Would You Like To See EPL Talk On Boxee?

Last week I wrote an article asking why Fox Soccer and the Premier League were not on Roku. In that same post, I also asked the question whether you’d be interested in seeing EPL Talk launch a video channel on the Roku platform. The feedback I received from the majority of you was that while Roku has a lot of advantages, most of you were wondering why we weren’t launching on Boxee instead.

Boxee is similar to Roku in that it delivers streaming Internet content (such as movies, videos, music and more) to your TV set. All you have to do is download and install the free Boxee app (compatible on a PC, Mac or Ubuntu) and then connect your computer to a TV set, and voila. Plus, this summer, Boxee will be launching a set top box so you have the option of connecting the uniquely designed box into your TV via cables.

The advantage of Boxee over Roku is that you don’t need a set top box (unless you want to, it’s sure easier). Plus, Boxee has social networking built into its device so you can share your favorite programs with your friends. And vice-versa, they can suggest programs that you may enjoy. All you have to do is browse through the dashboard to see what your social network are recommending.

Already on Boxee is the BBC (radio podcasts), Digg, Netflix, Pandora, Major League Baseball, Last.FM and others.

For EPL Talk, we could launch a channel that would aggregate all of the podcast episodes together with all of our video content. Plus we could add more content — all of it for free to your TV set.

However, we need your help. If you’ve used Boxee before, we need to know the following from you:

  • What are your favorite apps on Boxee?
  • Why are they your favorites? What about them make them helpful?
  • What would you love to see on an EPL Talk Boxee app?

Please share your valuable insight in the comments section below. If you’re interested in seeing EPL Talk on Boxee, we need your input so we can build the perfect app for the EPL Talk community. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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