Mother Nature Picks a Side in Lower League German Football

In a recent post entitled Paul Scholes He Scores,…..Blunders, I asked readers of EPL Talk to leave comments remembering the most odd or freakishly scored goals they’d ever witnessed. The feedback was moderate at best, until my Father of all people recently stumbled upon what has to be the gem of all gems.

The Helicopter piloting, firearm collecting Father of two, along with my mother, spent enough time at a soccer pitch with my brother and I that this post and his mention may subconsciously be serving as a sort of thank you for my footballing origins. Regardless of my intentions, the video below should be odd and worthy enough to place at least in the top 5 weirdest goals of all time and get you past my family swooning.

So here it is. This video recently found it’s way onto the Internet and in a short few days to a week has created a massive amount of buzz. As you’ll soon see, the video features two sides in lower league German football, TSV Wimsheim and TSV Grunbach. Mother Nature is obviously a supporter of Wimsheim as she cheekily “blows” the ball back into the Grunbach net after what looks to be a routine goal kick.

Pay close attention to the initial reaction of the supporters in attendance. When they first see the wind catch the ball, you’ll hear chuckles and laughing, but when the ball takes it’s unexpected dive backwards and into the Grunbach net, one ecstatic German celebrates as if his club have just won the European Cup. Priceless.

If there’s a more freakishly scored goal out there, I for one haven’t witnessed it. If for some reason you feel you can top that, feel free to share a link or leave a comment below. Enjoy the football.

5 thoughts on “Mother Nature Picks a Side in Lower League German Football”

  1. This goal should not have counted. As has been pointed out in the 09/10 laws of the game, “A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team.” Instead, the referee should have given a corner kick for the other team.

  2. It’s Funny how a little wind can push a soccer ball around. It’s funny how the winds of life can change your perspective on things. Maybe I owe the wind a debt of gratitude for the push it gives me to stop and think about some things, some people? Sometimes maybe I need a kick just like a soccer ball. Well, this proud Father after pushing his heart back down his throat, now fully knows that the hours and days of kicking a small ball around the yard with his sons was definitely worth it. Today, I am so Proud that I am a Father. I actually just closed my eyes for a moment and saw the little smile on his face after he scored a goal that Saturday long ago and looked over to me to get the approval smile back then hustled down the field back on defense. I can see him running with that little gate of a run he had right now. A little time spent in the childhood days never seems to come to fruition until those little legs grow longer and boys grow up to become lads. But oh my, how those days, only in my memory have all but disappeared. Just a Saturday or two at the soccer field must have made the difference? Then the lads become Dads. Then those big boys learn that they enjoy different things than their Fathers do but they still have common ground. Ground that needs to be walked on more often. Maybe the Gound can be the soccer field. Well as a very dear friend of mine always says…. “That is all I have to say about that”… I miss those days and encourage you Dads with young lads to spend the time kicking that little insignificant soccer ball around with those little boys in the yard. I want you to know that there is a lot more going on than just kicking a ball back and forth in their minds. I think I will make time this week to go kick a soccer ball around with my Grandson? I might even get my sons to join in?

  3. that’s great. a mate of mine always used to use this as a hypothetical “you’re the ref” type of quiz question…. what do you do? the correct answer, as someone has already said, is a corner.

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