Misha Sher Interview: EPL Talk Podcast

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On this episode of the EPL Talk podcast, Soccerex’s Misha Sher rejoined the podcast to talk about …

  • his views on the stage of the World Cup 2018 bids,
  • any improvements in England’s bid,
  • the strength of Russia’s bid,
  • Soccerex’s recent European Expo in Manchester,
  • American sports business models and European football,
  • the debt problems in the Premiership,
  • the Red Knights’ movement,
  • the importance of Champions League for Liverpool,
  • the Reds’ on-the-pitch problems,
  • his views on the new North American Soccer League.

3 thoughts on “Misha Sher Interview: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. Several interesting topics were discussed in this episode. I especially enjoyed hearing Misha’s insight regarding what ESPN said about the quantity of Premier League games shown on television. Very interesting.

    The Gaffer

  2. BTW, all … I want to note that Misha was extremely gracious with his time. If you notice, this interview was twice as long as a normal hit, and as you will hear in the podcast, we could have gone longer, as I barely got to talk to Misha about on-the-pitch issues.

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