Premier League to Launch 24/7 TV Service Next Season

The Premier League will launch a 24/7 TV service next season with all of the content available for selection by TV rights holders around the world except Great Britain.

The types of TV programming available will include classic Premier League matches, studio discussions, news and feature shows. So, for example, Fox Soccer Channel would be able to cherry pick any programming from the Premier League’s TV service and make it available for viewers in the United States.

The channel will be produced by the Premier League’s own production company, Premier League Productions, which is a joint venture between TWI and the league.

The benefit of the Premier League launching the TV service is that soccer networks such as Fox Soccer Channel will have the choice of adding more quality Premier League programs to its network. The Premier League TV service is looking for a host (James Richardson, anyone?) who will be the face of the channel.

What do you think? What ideas do you have for TV programs that would make the Premier League TV service more attractive to rights holders worldwide? Share your feedback below.


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