Chelsea Are Fast Becoming An Off Field Joke That Could Ruin England's Summer

The Marquis De Sade was never short of a quote or two, but one that currently could be applied to certain members of Chelsea’s first team squad at the current time sprang to mind after today’s latest off field crisis at Stamford Bridge. “Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust.” Now if there is one thing that I can’t abide in these celebrity soaked times, it is the celebrity sex scandal. Unfortunately, at this current time in the U.K., we can’t escape them

Especially when it seems to be a repeat performance emanating from the Kings Road in West London with a tiresome familiarity. Here we are, on the cusp of a World Cup, England’s overrated golden generation’s last chance to justify the guff, spin and marketing spiel that has surrounded them for the last decade. Just when it seemed the correct manager was in place to finally pull these egotistical bottlers to heel and create a side that finally delivered, we discover that several of them just can’t behave.

Now, I’m of the opinion that Ashley Cole is the best left back in world football, by quite some considerable distance, yet he’s such an unlikable character that it’s difficult to keep your personal view of him from tainting that fact. If there was ever a poster boy for what happens when you blow smoke up some one’s backside, throw money at them and allow them to behave as the wish with no thought of the consequences, then Ashley’s the result.

That animosity towards Cole probably began with his very ill advised autobiography, back in 2006 and one particular quote. “When I heard Jonathan Barnett (Cole’s agent) repeat the figure of £55K, I nearly swerved off the road. He (former Arsenal Director David Dein) is taking the piss Jonathan! I yelled down the phone. I was so incensed. I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.”

Swapping North London for West London in an undercover deal that was sprung in a restaurant didn’t help either and saw William Gallas swap places for Cole. It seems if you constantly give Cole the sensible option or the detached from reality option, he will always go for the latter much to everyone’s chagrin. Like a moody teenager, Cole seems to be his own worst enemy, creating a personality so loathed that the media queue up to take pop shots at him.

Now, I’m not spinning this tale out due to his wife’s unfeasible success here in the U.K., as it seems she is now held up as the nations sweetheart somehow, but if all this off field nonsense was bad enough, Cole fractured his ankle two weeks ago and faces a race to be fit for the World Cup. Recovery from injury is a tough enough ask, but when you’re faced with both a 15 week window, if not less, to prove his fitness and an impending and very costly divorce, life for young Ashley couldn’t be worse.

Of course, the irony in all this is that one of his dalliances has been outed as an employee of Liverpool F.C. and one lets out a sigh of inane boredom by the sheer stupidity of the situation, entirely of Cole’s own making. Capello has got England playing their best football in years, giving them a swagger and a confidence that had been completely destroyed under the dark 15 months of Steve Mclaren’s reign. I’m not angry that Cole’s cheated on his wife for what seems like the umpteenth time, I’m angry that he’s been stupid enough to put Englands chances of winning the World Cup in jeopardy.

Yes, he may have not got there through injury, but we needed our best team to be completely focused on his football. It seems being married to a pop star, earning £110,000 per week and playing for Chelsea and England simply isn’t enough to keep this mans mind on his game. Going on current form, I doubt he’s got much of mind to use, but still, its like the lunatics have taken over the asylum. It seems that England’s chances are being derailed by the behavior of certain players detached from the position they hold in country’s psyche. Grow up the lot of you, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

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  1. another great post on

    who cares if every one on England cuts their bollocks off, they aren’t going to win the World Cup. If the papers really make the excuse if England doesn’t win the WC because a couple of Blues couldn’t keep their pants on, you guys are out of your minds.

  2. What these players are doing is dumb and irresponsible, but I just love how the media is hating on Chelsea when not that long ago Liverpool’s “Golden Boy” Steven Gerrard was caught on CCTV in a bar assaulting a man for not letting him change the music on the jukebox and got off.

  3. “Now, I’m of the opinion that Ashley Cole is the best left back in world football, by quite some considerable distance, yet he’s such an unlikable character that it’s difficult to keep your personal view of him from tainting that fact.”

    Yep, that’s pure hatred.

    1. Indeed.

      I feel like some of the only memorable and discussion-worthy articles on this site are from The Gaffer and a couple other writers.

      But to stay on topic, yes, Chelsea’s players have been in hot water as of late, but let’s not forget a certain Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, et cetera who have had their fair share of negative time in the spotlight.

  4. Well, u dunno who else he has screwed!!! Maybe he and john terry had a go with some teammate’s wife too? these are dogs we’re talking about, these chelsea f**kers.

    1. Who gives a f**k who they shag? As long as they aren’t doing it on the pitch during a match, and are putting it all out on the field, have at it!

  5. I think its just a coincidence to be honest but I think it does put Chelsea in a bad light. It will probably blow over soon enough the media loves to pring the same shit every day for a year since they are not very good at writing anything worth a damn anymore. The death of print media? I’ll drink to that.

  6. Wah. Rio skips his drug tests and punts balls to the stand, Gerrard admits in court he hit a man first, Beckham himself dallied about with his assistant.

    Grow up. It’s not all Chelsea players who do this, it’s the majority of the English squad. Crap journo here.

  7. One must ask oneself why the publishers of The Mail have decided to crucify two of the country’s most essential national team players, so close to the World Cup. Does anyone truly believe that no other players in the England squad have illicit sexual encounters?
    If this was a foreign nation’s press trying to destabalise the England team, that might be understandable. But for the English press to do so is beyond contempt. Basically, The Mail and its cronies have decided that if Ashley Cole or John Terry enjoy a bit of naughty slap-and-tickle in their private lives now and then, they should be humiliated publicly as incessantly as possible just prior to the World Cup. Never mind that these two played a prime role in helping the nation qualify for the tournament – their reward for that should be exposure of their private business, sacking from the captaincy and the derision of the nation.
    The simple fact of the matter is that the press is determined to show that anyone attempting to use the newly-introduced superinjunction against them will be destroyed, both professionally and privately. The superinjunction is the biggest threat to the gossip press imaginable and that’s why they have all clubbed together to literally destroy the reputations of two of England’s most internationally-respected players. The cost of falling foul to superinjunctions is of far greater consequence to the press than losing the World Cup.
    And the mob that is thge English public gi8ves the press the strength to destroy by lapping up the nonsense they print. It matters not a jot if Ashley Cole had a quicky some time in the past. So have any number of footballers, in every team, including the England national side. But it appeals to the mob mentality when the papers publish this tripe. Basically, the press is showing its power and warning everyone that this is what will happen if you cross us. Try to take out a superinjunction against us and this is what will happen to you.
    Why on earth do you people allow yourselves to be the tools of the press? If not for YOU, there would be no disruption before the World Cup. It is YOU that makes the English press what it is. It is YOU that the press relies on to further their agendas. And it is YOU who should be ashamed.

  8. Paul Bestall says “I’m not angry that Cole’s cheated on his wife for what seems like the umpteenth time, I’m angry that he’s been stupid enough to put England[‘]s chances of winning the World Cup in jeopardy.”

    Are you saying the two are not connected somehow?

    1. It’s The Mail that has put England’s chances in jeopardy. THEY decide what to print. It is The Mail that has delved into private lives to unearth all this rubbish, and it is The Mail that considered that it was a good idea to print this tripe at this time. They could have waited till after the World Cup – after all, the latest revelations go back to Chelsea’s pre-season tour and beyond, so timescale isn’t important. No, they WANTED to make the most of all this prior to the World Cup, for their own benefit, regardless of detriment to the England team. They could print stuff about Rooney or anyone else if they wanted to… and because of readers like you, lusting after turgid trash that is none of your business, they will, at some time or other. The English public gets the press it deserves and the World Cup has gone swirling down the drain thanks to the importance the English attach to dirty gossip.

  9. Sir Cecil gets my vote – the other reason of course chelsea are currently getting the stick is because they’re going to win the league – can’t have that – gotta be the old boys club of Man U or arsenal or liverpool – about them we’ll talk for hours but about chelsea, it needs some phony scandal

    The reason england never win anything is because the press undermine them – every world cup – uppity working class tykes.

    In australia if journo’s undermined the national team like this they’d be hanging from a lamp post and quite right to. But this is england – no idea what it takes to be a winner, phony moral outrage and jelaously rule the roost – ‘i told you’ so’, ‘we’ll never win’ that’s the mentality.
    The mail’s just giving them a chance to get their moans in early – Who cares what Cole is like off the field ?
    I mean really who gives a flying f**k

  10. £400,000 is alot of dosh. I don’t condone his behaviour but he’s obviously being made an example. I don’t think King Eric was fined that much and he karate kicked some poor sod in the stands during a match. He did miss a few games though…

  11. You gotta love how someone can go from the personal indiscretions of TWO players on a squad of well over TWENTY to somehow blaming the entire club… as if Chelsea as a whole said to them, “Yeah go screw around a bit… that’ll make for some fun!”

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