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Would Your Level Of Support Change If You Lived In England?

swansea supporters in london Would Your Level Of Support Change If You Lived In England?

Imagine for a minute that you just received a letter from a corporate recruiter congratulating you on a new position you’ve been selected for. It’s a dream job just miles away from your favorite Premier League club in England. Sure, it would be a massive life change, but the new company you’ll be working for will make the transition smooth by offering to pay all relocation fees as well as to help you find a home in your price range, and to ease you into life in the British Isles.

So far, so good, right?

The question I have for you is how would it change the way you’re a supporter of your favorite club?

Living wherever you do now in the world, it’s a comfortable relationship with your club. You look forward to watching the team play week after week on television. You buy a shirt of your favorite Premier League club. You may even save your money and go fly over to England once a year or so to see them in person.

But that relationship you have with your favorite club would change when you lived near their ground. But in what way?

For example, would you buy a season ticket? At Old Trafford, just as one example, Manchester United season ticket prices range from the equivalent of $777 to $1411 per season.

And would you travel around the country to watch your team play away, which could cost you a few more thousand dollars?

The choices are endless especially when you live closer. But one of the major impacts on your life could be the exorbitant cost it would now cost you to follow the favorite club.

In addition to that, there would be a host of other clubs in the area vying for your attention as well as clubs across the entire country who would welcome you through their turnstiles.

Would living closer to your team make you more of a supporter, or would you find yourself watching fewer games of your club because only a much smaller percentage of your team’s games are shown on television in the United Kingdom compared to where you live now?

Going to see your favorite team in person on a regular basis would be a luxury, but would it be a luxury you would be willing to pay on a regular basis, or would you watch most of the games (that were available) on television?

Please share your honest insight in the comments section below. I look forward to reading your responses.

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