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Get the New EPL Talk iPhone App

epl talk iphone app Get the New EPL Talk iPhone AppI’m really proud to announce that EPL Talk has just launched a brand-new iPhone app today. If you’re a regular reader of this site and you own an iPhone app, it’s definitely a must-have.

The EPL Talk iPhone app features:

  • The latest blog posts (updated as soon as new articles are published),
  • A comments feed (updated whenever someone adds a new comment to any thread),
  • The latest episodes of  the EPL Talk Podcast (updated daily),
  • The latest Premier League-related news items from the EPL Talk Twitter feed (updated throughout the day), and
  • EPL Talk’s Flickr feed, which is updated whenever there are new Premier League-related photographs uploaded to the EPL Talk Flickr account.

The best part about the iPhone app is that it’s completely free. Plus it’s advertising free.

If you have an iPhone, get the EPL Talk iPhone app today either through iTunes or the App Store feature on your phone.

We’re also working on getting an EPL Talk app created for phones that run Android so stay tuned for news about that in the near future.

If you have the EPL Talk Podcast iPhone app, which was released a few months ago, we will still continue to support that.

Enjoy the app and feel free to post your feedback about it here.

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30 Responses to Get the New EPL Talk iPhone App

  1. Josh says:

    I truly hope you guys make the same app for us Android users soon!

  2. US Bournemouth Fan says:

    Gaffer – I already paid for the original app – does this mean my version gets upgrade for free next time im in app store ?

    • The Gaffer says:

      It’s a new and separate app from the one you already have. If you search in the app store, you’ll see two to choose from. One is the EPL Talk Podcast app which you already have. The other is named “EPL Talk” which is free.

      The Gaffer

  3. US Bournemouth Fan says:

    Great – thx – whats the difference between the two apps ?

    • The Gaffer says:

      Good question. The brand-new one has the blog posts, comments, Twitter and Flickr feeds as well as each episode of the EPL Talk Podcast. The “EPL Talk Podcast” one has the podcast episodes as well as a copy of the EPL travel guide book I wrote which gives tips on how soccer fans can save $$$ on a trip to England to see their favorite Premier League club.

      The Gaffer

  4. flatts says:

    How about a Blackberry app…

    • The Gaffer says:

      No plans for a Blackberry app at this time, but if the developers gain Blackberry app expertise, I’ll definitely ask them to add an EPL Talk one.

      The Gaffer

  5. man99utd says:

    Woo Hoo, cheers gaffer.

  6. Jesse says:

    Exactly what I’ve been wanting! EPL Talk continues to lead the world in coverage, news and analysis of all things Premier League and football related.

    It’s the best site around with great writers and a great podcast. Fantastic work Gaffer, I’ve already downloaded it!

  7. J Ray says:

    Can’t wait to download this app. Maybe now my wife won’t be as mad at me for reading articles while driving….I can tell her that they will fit the screen size…much safer! Awesome site and great writers!

  8. Up the Chels!! In Chicago. says:

    Awesome!! I’ve been hoping for this app for so long!

  9. US Bournemouth Fan says:

    Just downloaded it – excellent App (sense I don’t need the old one I paid for based on the content though).

    One quick comment – could not see how to view the reader comments linked to a specific blog.They are not at the bottom of the blog – and the comments section / icon seems to list only a few of the comments e.g. the recent FSC TV blog / comments are not listed.

    Can’t complain however as it’s free – You’ve beaten FSC to it , by many many months I would guess…maybe they should hire you !!

    • The Gaffer says:


      The comments section on the iPhone app features the most recent comments as they’re added, so it’s one feed and not segmented by articles, you’re correct.

      The Gaffer

  10. Gary B says:

    Gaffer – Just sent an email on this too. I just downloaded the App on my iPhone. It looks great, works great – all round, a fantastic addition! My one comment/request…. It would be brilliant if you could add a “one-touch” link to the “TV Schedule” that features on the EPL Talk website. This is an invaluable tool for soccer fans so having it easily and instantly available on the App would be a huge bonus. Hope you’ll consider it! Gary B

  11. Up the Chels!! In Chicago. says:

    After one quick run through, there needs to be the ability to comment and view comments within each article. Great 1.0 though!

  12. US Bournemouth Fan says:

    “TV Schedule” one touch button feature that Gary suggested would be a “game changer” on the iPhone App – don’t think there’s anyone else out there with that !

    Go for it Gaffer !!!!

  13. Ryan says:

    This is so awesome! I’m an Android-man, so I look forward to the Droid Version!

  14. free bet says:

    i love the iphone, much more than the bberry, its just awesome :)

  15. Kevin says:

    Just downloaded the app, it looks great. Will check it out more this evening.

  16. Michael Jones says:

    agreed….as soon as the droid app is out I’ll be on it!

  17. Brian Chicago says:

    Great work, definitely will be listening to more of the podcasts now too. One thing, the EPLTalk logo on start up is a bit stretched but that matters extremely little. Love the pull down for refresh like my twitter app, and the ease of use if fantastic.

  18. Matthew Fountain says:

    We need a BlackBerry version. Good work though.

  19. iPhone Apps says:

    Really nice Iphone App.i decided to buy it, BUT what for iPod user.I have iPod too….?

  20. NJ says:

    Perfect timing, just in time for the arrival of my new iPhone, keep up the good work.

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