England's 23-Man Roster For 2010 World Cup: Prediction

There are only 93 days to go before the 2010 World Cup kicks off. As we get closer to the tournament, the pressure will increase for many England players as they worry whether they’ll make the final squad or not.

Based on their experience and what the players can offer on the pitch, here is my prediction for the final England 23-man roster:

GOALKEEPERS: David James, Joe Hart, Robert Green

DEFENDERS: Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Leighton Baines (or Ashley Cole, if fully recovered from injury), Joleon Lescott, Matthew Upson, Glen Johnson, Wes Brown

MIDFIELDERS: David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Gareth Barry, Aaron Lennon (or Shaun Wright-Phillips, if Lennon doesn’t fully recover from injury), Ashley Young, Michael Carrick, James Milner

FORWARDS: Wayne Rooney, Peter Crouch, Emile Heskey, Jermain Defoe, Carlton Cole

AVAILABLE FOR CALL-UP IN CASE OF LAST MINUTE INJURIES: Gabriel Agbonlahor, Stewart Downing, Stephen Warnock, Joe Cole, Theo Walcott, Paul Robinson

As far as my prediction goes, I believe Carlton Cole would add a little bit of magic up front for England when he has an opportunity to come on as a substitute. He’s incredibly strong and has a lot of skill in front of goal and could end up being England’s surprise factor during the World Cup.

Who do you think will be in the final 23-man England roster? Click the comments link below to share your insight.

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29 thoughts on “England's 23-Man Roster For 2010 World Cup: Prediction”

  1. Are you sure going to World Cup with only one (1!) left back (Leighton Baines OR! Ashley Cole) is a good idea?

    1. James Milner and Gareth Barry can fill in at left back if needed. And with those two players, you get two positions for the price of one. Players that are versatile enough to play as defenders or midfielders.

      Mlody, who would you recommend removing from the 23 roster to make room for an additional left back?

      The Gaffer

      1. I don’t think that taking 5 strikers is really necessary. I, personally, would leave Heskey at home.

        Barry and Milner are needed on theirs usual positions and I don’t see them playing at LB during the tournament. Apart from that your prediction is very possible, although only time will tell should Beckham be included.


      2. Actually Milner can play the wing, or central midfield for England. I don’t know if I would want him at left back at this level. Barry used to be strong there though. You’re right about these two. Versatile. That’s what made Owen Hargreaves so essential a few years back. I think Milner could surprise some people, if he gets on the pitch.

  2. Wes Brown might not be fit. Broke his foot in the win against Wolves. I would like to see Phil Neville recalled. But I don’t see that happening.

  3. Wes Brown may not be fit. Don’t be surprised if Owen Hargreaves sneaks in…he can play at LB or as a DM. I don’t think Ashley Young and Carlton Cole have managed to keep foremost in Fabio’s eyes.

    My 23, if all healthy:

    Green, Hart, James
    Terry, Ferdinand, A. Cole, Johnson, Baines, Upson, Hargreaves
    Gerard, Lampard, J. Cole, Barry, Lennon, Beckham, Carrick, Walcott
    Rooney, Crouch, Defoe, Heskey, C. Cole

    On call: Robinson, Lescott, Brown (if fit..if not Jagielka), Wright-Phillips, Young, Bent, Agbondalor

    I can’t see Capello picking somebody now who hasn’t been capped to date.

    3 Cole’s and I believe 13 of the 23 from 2006.

  4. Gaffer – I see no mention has been made on this forum of the unbelievable uptake of World Cup tickets by you Americans.

    In brief: As of the third ticketing phase, managed by FIFA, 2.1 million tickets had been sold for the event and of that number 107,576 had gone to America and England were second highest with 63,835 tickets sold.

    Thats out-selling the best supported soccer nation on earth by almnost 2 to 1. How has this come about? Is it people supporting the US or ex-pats from Central & South America?

    This needs to be discussed! :-)

    1. Ian M – are these tickets sold to fans of the USA or fans of other countries that happen to be living in the USA?

  5. My 23

    Hart, Green, Robinson

    Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole
    Brown, Upson, Lescott, Baines

    Wright-Phillips, Barry, Gerrard, Downing
    Lennon, Carrick, Lampard, Milner

    Rooney Crouch
    Agbonlahor, Heskey

    Hargreaves for Carrick if he’s fit in time

  6. I think Hargreaves will almost certainly be included if hes fit it’ll take him a while to get his form back but hell be very handy as a holding midfielder especially against counter attacking or midfield centric teams.

    Hope Ashley Cole is fit too hes a good player itd be handy to have him around either way.

  7. Can’t say I agree with the Carlton Cole pick. His form has been dodgy, at least in my opinion. If England were bent on taking a fifth striker, I would fancy Agbonlahor because of the pure pace that he brings to the equation. I’ve been wrong before though.

  8. ashley young? what have you been smoking? capello doesn’t fancy him at all.

    walcott will go. capello is acutely aware of the lack of pace in the england midfield and will take him and lennon, if fit.

    he won’t risk taking ashley cole as the only left-back – he and baines will be selected.

    i reckon he’ll go for 4 strikers, which will mean disappointing carlton cole. last place in midfield between beckham and downing.

    likely squad, injuries not withstanding:

    green, james, hart.
    johnson, brown, ferdinand, terry, upson, lescott, cole, baines.
    lennon, walcott, lampard, barry, gerrard, carrick, milner, beckham or downing.
    rooney, heskey, defoe, crouch.

    1. carrick is useless at the international level. The only way he goes is because of lack of better options. Milner, Barry, Gerrard, Lampard, all play the middle of the pitch better than Carrick. I’d rather have Joe Cole as oppose to Carrick. He’s starting to find his form again, and is a better option as a winger/striker

  9. MUFC 1964 says “…13 of the 23 from 2006…”
    Interesting. Sven was much maligned at the time of his departure, yet over half of his squad have survived four years later. Still the only ever england manager to qualify for the knock-out stage of three consecutive tournaments (including Sir Alf). I think history will judge that he got far more things right than he got wrong.

  10. I think you’re spot on with Carlton Cole. He has what the other forwards don’t, and would add a great option off the bench.

    Let’s see if Joe Cole can get himself back in form and make the squad.

    Also interseting to see if Gabby gets in.

  11. maybe this is a dumb question, but why do they need three goalies? wouldn’t it be better to give one of those spots to someone who will be more likely to get on the field?

      1. Did not know that…any keepers that can play left back? how valuable would that guy be? and why aren’t there more?…what about taking Crouch as a keeper, he has the body type

  12. My 23 would be

    Green Hart James
    Ferdinand Terry A Cole Johnson Baines Upson Hargreaves G Neville/Brown
    Gerrard Lampard Carrick Barry Walcott Lennon/SWP J Cole Milner
    Rooney Crouch Defoe Heskey/C.Cole

    England can take 7 specialist defenders and 1 Versatile defender to play CB or RB.
    With Beckham injured Capello will surely pick Milner because of his versatility & form. We all know Capello loves Walcott, its either SWP or Lennon.

    Up front its definitely either Heskey or C.Cole. Capello wont take both especially if he plays Rooney as a lone striker.

  13. my 23..

    Hart. Green. James.
    Ferdinand. Terry. Johnson. A Cole. Baines. Jagielka. Lescott. Upson.
    Gerrard. Lampard. Milner. Barry. Lennon. Walcott. Carrick. SWP.
    Rooney. Crouch. Defoe. Agbonlahor. (possibly zamora as hes in very good form)

  14. Walcott is shocking. How can you talk about taking a player who doesn’t play regular football (and doesn’t play particularly well when he does) All undeserved fame from being put in the 06 squad pointlessly. If Lennon’s fit he goes and starts every game. My squad (not my prediction):

    GK Hart starts with James and Green on bench
    (all 3 are equally dodgy might as well play the youngest…get some experience)

    DF – Richards Terry Dawson Cole with King, Jagielka, Johnson and Warnock on bench
    (Richards only had his dip in form when they had him at centreback Dawson has been phenomenal and King is the best English centre half when fit. Ferdinand hasn’t played, and is useless anyway, but he’ll definitely be in Capello’s squad unfortunately. Anyone who puts Brown in their squad is a moron, and I’m annoyed with the Gary Neville talk…Phil Neville is twice the player Gary is)

    MF Lennon Lampard Barry Gerrard with Milner Young and Cole

    (Lennon has been incredible all year, when he’s played. Then the other 3 are givens. Milner has also been brilliant, him Lennon and Rooney being the best English players in EPL this season. Young is dangerous thats why I take him, I acknowledge he’s a bit inconsistent but at least he’s been getting match practice. Cole is one of England’s most talented players ’nuff said. Beckham takes the spot of Young or Cole is he were fit….shame.

    FW Rooney and Heskey start with Defoe Crouch and Cole

    (Don’t need to explain Rooney. I know there are a lot of Heskey haters out there, but I personally think we play better with Heskey in the team. Defoe first off the bench if we need a goal, Crouch gets some playing time too. Cole mainly for decoration. I don’t seem him getting on the pitch, but to be honest I can’t think of anyone else who deserves a spot in the squad, which is a bit sad. Went for him over Gabby as I think big and little works best….and who in there right mind takes off Rooney? And f he gets injured we might aswell call it a day.

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