New Arsenal Home Shirt for the 2010-2011 Season

Arsenal will sport a new home shirt for the 2010/2011 season which will be a throwback to the shirt design worn by the 1971 double-winning team, according to the Arsenal Insider blog.

According to the blog, the shirt commemorates players such as Charlie George, John Radford and George Armstrong when Bertie Mee’s side won the Division One title and the FA Cup.

The site also exclusively revealed that the away kit returns to a theme of yellow.

What do you think of the design? I think it’s a smart move by Nike and Arsenal because it takes a classic Arsenal design that every Gunners supporter will like and modernizes it. Why try to design new when you can go with something that everyone will love?

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92 thoughts on “New Arsenal Home Shirt for the 2010-2011 Season”

  1. I hope this turns out to be the real shirt because it looks perfect to me. I think the vast majority of Arsenal supporters are easy to please on this issue. Give us a red shirt with white sleeves and we’re happy.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the away shirt does turn out to be yellow. Since Ivan Gazidis arrived at Arsenal there has been a lot of buzz about helping the fans feel closer to the club, and I know one issue a lot of fans bring up is getting back to a more traditional away strip.

  2. I think the final version will have a more modern fit. If you take a look at the new Nike international jerseys coming out, you’ll see what I mean.

  3. It’s about time, maybe Nike can take a page out of Umbro’s book and go back to solid, clean, neo-traditional templates.

    I’m excited and scared to see another “Scouser killing” yellow shirt. Nike, screwed up their remake of the 89 classic, I hope they do better this time around – it’s a shame they couldn’t brink back the exposed cannon, a la Charlie George.

  4. I think this shirt is what it we will use

    My friend is an arsenal insider and he told me they were going back to old style shirts with yellow away and the current blue kit is going to be used as the third.

    I bet the yellow will be exactly the same just a different colour

    1. Sorry, but I just don’t see professional footballers playing in 100% cotton shirts. I’m sure this shirt will closely look like the ’71 kit, but it will be modernized.

  5. I love this strip, the classic yellow and blue away strip for me is also a great move. It has to be a red body and completely white sleeves, when addidas was our sponsor i hated the stripes imposing on those daz white arms. Lets get a nice trophy in this one.

  6. Great to see the new design for next season the best by far.Let us hope that this includes red socks as well instead of white then it will be perfect.

  7. I am a huge Arsenal fan but I gotta say I really don’t like the look of this shirt.

    ‘Less is more’ works well for interior design, but I think it just looks cheap when applied to football shirts. I love the Arsenal 99/00 home and away shirt; collars are cool 😉

  8. I am an Arsenal supportter myself and personally, i think that shit looks absoloutly hidious!! I mean fair enough it was worn roughly 30-40 years ago and we shared great memories there, but why bring it to 2010/2011. It’s a whole new world now, think of the young supportes to, one minute they’re seeing their players wearing amazing modern and stylish shirt, then the next year they’re wearing cotton clothing again. And whats going on with the collar?! Not very modern if you ask me, this is to 2010 now we need to look ahead in the future, not wearing shirts that looks simular to the ones years ago! This can’t be serious, although i do think it’s about time we went back to our red shirts and white sleeves but not like that!! think and design something more modern please! :(

  9. love the shirt …reminds me of my yoof…I agree about the badge remark by brn442…. i got the cannon only tatoo…was gonna get the motto too but those latin words are too long and painful

  10. yellow..? ugh last year’s looked ugly. the new blue and white ones look very nice. they should stick to that theme

  11. Is this actually gonna be the new kit for next season?
    Can’t say i like it all too much. I’m pleased they have gone back to the all white sleeves but i’m not too keen on the old fashioned look.
    I agree with Tiaji – yellow : NO! Blue kit and white kit: YES!

  12. i like it but i would not buy i like shirts that have a collar do a remake of the 95/96 shirt that was my very first shirt that i got for my 12th birthday and still got it i loved that shirt and would love to have a modern version of that one

  13. i think its a very bad design,old fashion,nike should produce some thing especial,the kit seems to be verrry old,poor and dim

  14. This new home kit looks fabulous and brings out arsenal’s tradition.

    But I do hope Arsenal retain their current blue AWAY and white 3rd kits for next season becauser blue looks more aggressive and bold than yellow. The previous yellow away kit was also pathetic and looked timid.

  15. is great to see us going back to the old white and red looks good but maybe just abit more Design maybe a white line starting from the coller going half way down the shirt or somthing but yh not bad

  16. i love Asenal and i hope that one day i will play for arsenal if not me so my son will Still i am not married but when i married than i will make my son to play only for Asenal…I wana say one think Long Live Asenal…

  17. i,m not a Arsenal fan but that jersey a hundred times better than the last one
    arsenal always should be red shirt white sleves nothing else

  18. if the new shirt marks the 125th year anniversary of Arsenal, why use the look of 39 years ago?? thats all some new fans would rember when looking at this, “it’s the double winning shit,.. what anniversary?”.
    thats all this marks for me. plus im dont like the retro thats going around now, looks worse then the year they try to recreate!
    should just wear the 71 kit if thats what the new one looks like.

  19. i dont care what it looks like the main thing is that you are representing THE GUNNERS /COME ON THE GUNNERS IN 2010/2011

  20. Last seasons kit is my favourite but anyway C’MON YOU GUNNERS! I live in Blackpool and they have been promoted and i havn’t been to an Arsenal game in ages so i am gonna try to get tickets :)

  21. I would love us to re-make the 1989 adidas home shirt or the 1991 adidas home shirt with the AFC on the collor. I like the retro look, but if its only for one season both kits I’ll only be buying the home shirt this year unless were the away team in the FA cup or champions league final. but as much as Arsenal are yellow for away shirts It has to be the right yellow to look good.

    1. No, No, No

      That’s a chelsea shirt photoshopped red. You can tell by the bra panels on it. If Arsenal were to change kit manufactuers and then break the contract with Emirates, we would have heard about it

  22. The shirt above is clearly photoshopped! Look at the text, it’s completely straight if you look closely (like it’s been TYPED on!) and the emblem has obviously been trimmed from a picture.
    Rubbish! Why waste time and effort?

  23. I like this one, and if our away kit will be yellow next year the shirt must be almost identical to the shirt we used in the FA Cup final in 1971

  24. eta jiga seragam olah raga aink keur smp monyet…..
    baleg sia teh bisa ngadisain hante…?
    anjing teh arsenal ,mah tim kampung jadi pantes baju na kampungan…
    modar siah koplok……

  25. ughhh!……ugliest shirt ever…and im an arsenal supporter… its like a 1970s player designed it… im 100% sure that isnt the Gunners` new home strip

  26. +1 to steven. Frankly speaking, I don’t like the look of this shirt. Its not fit for the modern era. The 2010 home kit was lot better. Moreover the new away kit is also not good. But the most important thing that matters is- trophies, whatever be the kit. GO GUNNERS GO!!!!!!!

  27. I hope arsenal have a pure attacker.
    at least not like Fabiano,
    and hopefully arsenal win in all competitions europe
    I was waiting for his victory

  28. This is the ugliest jersey ever. I love Arsenal to death, but how the heck could I want to buy a jersey that looks like crap?!? The two away kits last year was waaaaaay better (even though its not red!!!)

  29. i think the new kit is some how beautiful but i will like to see our next home kit to be all red.i really admired last season pleading with the “prof”mr.wenger to buy mark swarzer of fulham.thanks

  30. That’s a chelsea shirt photoshopped red. You can tell by the bra panels on it. If Arsenal were to change kit manufactuers and then break the contract with Emirates, we would have heard about it


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