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To the readers of the Major League Soccer Talk site, after months of careful planning and finding ways to discuss the game that we are all passionate about, I have decided to make a return to the internet airwaves thru Blog Talk Radio.

I have been writing for a good while on my old blog on CSRN and currently here on MLS Talk. But I have to admit that I have always had the bug of being infront of a microphone and discussing these moments with you good people for at least once a week or more. Some of you know I was the New York Red Bulls reporter for the old CSRN show Around the League in 90 Minutes & occasionally called up The 2G’s, helped Kartik Krishnaiyer when he hosted the American Soccer Show, and of course the MLS Talk Podcast.

Thru Blog Talk Radio I will be hosting a live two hour show discussing the game in the States, American Players who play at home & abroad, the National Team, MLS, the new NASL & of course a re-cap of the last match or matches involving RBNY & getting quotes from the players. I will also attempt to get interviews from the players, coaches and supporters of each club and get their thoughts on different topics.

You can either go to Blog Talk Radio’s website or I will create a post with the media player already inside. The show will be on Live at 2PM EST and I can change the times during the World Cup so there will be no interference during the matches. Of course if you can’t listen to the show live the player automatically archives the show so you can listen to it when you are able.

My first show will be Wednesday; Afternoon March 17th and so far my guests during the first hour will be Hudson Street Hooligan & Columbus Crew Supporter Blake Compton discussing the first leg of the Quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League after their two all draw with Mexican side Toluca. There will be audio from Media Day at Red Bull Arena so you can hear the players discuss the new season, if there is no strike by the players union.

The show will normally be on Tuesday Afternoons, but just as I can change the start times I can change or add days to broadcast the show as well. So to give you fair warning the broadcast days will jump around for the first few weeks. I am very excited to host my first ever podcast and I hope you guys will listen and support this new venture of mine.

11 thoughts on “Hosting A Live Two Hour Radio Podcast Show”

  1. looking forward to it Daniel and the time is perfect for me here in the midwest. Will you be able to take calls and/or emails?

  2. At the moment ddtigers no calls from listeners, but I promise somewhere in the future I will. Just getting this thing started, but when I do it will happen.

  3. I can not wait to hear this. It could end up making Erik the Midgets American Idol show sound good . No calls, live, and never done a show before and you go 2 hours ok you got me I will at least listen once and give it a shot. Best of luck I hope it actually works but the Vegas line is 4 shows before it implodes.

  4. BDB I have done a show before as a reporter for a club with CSRN. I haven’t hosted a show before. This will be my first time. But I know some people in the business and they have helped me out.

  5. hey. i will sure give it a listen. love to hear other shows out there. however……..
    just you? are we a little egocentric son?
    I host a 90 min show with two guys who love to talk… and me a woman… i have plenty to say… but! even with callers… its tough to keep it interesting and entertaining…. but hell, best of luck to you! ill be listening for sure :)
    what was your inspiration for your show? format? just curious as a fellow broadcaster.cheers!

  6. Well Hullbird I will have about 8 blocks worth about 15 minutes each. I will have people on the show to be interviewed and I will play some audio clips as well.

    So I will try to make it very interesting as much as possible. Some people will be perminant and some won’t. I will also have guests on whenever I can.

    The reason for this podcast show was that I missed doing something like this. It’s great to do the MLS Talk Podcast, but I’ll be on once every couple of months. I would love to talk about one a week or more.

    I promise to allow callers somewhere down the road, but right now I’m just getting started.

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