Poll: Who Will Win The Carling Cup? United or Villa?

Don’t forget that Sunday morning will feature the Carling Cup Final between Aston Villa and Manchester United (10am ET, Setanta US, Setanta-i and ESPN360). But who do you think will win? Vote in the poll above and share your opinions below.

Personally, I hope it’s a close contest between two teams that both have the potential to win it. I’m looking forward to seeing Agbonlahor, Young and Heskey attack for Villa, as well as the controlled and clinical finishing from United. Let’s hope it’s a great final.

9 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win The Carling Cup? United or Villa?”

  1. Damn its practically 50/50 so far. Tomorrow half of the people voting in the poll are going to have their knowledge of footy take a hit 😛

    I think it’ll be a good game but I’ll go with Manchester United.

      1. Villa beat Man United in December (at Old Trafford), and tied last month at Villa Park. As a Villa fan I like to point out that Man United’s only goal came from an own goal, meaning no Man United player has scored against us this season.

        If I’m honest though, I’m pretty nervous about the game tomorrow. Man United were down to 10 men for most of the 1-1 tie and they still dominated possession. If our defense turns up and we counter attack well then we have a decent chance.

        1. Hmm it’s going to be a pretty tough game even last season Villa and United drew with United winning 3-2 at a later game.

          You have to consider last year Uniteds defense was entirely intact and even then they were close games.

          I think to say this game will be close is very much a foregone conclusion I think a goal will seperate them. Damn it might even go to extra time and penalties.

          Martin O Neil and David Moyes are the two most underrated managers in this country though I wouldn’t put either one of them out of the race with any team this year. All I ask is tomorrow Aston Villa and Manchester United put on a real cup match and excite the crowds. I’m not sure if its just me but it seems like cup matches get very little effort from the teams nearly like their a sidethought.

  2. How about Comcast disabling Setanta a day early?! I have to watch the game on ESPN360 because when I got to channel 300 on my TV is has the rainbow screen. WTF!! I hate Comcast TV.

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