Poll: Which US Soccer TV Network Is The Best Value For Money?

Which US soccer TV network represents the best value for money? Vote in the poll above and share your opinions in the comments section below. Yes, ESPN2 is not a US soccer network, but it does show a lot of soccer throughout the season. But tell us who you think is the best value. It’ll be interesting to see which network gets the most votes!

17 thoughts on “Poll: Which US Soccer TV Network Is The Best Value For Money?”

  1. Best for the money? Well, that is wildly misleading as it is different based on how you go and where you get it. Directv requires $12 for FSC and GolTV. You can get FSC for “free” if you were planning on a specific package on Dish Network anyway. But if you are getting that package just for FSC, then the price is about the same, but you don’t get GolTV. ESPN2 isn’t usually on a uber-high tier for programming, so whatever you get there is an auto bonus, but of course, not being a dedicated soccer channel means it usually isn’t showing soccer.

    For me, FSC is the best because I have Dish Network and receiving FSC has the bonus of being able to get Versus (which isn’t available on Directv), a bunch of assorted channels and the Encore package (no… I’m not trying to sell anyone Dish Network :^D).

    Honestly, however, seeing that only Setanta was, and only FS+ now, are available a la carte, it is nearly impossible to have an objective answer as to what channel is the best deal. If you wanted just football, the sports package atop the cheapest Directv package would be best. But if you understand that there is more to life than football, like Le Tour de France, NHL, it isn’t quite that simple.

    More to the point, the options today are quite impressive, even if FS+ is less than what Setanta is today. ESPN2 will be showing 2 EPL games in HD… for “free”. I remember spending about $280 a year to just watch 2 games a week.

  2. My opinions are influenced very much by my supplier, comcast. ESPN 2 has done a great job of the coverage this year, and who can compete with glorious HD. Fox is cheesy, and I cringe everytime I see my countryman Keith costigan take the screen. His analysis is completely hopeless. Also the picture quality is just awful!
    I only had access to Setanta for a couple of months, which is a shame. Their coverage of sports has been good although again you have the picture quality issue.
    I hear espn are getting a larger share of EPL games next year which I think is great for soccer fans here in the US. It has been a big shame to me this year that fox have covered the UEFA CL. Fox’s coverage is just not up to par.

  3. not sure how this poll can be misleading? just vote based on what your service provider gives you. it’s all a part of the question.

  4. I have had cable in the past and now been with Dish for a year. I had Setanta for a year with Dish. I wish I had got Dish sooner. As I missed alot of soccer with Setanta.

    ESPN2 here on cable is part of of one of the basic cable packages here. Shes not gone digital or nothing like that. I have always had ESPN2 on what packages I have cable and Sat.

    Setanta was a la carte on dish and personally to be good value for money. Less annoying, less commericals etc.

    FSC has always been on every package ive had so I am not paying for sports package like you do on some providers.

    I have never seen GOL TV.

    We are lucky here in the US to have 2 soccer channels and have the amount of games live we do get.

    But we will never be happy.

  5. Just thought of another point. FOX hasn’t done wonders with the EPL here in the US?

    Setanta had better games then what FSC was showing.

    FSC subleases the games to other channels and FSC used to show the dregs. The games that where 3rd choice.

    If FOX wants to be the leading soccer broadcaster in the US. They need to look at themselves.

  6. Guys, I know this is the EPLTALK website, but the best buck for your money is currently, Telemundo, Univision, Telefutura and TV Azteca. This are over the air channels that broadcast every single game from Mexico and get the highest ratings for Football games.

    There is an argument that European Football is superior to Latin america because they have the world best players, but the reality is that the Mexican league currently have the best organized tournament in Latin America and is the wealthiest league. This may change, but in a couple of years if Brazil continues to repatriated their top players.

    In addition, Univision has the World cup in HD, and other important tournaments from both Europe and Latam.

    So if the question continues to be which channel in the US gives the best value for your money, well the OTA channels show free Football at zero cost.

    In addition, here in Southern California, we are now getting RAI on channel 31.3 for free and they are also showing free Calzio games, but the picture quality is not that great. Hope they do an HD upgrade sometime soon.

    1. who in the world wants to watch mexican soccer? and where is telemundo streaming in HD at? i have directv, i don’t get it in hd, is it with local hd antenna? mexican commentators are the worst!

  7. It of course depends on the provider, but I’ve had Comcast, Time Warner Cable and now DirecTV in the last couple years. After having them all I can say with confidence that FOR THE MOST PART, Fox Soccer Channel is without question the best deal across the board.

    Some providers offer it for 5 bucks a month, others for 14.99 in a Sports Package that includes more Fox Sports Networks than you could ever possibly want or imagine and maybe some other configurations I am yet to know about. Put at the end of the day, you get EPL, CL, MLS, Serie A, FA Cup, College and original programming.

    GolTV would probably be a close second, pending on what leagues you’re interested (but being that this is EPLTalk, it’s a no-brainer).

  8. Well seing GolTV and FSC are on the Sports Pack for DirecTV, I can’t really separate the two. And if you do watch other channels on the Sports pack, the price per channel you watch /value gets better, so I am going to say both GolTV and FSC.

  9. I will miss sentanta big time!! right now FSC is the champ station with all the good games. Obviously the jury is still out on FSC+ but given time im sure their improve,so lets call them a work in progress. But without doubt the worst is ESPN, are u kidding me ……….. Shaka Hislop,Robbie Mustoe, and the biggest schmuck to ever talk about football Tommy Smyth. Sure there in HD, but who doesnt turn them off at half time, god knows what they will do with the world cup…………..

  10. GOLTV is the best soccer-only network out there. It shows La Liga and Brazilian Football. Those two leagues easily have the most skilled players that all soccer players want to emulate. Fox is too damn Mexican. Also GOLTV carries foot volley which has hot Brazilian girls in bikinis.

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