Aaron Ramsey Horrific Injury Against Stoke City: Video

**Video removed per the request of Premier League**

Anyone watching the Stoke City against Arsenal game on Saturday would have been absolutely sickened to see the horrific injury against Arsenal forward Aaron Ramsey. The horror show tackle could easily end Ramsey’s career such was the extent of the injury.

The incident happened in the second half when Ryan Shawcross knocked the ball ahead of him and tried to catch up to it while Aaron Ramsey ran forward to intercept the ball. It was a fifty fifty ball, but Ramsey got to the ball first while Shawcross was late and ended up missing the ball completely and went in to Ramsey. Ramsey fell forward from the impact and, in a sickening scene, you could see the bottom half of his right leg completely flop in mid-air as he came crashing to the ground.

Arsenal and Stoke players quickly called for the Arsenal doctor and medical help to rush on to the field. Arsenal players, who were sickened at the scene, could be seen with tears in their eyes. Shawcross, meanwhile, was red carded but instead of leaving the field, he walked over to Ramsey to see if he was OK, was understandably pushed away by Arsenal players and then walked off the field crying and wiping tears on his shirt.

While our prayers go out to Ramsey for a safe recovery, he’s unquestionably going to be out for the rest of the season and may have played the last game of his career. However, let’s wait to see what the medical experts say.

As for Ryan Shawcross, it was a horribly late tackle from the Stoke City defender. But it was not intentional and there was no malice in what he did. As unfortunate as they are, these late tackles happen in soccer from time to time. In the case of Ramsey, he was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s hope Ramsey will have a speedy recovery.

When Ramsey was injured, the scoreline was 1-1. But the Gunners came back late in the second half and ended up winning the game 3-1. Despite the victory, all the discussion will be overshadowed by the horrific tackle.

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  1. Memories of Eduardo against Birmingham have came racing back – In fairness i don’t think he meant it – Ramsey was simply too fast – He was very obviously shaken as was every player on the pitch – Campbell was gonna punch everybody,Vermalin was crying his eyes out and looked like he was going to be sick ( Great to see him get a goal by the way ) and Fabregas looked so distressed and incredibly angry. All in all this was a good win against a tough old team and puts us right back in the title race however it will always be remembered for this challenge on a kid just beginning his football carer and the after math which will hopefully allow him to play football again. Looking at it now he will NEVER kick a ball again, however we said that about Eduardo and tonight he came on as a sub and did quite well by all accounts.
    Aaron we wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. that tackle was vicious and Stoke should be ashamed of how they played that game. It looked more like a rugby match for 70 minutes than anything else. The referee should be reviewed as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you Aaron.

        1. Yeah Refree was at it Stoke were practically hitting arsenal and refree wasnt doing anything about it , so they kept on doing it and kept coming harder and harder until.. Bang

          I dont blame Shawcross but i do the Ref and FA .

          And Rule should be till the time Ramsey is out Shawcross doesnt play thats only way we can stop these tackles

    1. did you go to the match you moron/ or are you just jumping on the band wagon it was nothing like a rugby match if you would like to have a look on you tube in slow motion you will see that it was a 50/50 ball and if you look closely you will see that in the split second befor the tackle aaron ramseys had allready snapped his leg, i wish aaron a speedy recovery as do all stoke fans that is why all stoke fans applaud aaron as he was strecherd off

  3. My stomach isn’t strong enough for these videos and pictures, though I realize these injuries are a part of the game. I’m glad they didn’t show any replays live.

    The team could have been forgiven for shutting down after the incident. During the fallout from the Eduardo injury I remember someone asking how fans would respond to seeing one of their co-workers injured like that on the job. I don’t think I would be tough enough to stay focused, but today Arsenal did. I’m proud of how Cesc brought them together and buried the penalty. He showed great leadership.

    It is still an uphill battle, but let’s win the League for Aaron.

  4. Why do Arsenal players cry so much? It’s ridiculous. Gallas crying all the time, and now because a player breaks his leg, they cry like school kids. I imagine that they cry if there is a loud bang, or if they are hungry too. Bunch of babies. Ramsey is going to back to normal no problem, bones heal fine and he’s not a 35 year old, he’s young he’ll be just like eduardo.

    1. i think you dont have any emotion man you r mad you did not see tears in the eyes of faberegass eyes i mean you r joking thier was serious incident took place i think the crowd of stock city was better then you who was cllaping and giving some hope to ramsey so think about that ? its for gunner 109 he was joking on this matter

    2. yeah easy for you to say…..

      Imagine you work hard to achieve something all your life , you become the best young talent tipped by many to be among the best in the world and next moment you have that skill taken away from you and you are not sure if you are ever gonna be able to do that again.

      Its like a guitarist losing his finger.

      so STfu you c**t posing as a gunner which you are obviously not

    3. 109… spoken like a little boy who’s never had a compound fracture of anything besides his ego. if you’d ever felt anything close to an injury like that you’d keep the sock in your mouth. mark twain was aiming at dolts like you when he said, “it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    4. Dude, i dont think you know what you are talking about mate. Do you think it is that easy on the eye to see such a talented youngster like Aaron Ramsey go down like that. You know what you dont deserve to call yourself and ARSENAL fan and your a disgrace.

  5. Being in agtendance at the match you could see the break from the stands. It’s nice to see a balanced view, everybody aroound me and the radio commentators agree that it was 50/50 & could easily have been the other way around. We didn’t deserve to win that as we didn’t attack with 11 men. I’ll put you a post on later about how to deal with Delap.

    Inevitably there will be those armchair warriors who come on acting like weapons but that’s the internet.

  6. Both went in for it, really could’ve happened to either of them… risky tackle, incredibly bad luck. Looked horrible but both at fault in my opinion.

    I’ve looked at the replay on my HD-DVR at least a dozen times and I just can’t see anything other than two soccer players trying to tackle for the ball in front of them at the same time. Shawcross didn’t even go in any harder than Ramsey did, really. This kind of stuff happens pretty much every game except that injuries are a rather rare occurence, fortunately.

    1. Agreed. While sickened by the injury, the tackle itself was barely worth mentioning. Both players were going for a 50/50 ball and Ramsay just got unlucky.
      If not for the injury, the tackle was at most a yellow card. Perhaps no card at all. It’s not 2-footed, not stud up, and not from behind.
      Come back soon, Ramsay and Shawcross, hold your head up.

  7. horrible injury.. i was having my lunch at that time. i didn’t see the tackle, but saw players reaction and changed the channel immediately..i didn’t have the guts to watch the game for next 10 minutes.. poor fellow, hope he recovers soon.. teams like stoke are disgrace to game of football… good luck ramsey..

  8. I hold no ill will towards Ryan Shawcross, who obviously didn’t intend to cause harm, but the Stoke fans who were singing “There’s only one Ryan Shawcross” are absolutely reprehensible. That wasn’t sporting rivalry, nor was it supporting your own player; that was just vile.

    The image of Vermaelen crouching, head in his hands, will be etched into my memory for a long time to come.

  9. Sad seeing anyone getting injured like that. Gave me flashbacks of a buddies injury in my playing days, a break like that is a horrible thing to bare wittness to. Hope he recovers soon.

  10. Nasty outcome for the kid but these things happen. We don’t don’t want to see injuries like this but we don’t want tackling taken out of the game either. As long as the tackle was not intended to do harm which I don’t think it was in this case, then players are just going to have to accept that these types of things can happen while on the field of play.

  11. i think match refree has to take serious action against that player who tackled him and ban him for this league any more i mean player make that habbit to do this again and again they have to serious charge to that person if he do all that with his anger

    1. You mean, like when RVP stamped on Adebayor’s shin during the visit to Man City?
      That is worth banning. And we both know RVP is known for this sort of behavior.

  12. It has just been announced that Ryan Shawcross has been named in the England squad, so what should have been a fantastic day for Shawcross has turned out to be one he’ll remember for the wrong reason.

  13. Feel genuinely sorry for a rising star, gee doesn’t England need some of those badly! I’m with Three Lions on this one. Its all about gettingto the ball first, something people who have never played the game will never understand. Get well soon Aaron.

  14. Shawcross goes completely over the ball and puts his full weight into the tackle after just getting away with a clear hand ball. I have no doubt that he didn’t want to snap the players leg in half but he did not go for the ball. he wanted to put in a heavy tackle in a 50/50 situation and he meant to foul, this is the Stoke style which is played week in week out, kicking, shoving and shirt pulling (dirty in other words) anything to get something out of the game. Most people on here seem to think it’s great how they play though, maybe a few will change their minds now.

    1. As someone who is lucky enough to attend Stoke matches every week I would argue that I am better placed to respond to your comment than most. We are no dirty than the next team. We work harder, because we have to. We are more committed, because we have to be. We don’t dive, roll around, fanny about, we get up and get on with it, because we don’t get the decisions that other teams get.

      The tackle wasn’t over the top it was 50/50, everybody in attendance saw this, pretty much every pundit in England agrees with this.

      If you want to make football a non-contact sport you’ll end up having no EPL to watch.

      1. It was OVER the ball in the middle of the shin as anyone with eyes will tell you, oh and as someone lucky enough to have eyes myself I can see your team are cloggers but strangely tend to keep real footballers like Beattie and Tuncay on the bench while preferring players like Sibide, says it all really.

        1. The middle of his shin, of course it was flower, but was it studs up? Shawcross is focussing on the ball and connects with the top of his boot after Ramsey’s lunge takes the ball away. It was 50/50 and anything otherwise is pure spite.

          As for the rest of your comments:

          Beattie a real footballer don’t make me laugh. He’s a Lambourghini driving playboy who doesn’t give a damn about playing for Stoke City. James Beattie play’s for James Beattie. He’ll be on his way in summer and good riddance, it’s £40,000 a week off our wage bill that can be spent on players who want to play for Stoke not themselves.

          Sidibe is integral to Pulis’s system at present. It isn’t pretty but it is effective. I’ve only seen Fuller and Tuncay played together once against Wigan with any success. At one point in the cup replay against Manchester City we had Tuncay, Fuller, Sidibe & Kitson on the pitch. We can’t play as skillfully as the top teams because we don’t have the funds or ability to attract those players yet. Having watched Stoke for over fifteen years and seen Pulis’s teams constantly involve I know that given the chance this will change.

          What do you want us to do roll over and get relegated like West Brom did and Burnley look likely to do? We haven’t been able to suck from the golden tit that is the Premier League and SKY TV for the past two decades unlike the top teams. We’ll build and get there in our time.

          I would absolutely adore for Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal to disappear off into the forthcoming Arabic-American Non Contact League and leave the rest of us to get on with it.

          1. Oh well I never knew it wasn’t studs up, well that alright then as long as he didn’t snap the leg with his studs showing its fine is it!! The leg broke where the pressure is, in other words where it’s hit Petal, and that’s right in the middle of the shin where the break is!!! Shawcross has his foot higher than the ball hence the over the ball bad tackle which catches Ramsey‘s shin. Now that’s not to say the player meant to snap Ramsey’s leg but he certainly meant to foul in what was a 50/50 challenge as he lifts both feet and puts all his weight onto his tackling leg, as you can tell by the way he recoils off Ramsey’s leg and ends up 6 foot away. What was his reason for getting so upset if he feels has no blame at all?( After all these thing happen as you say) I don’t know but one thing I do know is that if it was me I would be upset if I had gone a little too far in the challenge, maybe a bit over zealous with the tackle, and in reflection was thinking I may well have ended a young players career I’d be very upset, wouldn’t you Tulip?

            Your statement ‘It isn’t pretty but it is effective’ tells me that you know what kind crass rubbish your team play, teams have played in this kick and hack way for years you will end up the same as them, back in the lower hackers leagues where you belong just as the others before you. I can’t imagine that Beattie would want ball pumping up in the air all the time either, or being told to harass, shirt pull and kick out at players all the time either so defo not a stoke player your right on that.

            You ask what I would like Stoke to do, well first of all stop this kind of over the top tackling so no one else end up hurt, next buy real footballers not cloggers. If Fulham and other similar teams can do it so can Stoke. Oh and by the why people who don’t agree with you and the picture posting nuggets below are not ‘arm chair warriors’ but simply people with sense who didn‘t agree with your lob sided views and patronising names. Ok Blossom.

    2. How do you know what the player was thinking? “he wanted to put in a heavy tackle in a 50/50 situation and he meant to foul”-huh seriously? because you are Ryan Shawcross you know what was going on in his head? Yes it sucks that Ramsey’s leg is broken.. but this is a sport and injuries happen, it was a 50/50 ball and either one of them could have been injured!

      1. Phil,

        Because he goes OVER (key word, this is illegal in the game) the ball full stop (keep the foot low no problem). Or do you think that he doesn’t know that the ball is at least 10″ high? I played football for many years and also coached Phil and I tell you now that when you put your foot over the ball it is bad end of, that’s how I know! I don’t have to be the player to know that if he hits foot to foot there is generally no problem, but if you are high and the other players foot is on the ground (depending on how much force is put in to the tackle) the outcome could be an bad injury as in this case . I will say again though, I do not believe Shawcross meant to injure the player (he would have to be a nut job if he did mean it) but with over the ball tackles this can happen and he knows that this could be the outcome, just the same as he knows similar results come from stud to leg tackles. I find the Stoke fans who are trying to say there was nothing wrong as very distasteful just as the fans were sing the players name as he went off, you will not find many who will tell you this wasn’t a bad tackle I am no Arsenal fan I have no axe to grind, just making a point.

  15. Luckily My attention was elsewhere the moment it happened,and im glad they didnt show it again.call me a sissy,but i cant handle those scenes.shawcross was obviously saddened,all of the best for you ramsey. .wish u speedy recovery

  16. i thought the injury was absoloutely disgusting and poor ramsey jesus looked so bad but hopefully will be just like eduardo and come back fighting because he’s still a kid, barely older than me.
    I didnt see any maliciousness in that tackle, i think it was 50/50 and shawcross looked very sorry for it but like the other guy said abit above, the fans chanting that was vile.

    its horrible that these injuries canhappen but thats life, and we are especially unfortunate considering this is the 2nd time in 2 seasons it has happened to arsenal but he will be well looked after and hopefully he will be ok.
    C’mon arsenal win the league and show him that he didnt go through that for nothing.

    Thoughts go out to u ramsey.

  17. First off Best of luck to Aaron, I hope he can recover physically as well as mentally.

    actually…..thats all I have to say get well Aaron.

  18. This is a horrible leg break and i can understand why all players where in tears by this. I have been unfortionate enough to witness a leg break in a game i played in and we called the game off. After seeing someones leg back to front and in two you don’t want to go in for 50-50 tackles after veiwing that.

    As for the tackle. Yes it was poor but clearly no intension. Two players going in hard for the ball and Ramsey got there first. If Shawcross had got there first it would be him with the broken leg. I also think the only reason he was sent off was because the ref saw the damage. If Ramsey had got stright up and been fine that would of been a yellow card.

    Wish Ramsey all the best in his recovery. Think people are being abit dramatic on here saying he might not play again. Its 2010 not 1910.

  19. Glad to see most Gunners being sensable about this realising it was 50/50. Just seen Wengers interview. I honestly think that he believes there is only one way to play football.

    Arsenal play with young, quick, light players. Not phyically strong. Other teams play with big lads and rely on strength and power. Nothing wrong with that. Keven Davis (who i hate) is a good example of a player who isnt blessed with pace or skill but uses what hes got to be a premier league player.

    Wenger needs to realise if he plays skinner, quick and skillfull players the chances are they will get injured but the slow, powerful, doppy players.

  20. You can say it was 50/50, but you can’t tell me its coincidence that this has happened again.

    In the space of a few years there is Diaby, Eduardo, now Ramsey. Frankly I think this nonsense that the media spews about “O its cute to kick pretty Arsenal” has something to do with it. Players and coaches know they can get away with fouling Arsenal continually and this is the result.

  21. Its a bad injury but i dont think it was malicious at all, after all the lad was crying his eyes out over it. Its a horrible injury but unfortunatly it happens, it happened to my mother when she fell over my shoes when i was in school!! double leg break and a broken ankle. Not a pretty sight at all to deal with, shes recovered fine though and thats without all the medical expertise that will be available for ramsey, he’ll be fine, it’ll be a long hard road but arsenal have dealt with it before and eduardo will be able to help him through it

  22. Sad injury to a player with so much potential. He was playing so well. I watched him in the last couple of matches, and every time he stepped on the pitch, he seemed to be doing so well. Such bad luck to a rising star. I hope he wears Arsenal colors very soon.

  23. It happens to all teams not just Arsenal.

    The fact that Arsenal play alot of young, skinny lads means that it is more lightly to happen to them. Not all teams can afford players with pace and skills and have to compensate with physical power. The Eduardo tackle was a perfect exmaple of one players being too quick for a lumbering phyisical player.

    Its the nature of the game. Ive got nothing against Arsenal. I like the way they play but the reason why they will not win the title again this year is because they lack any real phyical presence.

    Look at the invensable team. Alot of skillfull, quick players like Henry and Ljungberg but even them had power. Arsenal miss the Keown and Vieira type players. Players who can go for a 50/50 and give as good as they get.

    If Wenger wants to win anything he needs to play less kids and more men. A team like Arsenal should be winning things and there not. I think most Arsenal fans love their squad be must admit they need some bite in order to compete with Chelski and Manure

  24. In 2007 Shawcross damaged Francis Jeffers ligaments with a late tackle. He was very late today lets not forget that. And it is in bad taste that he is named in the England squad!

  25. Bob don’t be stupid. Im sure Capello doesnt pick his squad on the basis of a ‘slightly’ late challenge THANK GOD. Wasnt very late at all. How quick must you be if you think thats late.

    I don’t know if Shawcross is a dirty player or not but its just said on MOTD that its the first time hes been sent off

  26. i wish aaroh ramsey a speedy recovery as its never nice to see a player get injured lyk tht, but to be fair to shawcross he’s a decent player and would never intentionaly break sumones leg, however i rekon if the injury hadnt occured and he’d got strait up it would never hav been a sendin off but who am i to tell?
    Another issue is the fact tht wenger needs to stfu about referees bein against arsenal all the time, i mean every club gets treatd the same (other than man utd ofcorse) so stop moanin and see some f***ing perspectiv for once, abso twat.

  27. Horrible day. Thank God we went on to get three points after that because that was horrible to watch and a draw would have meant we got nothing for our hard work and poor Ramsay was denied a clear penalty too (clearer than the one we got).
    We’ll wait and see what the doctors say but it looks currently like a double break and emergency surgery on a player who had a huge future ahead of him and I pray he still does.

    As for Stoke, they are a team of super villains built to tackle hard and power through opposition – Gary O Reilly used words to describe them today like Snarling, Snappy, Bulldozed through (not on the tackle itself I must add) – that’s Stoke. I didnt see a lot of finesse out there and Philip Walton who must be 50 odd let an awful lot go. Trouble is when you let so much go players get bolder. Shawcross is a good player and I am certain didnt mean it but with the ref having let so much go before it this is the risk. Looking at this tackle you see Shawcross have a slash at it after he pushed it too far ahead – Ramsay has just nipped in and took it and whack – there was nothing dangerous from Ramsay’s part other than putting his foot in and taking the ball cleanly. He doesn’t catch Shawcross, he catches the ball. Its Shawcross who has lost it and been overzealous to win it back and catches no ball. Its reckless , in truth its mistimed and the result is catastrophic. Its surprising it doesn’t happen more in football.

    Do teams come out and kick Arsenal? Yes they do. We all know some managers will send a team out to break up Arsenal early on and ‘get in amongst them’. Pulis – one of those managers. I blame the ref for letting so much go before this and I blame sheer bad luck.

    No malice towards Shawcross, he at least knows he made a bad tackle and I hope he grows from this – he’ll be crushed tonight.

    As for Pulis and Stoke – the fouls from them didnt stop after the red – Cesc gets flattened near the end and then went for a bit of retaliation just before the final whistle – the initial flattening right in front of Walton who did nothing.

    I am still angry about the game so a lot of this is probably biased dribble. I dont know.

    1. I agree, Shawcross was not malicious, but when teams play to foul and the ref lets it go things will get worse. It’s like anything else, you see what you can get away with and if no one stops you you crank it up a notch until you get caught. I don’t think Shawcross was trying to hurt Ramsey, but he went in to get a piece of him like Stoke, and many other teams, did all day. When refs allow teams to foul continually, then this is going to keep happening, no matter the team.

  28. Very sad injury, for both players and teams. No malice from Shawcross, a little late and he had weight and momentum. Hope Ramsey gets back in the game, most do not, as infection is the greatest enemy. But as we saw, his team mate did it. Except for Campbell, I thought both teams were very professional during the event

  29. i dont really blam Refree cause thing started earily. when lilttle tackle happening the refree passin like nothing happen so the players keep it up then finally he lid them to ramsey injure which is really horrible and unacceptable situation well u cant do anything i just wish to ramsey to recover from his injure soon see him on the pitch

  30. Whether the tackle was malicious or not is irrelevant. Shawcross went in for the ball, didn’t get it from what I can tell and did damage. It’s a send-off offense for serious foul play.


    1. I agree completely with that. The referee missed the opportunity to dish out yellow cards for BOTH sides, something that hasn’t been mentioned. Take The Ramsey challenge and Shawcross red card out of the game and the only other card was a yellow for a shove by Song. There were worse challenges than that by players on BOTH sides that warranted a caution but they weren’t forthcoming.

  32. When will football fans start to realise that all stoke try and do is throw the ball into the net whilst constantly waisting time playing an over physical game with absolutely no quality and style. Lets hope what goes around comes around and they get relegated from our premiership next year!

    1. Whose Premiership? When it takes 23 years and countless trips around the Football League wilderness for your home town team to get back into the top flight we’re not going to roll over to suit the status-quo of the Premier League.

      You’d think a little differently if you weren’t glory hunting.

  33. This is exactly why Nani was correctly sent off two weeks ago. If you mistime a lunging challenge even by a split second, this is the kind of thing that happens. As much as Lee Dixon and Alan Hansen want to put their retrogoggles on for Match of the Day, the modern game is too fast and the boots are too light and flimsy to protect against this kind of injury. You can’t dive in with two feet anymore, and this is why.

  34. check out this picture….it appears tht ramsey’s leg broke even before shawcross got his challenge in…judging by the footwear and the condition of the field..this is quite possible IMHO…it juz looks as though he overstretched and his entire bodyweight went down on his leg…pity him though…hope he gets well soon…and i dun think shawcross intended to hurt him…it was just unfortunate…if according to the picture…he’s innocent…but im reserving my judgement…overall it was an unfortunate incident…


  35. He didnt mean to hurt the kid but he meant to send a message. You know, you have to get “stuck in” when you play Arsenal. Can you imagine having that drilled into your head all week? obviously you are going to go overboard because you are being brainwashed by your manager and the stupid english football pundits.

    1. Yep still after contact, or are you saying Ramsey’s legs are made of pasta and they break in the opposite way to the weight placement?

  36. Interesting. Mark Davies still isn’t playing for Bolton. That was caused by William Gallas and Arsenal went on to score directly from that HORROR tackle. That was seen as karma for Eduardo. So who does Arsenal get to take out with no blame next week? But victimization if the birthright of some.

    This isn’t to say that I don’t feel for Ramsey. That is a horrible incident. And I wish him all the best in that this is a terrible incident before greatness and not the end of something.

    But Shawncross showed something I’ve never seen in an Arsenal player. Actual remorse for what they did.

    1. Mark Davies is playing for them. He was back within a week or so. It was a horrible tackle and Gallas was condemned for it.

    1. Looks like the picture came from the british Telegraph:



      First look it seems like he broke it before he even came in contact with Shawcross but it’s hard to judge as a still shot. I can’t find any decent footage of the incident where the quality is good enough to see it in detail and slow motion.

      Anybody with a HD recording on DISH?

        1. I don’t know why people keep putting this pic up, but if your trying to say it wasn’t Shawcross your very sad. Why not get a pic of the Titanic sinking with a iceberg in the distance and say hey look it didn’t touch it, must have sank on its own.

  37. Wow. That photo is really interesting. I mean, if his leg is broken before he tackled him, then that’s incredible. It’s hard to imagine that he stretched so hard that it broke his leg, but if that’s what the photo evidence suggests, then what else can you say? Is there any chance they will rescind the red card if he didn’t break his leg?

  38. My takeaway from this will be an Arsenal side that was in tears, head in hand or talking to the referee while a Stoke player comforted the guy on the ground in anguish.

  39. One thing I will explain is that if Stoke City as a club owe anything to Aaron Ramsey or Arsenal there will be no question that all support necessary will be offered. Many of you will not realise, not being in attendance, that Ramsey got a standing ovation from all four sides of the stadium. It’s no great comfort but locally we have some of the top surgeons in the country for dealing with these injuries, his immediate care will have been second to none.

    In 2006 we took Rory Delap on loan from Sunderland and in only his second game for us, ironically against Sunderland, he suffered a double leg break after a challenge by a Sunderland player. Stoke’s response was not to send Delap back to Sunderland and let them deal with it, pay his wages etc, Stoke signed him on a two year contract knowing that he would miss the best part of the season. All before anyone realised how effective Delap would be for Stoke. I appreciate that this example is for the benefit of Stoke but I hope it’s clear that it’s something that we didn’t have to do but did because of the ethos behind our club.

    I know this goes no way to making up for Ramsey’s injury but I hope it shows that as a club we will be honorable enough to to do anything requested to aid his recovery.

  40. Just to back my last post up here’s the article from the local paper at the time, interesting to note Pulis’s reaction to the incident involving Delap.

    This is how it was reported in the Sentinel at the time. Compare Tony Pulis’s reaction to that of Arsene Wenger.

    “STRICKEN Stoke midfielder Rory Delap was undergoing surgery today on the double leg break that seems certain to end his entire season.

    The 30-year-old midfielder was less than 10 minutes into his home debut when he suffered a fractured tibia and fibia at the start of last night’s 2-1 Championship win over his old club, Sunderland.

    The sickening injury puts paid to his three-month loan spell, although Stoke may yet stay loyal to the former Irish international by still offering him a long-term future at the Britannia.

    His early demise cast a shadow over proceedings, but Stoke refused to blame Sunderland defender Robbie Elliott for his part in the 50-50 challenge alongside the dugouts.

    City boss Tony Pulis, wearing the expression of a manager losing rather than winning, said: “It was an horrendous injury and we are absolutely devastated for the lad.

    “The performance was smashing and some great things happened out there, but my thoughts and those of the team are with Rory.

    “Two people have just gone in for a challenge. Elliott is a seasoned pro and would know Rory, so I’m sure the last thing he would want to do is break his leg.”

  41. If you watch the video, you will see Shawcross rolling over after the impact with Ramsey, so the frame captured is most likely before he hit him. But I REALLY cannot imagine someone sustaining a compound fracture of the leg, an unstable fracture like that, on his own. I have never, ever seen something like this happen. Torn meniscus or ligaments in the knee – yes. Midshaft tibio-fibular fracture – no, not at all, unless the kid has a congenital or metabolic disorder, which is frankly impossible. Really horible. I feel sorry for Ramsey, of course, but for Ryan Shawcross too. That kid’s gonna need a shrink now. And for all of you who claim Stoke play too physical, please watch any Liverpool or Everton game. OR any Serie A game. There is a clear distincton between playing physical and playing dirty. You cannot expect a team full of tall, strong lads to be playing the quick, tricky game of a team like Arsenal. I like Arsenal alot, but this is just bias – a kid got a compound fracture and now everyone’s being too harsh on Arsenal – playing physical is the means of countering the smaller, quicker, more technical players the Gunners have. Plus, the tackle in question was really ordinary, just late – compared to some of the things Paul Scholes does.

    Get well soon to both youngsters.

  42. Guys a bad tackle is a bad tackle. Stock should just apologise & wish Ramsey well. We are all responsible for our action. You can not jusfy anything after ending someones career in a very painful way.
    As for you Stock officials imagine if it was your own son. Yes we can not hang young Shawcross, but the officials should not try to defend him, let him face the music.

  43. the picture is pretty inconclusive…but im not ruling out the possibility…nothing is impossible in this world…and i feel the stick shawcross is getting is a bit unfair…the guy went for an honest challenge n just missed it…ramsey was a bit unlucky…if it was the other way round im sure arsene wenger wudn’t have seen it…im not condoning tht sort of thing…but u have to accept it was purely accidental…at least he had the courtesy to go check on him n left the field in tears…sum dont even do tht…and i agree with wat timoth makina said

  44. The pictures shown above are clearly just after the contact – if you saw Match Of The Day and the frame by frame they did you saw Ramsey get to the ball then get taken out. Here the ball is away from Ramsey so its clearly after contact was made. The height these photos are at don’t make it as clear but Shawcross is falling off to the side having made the contact with Ramsey.

  45. If you click on my name it’ll take you to a new image of the challenge which is interesting. Shawcross is looking at the ball not the man and it looks like Ramsey is in the air. As some of the posters on there say, when you see the incident on Match of the Day their angle shows Ramsey jumping in with both feet, and his ankle seems to turn before Shawcross’s shin makes contact. Perhaps if Shawcross had missed him there wouldn’t have been the break?

  46. This is what happens in today’s PREM. Let 4-6 teams have unlimited money and resources and no cap on their ability to spend it, then tell the other 16 teams to put together competitive teams, you’re going to get a lot of scrappy and less than skilled action. It’s the only way teams like Stoke can compete against the Arse….

  47. Shawcross’s tackle was horribly late. It was a 50/50 challenge that unfortunately came off very bad for Ramsey. He was only red carded because Ramsey’s leg was broken.

      1. Are you saying he should not have gotten the red card? If Ramsey had not had his lower leg sawed off, woudl it all have been OK?

  48. Easy solution but FIFA will never implement it just like they refuse to implement simple replay technolgy.
    Forget about outlawing tackle from behind, just outlaw the slide tackle full stop. Almost every bad injury is a result of someone sliding in and it adds nothing to the spectacle of football. If defenders couldnt slide in, it would make it easier for a quick forward to get past them. That makes for more exciting play, more goals and less injury. At the moment its far too easy for a defender who has been beaten for pace and skill to simply slide in and as long as he get a bit of the ball the ref lets play on. Never mind the fact that he also gets the attackers leg. Simply get rid of it and football will be that much better for it.

  49. funny that this dude has a history of injuring tackles against other players but everyone says “he’s not that type of player”

    right – and John Terry didn’t mean to cheat on his wife with his teammate’s girl.

    his history of recklessness, Stoke’s history of employing Allardycism, and the oft repeated media mantra of “kicking Arsenal is the only way to beat them” are not coincidences in this incident. And it’s bound to happen again because the FA don’t care and neither does anyone else.

  50. Although it was clear than Ryan Shawcross made contact with Aaron Ramsey’s leg, photo’s seem to indicate that the leg had snapped before RS made contact. Check Daily Mail article by Martin Samuel. Maybe the contact was caused by AR stumbling at the point of the break? The photo also shows that RS was tackling studs down with the instep, ok he was late but maybe a booking was more appropriate in hindsight and that SCFC should appeal? Obviously I don’t expect that any AFC supportorters will agree.

  51. Such an incidence one never wishes to see again…..
    ………Such a brilliant talent never stay long in the underworld. A heart felt quick recovery to a future hero, Aaron Ramsey!!!!!!!!!!

  52. A real shame to see this happen. This kid was really going to be special. Aside from a very long road ahead (from a physical recovery standpoint) what really makes a comeback like this difficult is the amount of time away from the top flight of the game. Anytime you eat, drink, sleep, and breathe any profession, and are then removed from it for a long period of time, if and when you do come back, it is very difficult to return to the same level. The mind might not react as quickly to the game or the movement of the players around you; or he may fear going into challenges as aggressively as he did. Eduardo is not nearly the player he was, and sadly, I would be surprised if Ramsey can return to his form. But sometimes these things happen and the lad will have to cope in his own way.

    Now come on you Gunners, and stay until the job is done!!!

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