to Begin Broadcasting Select Live Premier League Matches

Fox Soccer Channel will begin live streaming of select Premier League matches on beginning March 6, 2010, a Fox representative told EPL Talk on Wednesday.

Earlier today, Setanta Sports sent an e-mail to Setanta-i subscribers informing them that Fox Soccer Channel “your favorite club competitions are coming to starting March 1” and included logos of the Premier League, Serie A, FA Cup, Champions League, Coca-Cola Championship as well as rugby leagues and tournaments.

However, EPL Talk believes that only those Premier League online rights that Fox Soccer Channel is acquiring back from Setanta US, who will go off the air this Sunday night, will be streamed live on  EPL Talk believes that the other Premier League online rights that has, that it has been showing on Fox Soccer Channel on TV, and that are being shown on on delay, will continue to be delayed and not aired until Sunday midnight ET.

The Fox representative confirmed with EPL Talk today that a schedule will be released this Monday, March 1 for the games that will be shown March 6-7, 2010.

Current pricing is $4.95 for a day pass, $14.95 monthly and $49.95 for a season.

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  1. Thanks for the update Gaffer. “Select” is better than nothing – hopefully long term they will increase the no. of live games on offer.

  2. hey gaffer,
    did you get the impression that for the folks who won’t have access to fs+ that the games that are on that fs+ will be available on fox without delay? meaning that as long as people can get they won’t really have to miss anything while they don’t have fs+? i’m on directv and even though some people say they have heard there should be a seamless transition from setanta to fs plus on march 1, i still haven’t seen anything in the program guide to suggest such a transition, so i’m not totally confident about it. as others have mentioned, a versus type problem could be seen for us soon. but with that would pretty much solve the problems for those of us who don’t get fs plus right away it seems. also does anybody who has used know if the site is set up in a friendly way to be able to go on say the day after a match was completed and be able to watch it without being made aware of the result? or do they have the scores and other news posted all over the site after matches? thanks

    1. Geraldinho,

      You won’t have to worry about any spoilers on The current UI is pretty straightforward.

      As for EPL games on FS+, they should be available on, yes.

      The Gaffer

  3. Good news for people (like me) who don’t pay for cable TV…now if they’ll just do it with the rest of their coverage I’ll gladly pay for it

  4. This/These channels are a joke, and so is its programming. Once ESPN buys more rights to more games, and eventually the rights to show the Champions League again I’m cancelling FoxSoccer.

    1. I don’t think FOX would really let them buy more EPL or the Champions League at least until the rights are up for bid again. What would that leave FSC with? Major League Soccer, a few Serie A games and that damn Argentine League they’re always showing.

      Despite the hokieness of FSC, the answer isn’t for ESPN to buy everything. There’s only so much of one sport they can televise, and the rest will just end up shoveled onto

    2. I have my doubts about ESPN’s long range commitment to soccer after the World Cup, but we’ll see. For now, remember that Fox owns all the rights, so ESPN can only buy what FSI is willing to sell them.

      1. Ovalall,

        I agree that EPSN has a somewhat spotty record when it comes to the beautiful game, but they have bought more rights (nearly double) for next season. As we’ve seen with Setanta, FSC will sell the best rights because its hard to sell the others. ESPN got stuck with some poor fixtures early on but are to have a cracking finish. Can’t wait for next season.

  5. Thanks Gaffer – i guess we will know exactly what they are showing live when they release that schedule but this is very very helpful.

    1. Sorry to jump in Gaffer, but I was just reading this at the time:

      Setanta USA will air the following FA Cup matches today:

      2:55pm ET (Live) – 5th Round Replay – Tottenham Hotspur vs Bolton Wanderers

      11pm ET (Delay) – 5th Round Replay – Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace

      1. thanks dave the reason i asked was setantas schedule
        didn’t list the matches along with directv
        i set my dvr to record whatever was listed hoping
        to record fa cup replay action

        1. Looks like this info is wrong. My FiOS guide says FA Cup soccer as well but Setanta are showing a Champions League replay from yesterday.

  6. Gaffer, I think you may be mistaken about the $49.95 subscription for a season. I believe that may just be from March 1 – May 31, not a full season.

    The website currently says $49.95 to “watch all matches thru May 31”. The e-mail sent out today has this rate as a special offer of $39.95 for Setanta-i subscribers.

    If it remains $49.95, it would actually not make sense to purchase this pass as if you just did a monthly subscription for 3 months (March 1 -May 31) at $14.95/month the amount would be $44.85 :-)

    1. Yeah, I read the $50 for the season (suggesting the entire season) and thought… ‘Yeah, I’ll get in on that!’ But still, it may be cheaper to pay outright for the entire season come August than to pay for FS+. Time will tell.

  7. Four words: Fox Soccer Roku Channel.

    They’ve got the UEFA and CONCACAF Champions Leagues, the EPL, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS & more. If they could offer all the matches they have live & on demand on the Roku Netflix Player — or the Boxee box — for a monthly fee, that might get some folks to cut their cable and dump their dish.

    I have a feeling we might see something like this after the World Cup.

  8. Gaffer – For those of us that can watch games live (due to that annoying work thing…) do you think we will be able to watch the repeat of the game before midnight of the day of the game (which is currently the restriction on FSC.TV).

    I don’t really understand why they would not allow repeats of the games before midnight ,as Setanta”i” did this so it can’t be a licensing restriction etc…

    Ive not watched a game on FSC.TV yet , how does it compare with Setanta “i” , which I thought was a pretty decent picture post the silverlight upgrade.

    1. Bournemouth, from what I know, Fox’s contract with the Premier League only allow them to show EPL games on delay. At least for the current contract. I believe the rights that they’re acquiring back from Setanta will allow them to show those games live, but we should get more information from Fox on Monday. is no Setanta-i and doesn’t have a lot of the features and functionality that Setanta-i has.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer,
        Were the Setanta rights bought directly from the EPL by Setanta, or were they rights originally acquired by Fox that there then sold on to Setanta? If the latter, the difference in the online rights is confusing. Also I’m pretty sure that, at the beginning of the season, had a shorter tape delay e.g. you could see a 10am Sat game in the afternoon. Its a strange one; makes a product that they are trying to sell less appealing

  9. I didn’t get an email from Setanta-i. Also, I just went on Setanta-i and I can’t find anything about the Carling Cup final on Sunday. Is this not going to be available on Setanta-i? Wtf! How am I supposed to watch this game then?

  10. Gaffer, my guess is that it has nothing to do with the EPL. Rather, that Fox made contractual arrangements with its tv advertisers that it would not show games on the internet. It made no such arrangements for FS+/setanta so can show those games live.

    It would be helpful to know if we can also watch those ex-Setanta,, FS+ games on delay. i.e. I usually play soccer on Sunday mornings, so when I came back from my own game I could watch the 8:30 EST match on delay at


  11. Has anyone tried to purchase the subscription at yet? I figured I’d give it a try for a couple of months. However, it wasn’t taking the special offer code and wondered if anyone else has had luck.

  12. As Setanta-i doesn’t seem to be taking subscriptions anymore they should open up the website for the last weekend in February for all to watch. I was looking into buying a day pass so I can watch the Spurs-Everton match. That’s not an option so unless they have some sort of agreement not allowing them to do this, I think it would be a nice gesture. I originally thought Setanta TV was going, but the website would still be around, however not taking subscriptions makes me think otherwise. Guess illegal streams are the only way to go for this match. Wish that wasn’t so.

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