some great matches coming up.

  4. BAYERN MUNICH will be CHAMPIONS for the 5th time. Robben is pure class and has potencial to be even better than the MESSIA!! GOO BAYERN GOO THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!!!!

    As for the uefa coefficience Bundesliga needs less than 0.417 to overtake Serie A, with Hamburg’s recent 0-0 draw with Fulham to take into account.
    But if it could even be that Serie a is already overtaken, but i think will probably not happen till next week (27th to 29th April Champions League and Europa League dates) after the matches are all over and the 2 finals are decided. COMON BUNDESLIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMON BAYERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Slight update Bundesliga now 0.203 behind Serie a. So if Bundesliga gets any more points than Seria a lone club Inter, Bundesliga will just edge ahead. And who can say the league doesnt deserve it, the most money efficient league on planet earth, highest attendances and lots of entertainment. GOOOOOOOOOO BUNDESLIGA

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