Fox Soccer Plus May Not Be Available On Time Warner Cable Yet

On Friday night, Fox released a press release stating that Fox Soccer Plus would be available on Time Warner Cable beginning March 1. EPL Talk broke the news on Twitter. Time Warner Cable customers got excited.

Except that Time Warner Cable won’t be launching Fox Soccer Plus on Monday. Time Warner Cable will start carrying the network in select markets on dates yet to be specified, Fox Cable Networks spokesman Brian Peterson told the Associated Press on Friday. How vague is that compared to the original quote from the press release which sounds quite concrete:

“Fox Soccer Plus has reached agreements with DIRECTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS to offer the service to subscribers beginning March 1, 2010.”

This is obviously very frustrating news for Time Warner Cable customers. Their expectations were raised last night only for those hopes to come crashing down. And how much more vague can you get as “select markets on dates yet to be specified.” Ugh! Your best bet is to check with your regional TWC office.

In other Fox Soccer Plus news, Fox Soccer Plus will not be available in HD when it launches on Monday on DirecTV, DISH Network.

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  1. They may have reached an agreement carry it starting March 1st but since TWC didn’t have Setanta Sports to simply switch on FS Plus programming on that channel, they have to add a new one, im each market they choose to do so. That’s just the nature of cable television and why I switched to a satellite provider.

    Big markets, especially ones with large percentage of hispanic population, might see it soon. Other markets, you’re probably out of luck for a while. If you have a smaller cable TV provider that didn’t carry Setanta, you’re off the worst and might not get it for a long time.

    This whole market by market, based on market interests deal on Cable is a ridiculously flawed and outdated concept which is incredibly frustrating for the consumer.

    1. Similar situation for Comcast Cable customers too, unfortunately, except that Comcast customers may have to wait even longer because no agreement has been reached.

      The Gaffer

      1. But at least Comcast has the channel available and ready in several markets in case they reach an agreement to carry it.

        Unrelatedly, the wait for FSC HD and even more so FS Plus HD on Cable is gonna be painful.

    2. “This whole market by market, based on market interests deal on Cable is a ridiculously flawed and outdated concept which is incredibly frustrating for the consumer.”

      Amen. If I had any other option TimeWarner would be in my rearview mirror. So I’m stuck with “The Power Of You”. Still trying to figure what the hell that means.

  2. “And how much more vague can you get as “select markets on dates yet to be specified.”

    Sorry folks, but here I go again……

    This is the way all cable channels are “distributed”, so no one should be surprised. Cable is not satellite. There is no one single channel line-up nationwide and never will be. As you say Gaffer, contact your regional manager because after the umbrella agreement it is going to be up to him, not corporate headquarters.

    Having said that, there is now at least hope for TWC subscribers. TW never picked up Setanta at all, so I think that this is a testament to the power that Fox has in the market place. TimeWarner has agreed to carry FS+, but after that it will be each local manager’s decision whether it makes economic sense for him to offer it. If you can muster enough demand in your area then you will get it. If not, you’ll be like me…..

    turning green with envy. :-(

    1. That depends on your provider. Cablevision is the 5th largest cable provider in the country and carry’s all 95 to 100+ national HD channels across their entire footprint.

  3. I wonder what this means for Bright House Customers. Time Warner used to own Brighthouse but sold them about 5 years ago. That said Time Warner handles negotiations on behalf of Bright House as Bright House was dragged into the fight with Fox earlier this year over carriage costs along with the fight they had last year with Viacom. I would hope that in the agreement between Fox and TWC/Bright House they put something in their to include all new channles that Fox offers on their package.

    That said I am not that fired up about Fox Sports Plus because of the lack of different shoulder programming from what is shown on Fox Soccer Channel. Maybe with the advent of the Premier League Network that the Premiership wants to launch in the next 2 years as announced by AP yesterday we will see FS+ morph into the Premier League Network where instead of running filler programming that aired on Fox Soccer Channel we will see classic games and other programming brought beamed over from the UK.

    And a bit off topic but if you were GOL TV or even ESPN Classic would you bid for MUTV and Chelsea TV/Arsenal TV since they don’t have the rights to any Premiership Programming and Setanta went out of business? They air Milan Classics and Milan Channel Weekly now since they lost the Serie A a couple of seasons ago to FSC.

    1. that is what is missing here, mutv / chesea tv. i enjoyed that programming on setanta. haven’t heard the news about a premeir league channel yet, but sounds interesting. would it be like the NFL channel here and show mostly crap, with an occasional thursday night game?

      1. They won’t show any new games – at least there was no announcement that they plan to buy back any rights. They will show lots of “classic” games from years ago.

      2. That’s what I have been wondering: Who will pick up MUTV, Chelsea TV, and French Ligue 1? With Super 14 rugby just showing up on FSC+ schedule, could there be hope for these other missing programs? Is Fox still looking to make 11th hour deals to sell off those rights? If they can’t sell them off, then maybe we see them end up on FSC+. I’m hoping anyway. I want to see different programming on FSC+, not a bunch of repeats of what’s already on FSC.

  4. This is so frustrating. As a Comcast customer there has got to be a way I can contact someone to see what is going on with this. I would like some kind of update from either Comcast or Fox to let me know they are at least working on an agreement. I hate being left in the dark. To me I don’t see what is so hard about this. Comcast already has an agreement with Fox for the Fox Soccer Channel. What is so hard about adding another channel?

    Everyone I have been in contact with at Comcast thinks this channel will be added to the sports entertainment package. Well I have this package so add the freakin channel.

  5. Here is the AP Story on the Premier League Network:

    AP Source: Premier League launching global network

    By Rob Harris, AP Sports Writer

    LONDON — An English Premier League executive with direct knowledge of the situation says the league is launching a global television channel.

    From the start of next season, the network will broadcast news and feature programing alongside classic matches, the executive told The Associated Press on Friday.

    He was speaking on condition of anonymity because a public announcement is yet to be made.

    The 24-hour channel, which has not been named, has been offered to all broadcast rights holders outside Britain.

    It will be run by Premier League Productions, which is a joint venture between the league and TWI.

    I don’t think that FSC is going to have any interest in MUTV or Chelsea TV since they own the rights to the repeat games unless they are show on ESPN 2. I do think it would be a good idea for GOL to add one of those program providers to their line up so fans of the Prem will make GOL destination TV. I just hate how Fox is filling the new network with repeats of Fox Soccer Report, Sky Sports News, and other programs that already aired on FSC. Even if they don’t get the French, Scottish, or Russian League matches they should at least get the 1 hour produced highlight programs. As much as I love getting the 11am game on Sunday on FSC which was a PPV offering I miss the days when they would run the German, French, and Dutch League 1 hour highlight programs that was produced for a international audience as well as repeats from the weekend of Old Firm Games on Monday Nights.

  6. Well, atleast all of you know if your providers might or might not carry FSC+ or FSC HD. I have Cox Communications and I haven’t heard anything from them or found anyone that does. This sucks big time.

  7. It does suck guys…but as a girl, fox soccer report can run all day as far as im concerned, i love it when they represent us soccer gals on FSR. Lara Baldesarra and Terri are awesome !! keep it up!! Represent!! If i want to watch a game, i will do so online anyways…

  8. Time Warner is one of the worst cable companies around when it comes to customer service. Time Warner cable added MSGPLUS HD this past October and are now removing it on April 1, 2010 in our area of WNY.

    They refuse to carry WGN in our area as well as the local Retro TV station.
    In addition, during the past year they dropped HD Net and HD Movie Network.

    If Time Warner carries the Fox Soccer Channel in HD in all its markets is highly unlikely. Time Warner has a national contract with Viacom and our Time Warner market still does not have Spike-HD, VH1-HD, MTV-HD and BET-HD.

  9. AS soon as this news broke last night on Epltalk’s Twitter, I sent an e-mail to my local TWC (North Texas) asking any availability of FS+ and a couple of other channels, Fortunately they responded less than 24 hours, and here is their response,

    Sam Jay,

    Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. We do apologize but at this time Time Warner is not carrying the Fox Soccer Plus, GolTV (English), ESPN3 (ESPN360), BBC America in HD nor Euro Sports channels. I have sent a request for you requesting the channel be added to our network. There are a number of factors that go into programming decisions, including but not limited to:

    · Customer Preference
    · Overall Programming Mix

    First and foremost, we determine what the customer wants through direct customer feedback, local research and national viewer ratings like Nielsen. Then, we identify current business factors; including finding the right mix of channels that would appeal to our viewers. Final decisions are those that we think are in the best interest of our customers and offer the highest value.

    We are in the process of acquiring multi room DVR’s. However there has been no communication in regards to a release date for this. Unfortunately we do not offer DVR’s remote record capabilities.

    We thank you for your email. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate department.


    Time Warner Cable Customer Care Specialist
    Case Id: 791129

  10. And here is their response to the availability of FSC in HD,

    At this time we do not offer the Fox Soccer Channel in HD. We have submitted a request for this channel on your behalf. If we receive enough requests we will look into adding this channel to our lineup.

  11. Typical Time Warner responses. All those channel requests sent to them end up in their circular file. If they listened to what their customers want they would carry all the local channels in your immediate area, Fox Soccer Channel HD, BBC-America-HD, WGN-HD, HD Movie Net, HD Net, History International-HD and even the NFL Network-HD.

    They are more concerned in what not to offer than what to offer. They are a dreadful corporation that puts the customer last.

  12. I live in Tampa, FL and spoke with a rep at brighthouse cable last night. She informed me that FSC+ will be added on 4/21/10 and it will be part of the sports pack which I already subscribe to so guess that’s okay for me. I’ll have to wait an extra 7 weeks for the channel but it’s better to know that it’s coming soon.

  13. Just read this news item oon

    “Premium network Fox Soccer Plus will kick off with four affiliates in its net, when it launches on March 1.

    The service, which is succeeding Setanta Sports USA in the premium soccer space, has inked carriage deals with DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon FiOS TV. It will also roll out on Time Warner Cable systems serving some parts of Ohio, Wisconsin and Hawaii by the end of March. Further, it is expected to join the No. 2 cable operator’s lineup in such other markets as New York City, upstate New York and Kansas City by year-end, according to the MSO.”

    So parts of Ohio, Wisconsin and Hawaii, then later, maybe, in NYC and Kansas. Great.

    I hope sows the same content that fsc+ shows or else I will be very unhappy.

  14. time warner in the triad area of north carolina says… not all info yet. selected time warner cable markets by the end of march… no word on premium channel or part of sports pack.. great!

    1. Hey, at least they seem to understand what you’re asking about. In the Wilmington, NC area I have gotten a response about how TWC listens to “…our Charlotte area subscribers.” :-O

      What do you think my chances are??

  15. Nothing from TWC in Columbus–will keep trying.

    We noticed some schedule movement for this weekend–the FFC match was listed on the FSC schedule but has been pulled. However, it’s now listed on It looks as if has picked up a lot of matches and may have to be our Setanta-i substitute?

  16. Sam Jay-

    Thanks for that info.I’m also in North Texas and I’ve been on the phone all night with Time Warner.

    They had no relevant information, and said that there are no plans in the immediate future for FSC+ or FSC HD.

    I’m canceling my service tomorrow and getting satellite again.

    They are clueless.

  17. Time Warner is the worst! Ever since they took over Comcast’s service in So Cal; they never know what’s going on there. I have had more problems with them than ever. I don’t bother changing my service plan because they’ll mess it all up.

    Everytime I do, they delete channels from my lineup and I have to get on the horn with them (mostly on hold) to try to resolve fixing my channels. I was fine with my regular cable box until they forced everyone over to the digital ones…and then charged everyone a higher rate! What a scam!

    I also have to pay extra for the Spanish tier just to receive GolTV. The Bundesliga is shown which doesn’t have anything to do with Spanish! I don’t speak Spanish, nor should it be inside of that tier in the first place! It should be placed in the (hello) sports tier! TW doesn’t seem to understand that!

    Info for Sam Jay:
    To receive GolTV in English, change your audio settings in your cable box. I had a fit over this problem when TW had those audio channels backwards (English for Spanish and vice versa). They said it wasn’t there problem! Idiots! Eventually after a month it worked correctly. Guess they finally got a clue!

  18. TWC is adding FSC + April 5th 2010 atleast in my area Which is West Virginia, so get in tough with your TWC office if you want to know if your area is getting it also… My guess is yes your area will carry it, I live in WV so call or chat with them online… I’ve been reading this forum since late January trying to figure my situation out so i thought i would give some of my own input… thank you

  19. Yeah Marco, my brother who lives in NYC said he saw an update on his TWC website stating they will be getting FS+ AND FSC HD on April 5. It also said both would be part of his sports tier (don’t know what the fee is for that).

    But that is important as it means FS+ will not be shown on TWC “a la carte” for $15 which is the platform FiOS, Dish and Direct TV are currently using. That would be big news if that is how this transpires. Wonder if other providers when they offer FS+ will follow this or still use the separate fee.

  20. April 5 huh? I’ll be looking out for that! Thx for the info! :)

    Wanta see the Championship matches. Rugby might be interesting.

    I remember when FSC was Fox Sports World, we had live rugby matches from New Zealand. Aussie footy was also shown.

  21. i just got off the phone with Time Warner Cable Kansas City customer service and they told me that Fox Soccer HD and Fox Soccer Plus HD will be added on 3/30. Sucks that i have to wait but atleast they’ve finally released a date.

  22. Time warner cable new york city on their website.

    “On or about April 5, 2010 we will launch Fox Soccer Plus on ch. 460 and Fox Soccer Plus HD on ch. 470. Both services will be part of our sports tier.”

    “Time Warner Cable’s Digital Sports Tier brings you 9 channels of exciting sports action, including CBS College Sports, NBA TV, NHL Network and more. Don’t miss a minute! Upgrade to Digital Sports Tier today for only $3.95 a month.”

    It will be 11 channels in April I presume.

    I have a locked in package with TWCNYC and I get the sports tier, I do not see any extra charge for, maybe it comes with the package.

  23. Just moved to Riverdale, NY from Manhattan and have Cablevision instead of Time Warner. Cablevision does not have Fox Soccer Plus or BBC America and I want to share their response to my recent complaint/inquiry.

    Response 03/16/2010

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the availability of carrying “BBC-America and Fox Soccer Plus” on our cable system. I understand and would be happy to help you.

    Suggestions from our customers are important in helping us determine which services to add to our current programming lineup. Although we would like to add every service that is developed, due to a limited number of channels available, we cannot always accommodate every request. We do our best, however, to provide those services that have the widest overall appeal to the customers we serve.

    While we do make every attempt to accommodate programming requests to satisfy customers’ preferences, factors such as technical limitations, contractual obligations with programmers and federal government regulations may limit our ability to honor each request that we receive.

    While “BBC-America and Fox Soccer Plus” may not be added at this time, there is a possibility it may be added in the future. I am responsible for sending a tally of all program requests to our programming Department to let them know what customers in your area want added to their line up. I will be sure to include your request for “BBC-America and Fox Soccer Plus”. As always, we will keep you informed of any new programming offerings as they become available.

    Again, thank you for contacting us to express your programming interests. We always appreciate receiving comments and suggestions from our customers. If you have any other questions please email us or contact your local Customer Service department for further assistance. Have a pleasant day.

    Thank you for choosing Cablevision.

    A whole lot of nothing much of answer. Its a channel – how hard can it be to add it.

  24. Just letting you guys know that Time Warner Cable starting today, 5 April 2010 is now offering Fox Soccer Plus. Just called and got mine.

  25. @ed (no. 33)…

    Have you got a link to that statement on the TWNYC website? I couldn’t find it…

    ….They have removed the info from the website, but today in Queens NY City FSC + showed up on 460 Sd, 470 HD, says call to order .

    Hi gio where are you and is the HD really HD ?

    I called willing to pay $3.95, long story short , service rep says she was unable to turn it on , she tried fro 20 minutes, and said I had the sports tier and there would be no extra charge.

    I will try again tomorrow

  26. Since Monday those of us on the Time Warner Manhattan digital sports tier have had Fox Soccer Plus in both SD (ch. 460) and in HD (ch. 470) formats. I’ve been watching the repeat showing of Manchester United and Bayern Munich tonight and the picture quality was superb compared to the SD version on FSC.

    Time Warner say they have no current plans to carry FSC HD at the moment but hopefully they will find a way to deliver it soon. I lived happily with Setanta-i for a long time but the jump to HD is a joy to behold.

  27. FINALLY… FSC Plus on TWC in Los Angeles! This is straight from TWC:

    On or after July 1, 2010 the following services will be added on the service levels and channel numbers listed. Centroamerica TV, El Paquetazo Dos Tier, channel 814; FOX SOCCER PLUS, Sports Tier and El Paquetazo on channels 263 and 867; ETTV Drama, Premium, channel 630; ETTV YOYO, Premium, channel 631 and ETTTV China, Premium, channel 632. These services will be delivered using Switched Digital Video (SDV) in the City of Los Angeles (Area A) – West Valley, City of Santa Clarita, County of Los Angeles – Canyon Country, County of Los Angeles – Stevenson Ranch, City of San Fernando, City of San Fernando, South Pasadena, San Marino, and as such may not be accessible via Cable Card-equipped Unidirectional Digital Cable Products (UDCPs) purchased at retail without additional, two-way capable equipment. Also, Disney Channel will be added to El Paquetazo on channel 846. It will also remain on its current service level and channels.

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