Fox Soccer Plus Reveals Weekly Programming Schedule

Fox Soccer Plus, scheduled to debut on March 1, has released TV schedules for the first three weeks of its programming, giving soccer fans a glimpse of what they can expect on the new soccer network.

Fox Soccer Plus will show two live Premier League games each weekend as well as two on delay in addition to live games during mid-week. Not surprisingly, the schedule of Premier League TV games is very similar to the Setanta US schedule. On Saturdays, Fox Soccer Plus will show one of the live 10am ET games as well as two Premier League games on delay during the mid-to-late afternoon. On Sundays, Fox Soccer Plus will show the early 8:30am ET kickoff.

Outside of the Premier League, Fox Soccer Plus will show a live Serie A game each week at Noon ET as well as a Coca-Cola Championship game on some Saturdays at 2pm ET.

Elsewhere during the week, the 24/7 programming schedule features reruns of Premier League, Serie A, Champions League, Argentine league, Fox Soccer Report and Sky Sports News, as well as additional soccer shows. When available, rugby matches will be shown as will live FA Cup matches (and reruns).

One noticeable difference between the programming schedules of Fox Soccer Plus and Fox Soccer Channel is not that FSC+ will not show any infomercials. Fox Soccer Channel typically shows five hours of infomercials from 6am-11am ET on weekdays. The lack of infomercials on Fox Soccer Plus comes at a price though as the channel will be available as a premium service (expected to be $14.95 per month).

The big two questions remaining about Fox Soccer Plus will be which TV providers will carry the channel and what Fox is planning on doing with the online rights to the games shown on Fox Soccer Plus. After correspondence with DirecTV, it looks likely that Fox Soccer Plus will be availabel on the satellite provider beginning March 1. But as far as the online rights are considered, it’s quite possible that those games will only be available on television instead of the Internet for the rest of the season.

That’ll upset a lot of soccer fans especially when you consider that several big matches will only be available on Fox Soccer Plus during the first few weeks of its programming including Chelsea versus Manchester City or Stoke in the FA Cup on March 7, Manchester United versus Fulham on March 14 and, most important of all, Manchester United versus Liverpool on March 21.

View the latest updated US TV schedule for games featuring Premier League teams, which includes Fox Soccer Plus-related listings.

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  1. Hey Gaffer, have you gotten any feedback from FSC? I am really upset about the absence of Ligue1 and SPL from my tv. I can live without RPL but I can’t see why no one is willing to air Ligue1 or SPL matches. It sucks and I am strongly considering cancelling FS+ after the Man Utd v. Liverpool match.

    1. It’s a fair question. In the best of worlds, FSC+ will be available on all carriers and will be in HD, as well as FSC. To make it even better, Fox should consider relaunching its online broadband channel to show live games and make it as good or better than Setanta-i.

      But in reality, FSC in HD won’t be available on all carriers until months from now (or longer), FSC+ won’t be available on most carriers for a while, and even if Fox does launch a new online broadband channel, it may not be as good as Setanta-i or showing live EPL games anytime soon.

      The timing is terrible when you consider that we’re now entering the most important phase of the Premier League season.

      The Gaffer

  2. I’ve been a Setanta customer for a few years, even though I thought $15/month was a bit steep. Maybe there’s something that I’m missing, but it seems as though FSC+ is the same price for less coverage.

    1. That’s because from the sound of it is. They’re only keeping the EPL matches (which strangely enough they’re sublicensing some to ESPN) and an occasional Championship match. I’m not getting into rugby because I don’t watch it. We’re losing 4 Ligue 1 matches (live and delayed) 2 SPL matches (delayed) and 2 RPL matches (usually live). How they think using the model that Setanta failed is going to work when you’re basically only gaining some more Serie A matches (big deal as Serie A is totally top heavy anyway) is beyond me. I definitely will be cancelling my subscription because I catch enough EPL on ESPN2 and regular FSC and I literally watch 1 Serie A match every week, if that. SUCKS!!!

      1. Corolla, because they more or less had to: there are 5+ live matches going at the same time on Sat. It only made sense that Fox (then with one channel) after spending god knows what for the US rights, sub – license matches to setanta and espn as opposed to having one live match and everything else on tape delay as they do now with champions league.

  3. The most interesting/important part of their scheduling, as far as I’m concerned, is their decision to put the 1st choice 10am kickoff on FSC+ instead of FSC (regular), despite the fact that all programming is now within Fox’s control (no sublicensing at that time). This will certainly drive up attention for the channel and increase their subscription numbers.

  4. hey gaffer,
    when you say that fsc plus will probably be available on directv on march 1, can you elaborate a bit? what exactly did they tell you? that it may be available or that they have it in writing and it WILL be available on directv? on my program guide if you go past feb 28 it still has it listed as setanta, and still has programming listed under channel 621. it kind of seems like they’re just going to rename it as fsc plus and keep it on the same channel and keep charging the same price. seems very odd that directv would not tell subscribers anything about it if there were going to be any noticable changes for the viewers aside from the name of the channel(and the above mentioned changes in the content). thanks for the updates gaffer

    1. Geraldinho, a couple of readers have forwarded me e-mails from DirecTV and a few have posted remarks from their conversations with DTV customer service reps here on EPL Talk.

      The Gaffer

  5. I got Direct TV. I have the sports package which included FSC but not Setanta…….are they just gonna include this FSC + to the sports pack or do I have to pay separate for it?

  6. It was hard enough to justify $15 extra a month for Setanta, but to pay the same for less is just madness. As stated above ESPN will have almost double the amount of live EPL (HD) matches as this season purchased from FOX. So someone please tell me with no SPL, no french football, and less EPL, etc… why does FOX think that they will succeed with a scheme that Setanta bottled so badly?

  7. If FS+ is part of the sportspack for FIOS I will watch it. If I have to pay for it, I won’t…and I never thought twice about paying for Setanta and would even remain subscribed over the summer to catch RPL. Your loss FSC!!

  8. Good luck Fox! After spending $100+ per month on TV service, I’m not going pay a ridiculous $15 per month to watch what two or three relevant matches a month? Maybe I’m not a typical fan, but I only watch my team and maybe the competing teams if the game is on ESPN/FSC. I’m sure as heck not going to pay $5-8 per match. Were the service around $7 per month I’d consider it. $10 is really too much for me for a couple of matches, let a lone $15. I know I’m not the only one either.

    You would think that Fox would learn from Setanta’s failures, but obviously not. Sure they’ll be able to push the big games no matter what to fsc+, but I bet that just sends many fans to the internet…

  9. Any news on Time Warner picking this up or the FSCHD? I switched from Dish to Time Warner because I couldn’t get GolTV on Dish. It’s getting a little carried away with not being able to get the channels on all the providers. I’m not going to switch again.

  10. Well we won’t be paying $15 on top of what we pay Comcast even if that means we have to miss out on all Man Utd. games. It just stinks of Sky in the U.K. a monopoly and annoying. With ESPN showing games, and FSN and FSC showing games I think we will have our fill of football even it be not what we want to see. I can always see my home city play Stoke so that is o.k.

  11. Does anyone know where the ligue un games are going? any chance they end up on espn 360?
    did anyone get news from rcn for fsc in hd? i am still waiting for an email. It s been 2 weeks!!

  12. I will happily pay $15 for the service. I get to keep my rugby & pick some extra soccer that doesn’t suck. It’s win/win for me and to most people who understand the situation from Fox’s perspective. What you have to remember is, there is a TON they can do with the channel down the line. Most of you are too stubborn to realize this.

    -More MLS in the future
    -More WPS & College Soccer in the Future
    -Perhaps Fox will bid on other Leagues (eredivisie for example. Could even pick up the Russian Premier League next year)
    -6 Nations (BBC got a sub license this year from Setanta. This is a 1 year deal, FS+ could pick it up next year and PPV most of just as Setanta has done in the past. Guess what? People will buy it and Fox will make money.)
    -2011 Rugby World Cup- A potential money maker if they market it better than Setanta did. My guess is they will put in a bid to televise it live. Even in the middle of the night it could be a big earner.

    Stop blaming Fox for the lack of Ligue 1 & SPL. Have you thought that its possible that Premium Sports got the exclusive rights from Setanta before this deal with Fox was brokered? Of course you didn’t, mainly because most of you love to jump the gun and point fingers at Fox. If Premium Sports owns the rights and they don’t want to share the wealth, there’s nothing Fox can do.

    The $15 per month won’t make money short term. Fox is a huge company, so they can afford to take certain hits Setanta couldn’t.

    1. I think it’s perfectly valid for anyone to be critical of what the channel is offering right now. I can’t imagine paying a single dollar for what a network -might- carry in the future.

      Also, more MLS? More WPS and college soccer? Oh boy. Throw in a little regional middle school action and I’m all over this.

    2. Jason,

      You make some valid points and as with most things our opinions are relative. Having said that, I’m not paying full price for half the goods. Doesn’t make sense. If Setanta was making so much money as you seem to think FSC will then why are they out of business in America? Why has FSC sold almost twice as many EPL matches to ESPN next season? Could it be that they partially funded their purchase of Setanta’s rights this way? Its perfectly fine if they did, but six hours of informercials for FSC and $15 monthly for FS+ coupled with subleasing rights to ESPN should tell us something. We are a minority. A vocal minority yes, but let’s not kid ourselves. As I said before ESPN has the ability to eat FSC’s lunch when the time comes and I can’t wait.

      1. As it is, Fox can only show 2 live games at a time, and with the way a weekend schedule works, that means that as many as 3-4 other games will not be shown live. By adding ESPN to the mix, Fox gets paid by sublicensing plus gets a bit of free advertising from ESPN as well…which has a higher number of customers.

        End result…Fox reaches more potential customers and gets some money back from their deal.

        Where would ESPN play these games in the future? Unless they start another network, I’m not sure they are interested in more than 2 hours per Saturday/Monday at this time.

  13. I would gladly pay the fee, but my local TimeWarner affiliate will have to pick up the channel first. To this point I have not seen any bulletins on hell freezing over.

  14. Like Ovalball I too would be willing to pay the fee for FSC+ if it were available on Cox cable in CT. Setanta wasn’t carried by Cox so I subscribed to Setanta-i which was an option for those who couldn’t get Setanta on cable. Since Fox won’t be showing FSC+ programming on their internet service I don’t see how that helps them. They need to give soccer fans access to their programming or else they won’t be successful.

    1. I am just wondering if that tease on the Setanta-i page under “Highlights” that says “Fox Soccer.TV Feb 27 7:00 pm” means anything.

      There is nothing on the webpage to indicate anything may be happening then, but I am just curious if that means that they are going to be taking over some of the Setanta content or if it’s just a plug for their own current broadband service and nothing is going to change with it.

      1. Yeah, that little bit intrigued me. I think the Setanta-i service will stay online just to broadcast PPV stuff from Premium Sports ($20 per Six Nations Match, yikes!), which is a pity since I imagine it’s better than the platform which doesn’t have much of a schedule on the homepage, and it doesn’t look like it shows many games right now either.

  15. I’m very worried about this. I just moved into an apartment complex which is exclusively TWC. I had regular FSC and watched the Setanta games through setanta-I. Setanta-I just sent me an email to say that they have refunded my bill.

    So how do I watch the games on FSC+? The crazy thing is I will gladly pay through the nose if needed but Fox aren’t making it easy for me to give them my money. At least broadcast live on the web while the tv stuff is being negotiated FFS. I am in LA btw, but no idea yet whether twc socal is picking it up. It seems like a no brainer. Looking at some of the channels I doubt they could pullin the viewing figures at 4 or 7 on the morning on the west coast like FSC+ could. So get the damn thing on already.

  16. Its hard to see how Fox Soccer Plus will be attratictive enought to justify the additional cost for fans. The beta schedule looks to be a mirror image of current Setanta offerings. However Setanta in 09/10 is a significantly reduced product over previous years. Last season it had lots of top EPL games and internationals. For rugby fans it had six nations and heiniken cup and, if memory serves, tri nations. And there was also year round Irish GAA. This season it has lost most of the top EPL games (in particular the 4pm GMT Sunday game) and it has less rugby. I don’t see the soccer being strong attractive to attract subscribers, especially with ESPN doubling up its coverage. You have to wonder what the long term split up between Fox Soccer 1, non-premium, and Fox Soccer Plus, premium, will be. Common sense suggests the better games will migrate from 1 to plus. Time will tell.

  17. “The lack of infomercials on Fox Soccer Plus comes at a price though as the channel will be available as a premium service (expected to be $14.95 per month).”

    Any proof yet Gaffer, or are you still speculating?

    Everyone is getting their panties in a wad over your speculation…..

    1. Mamie, great question. Here are the reasons why I believe Fox will charge customers $14.99 per month (or a similar amount) for FSC+:

      1) Fox’s press release says that the channel will be available as a “premium service,” which in cable lingo is a channel that’s available a la carte for a monthly fee similar to HBO, etc.

      2) A DirecTV rep confirmed that it would be $14.99 per month after a conversation with one of EPL Talk’s readers. See

      The Gaffer

  18. i cant see how paying $15 for less content is wise. I would rather pay 19.99 and get PFC through Directv. Wall-to-wall Brazilian matches are more entertaining than Wigan v Stoke or Bari v Siena???? Help me to understand the good news in that.

      1. Gaffer-I randomly took a match that in normal terms I wouldnt watch. I sometimes will later come back to matches like these if there is unbelivable scorelines or high drama (injury time winner, etc.) but normally i watch the teams around Arsenal in the league-
        Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Villa, Spurs and if i want to go to sleep i will even watch a Chelsea match. But my intention wasnt to offend any Stoke City or Wigan supporters.


  19. $15 per month is too much for me since i dont like rugby and up to now nothing about french league and SPL. Since espn will have more games in HD and there so much games i can watch anyways. So for me not paying for FSC+

  20. I love the ESPN coverage and am really glad they’ll be showing more games next season. The FSC+ schedule being announced is somewhat irrelevant at this point. Although, I’ll be happy to pay the $15 if the channel is ever available to me.

  21. I find this real odd. I have comcast, every few months I search “English League Soccer” and DVR all of the games I’ll want to watch in the future so I don’t forget to record them. I did this again last night and out of nowhere Setanta Sports popped up as a channel that plays EPL. I have never seen Setanta on the list of channels before, ever. I didn’t even think Comcast offered the channel. I’m guessing they’re going to pick up FS+ cause it would not make sense to all of a sudden pick up a network that is going defunct in a week.

    That being said, I don’t plan on paying another 15 bucks to Comcast if they are picking it up. That’s too much money for one channel. If they add it to their sports package, that would be ideal.

  22. It looks like Fox is moving one of their two Saturday Serie A matches to FSC+. Currently, FSC has a delayed Serie A match on Saturdays at 5:00pm ET. That match seems to be moving to FSC+ as a live match.

    As a result, FSC’s Saturday delayed EPL match seems to be moving from 7:00pm ET into the vacated 5:00pm ET time slot.

  23. Color me a bit disappointed with FSC+’s schedule especially when it comes to the shoulder programming that is programming that can viewed on the regular FSC. I was hoping that FSC+ would have completely different programming than what airs on the regular FSC. I didn’t have Setanta but the programming looked a lot more diverse and different than what aired on FSC when I would check out their schedule.

    I doubt that I will purchase FSC+ if it is made available by my cable company at 15 bucks a month since the only programming that I am interested on the new channel is the Prem, Football League, and Champions League games most of which can be found on the internet in less than 5 minutes. My cable/phone/internet bill is already around 150 dollars a month, I just can’t justify another 15 dollars a month for a channel in which I watch 6 games a month and all of the other programming is stuff I can watch on FSC.

  24. Really?? all of you need to stop bitcing out there need to take it easy and give the channel some time to build up some matches and get different leagues…Its not going to have everything you want in the initial launch of the channel. You should just be thankful that we have the outlets to this much soccer programing in this country or just move to europe and get it over with.

    1. stopcrying,

      that’s just the point. We have FSC, GOLTv, and now ESPN2. Our choices are pretty good for normal cable rates plus a fiver for Comcast sport package. Why would I spend another $15? For me its not the line-up as much as it is the potential cost vs. benefit. I realise for some money isn’t an issue, but for me it is.


  25. Of course, everyone is assuming $15 a month. Could be $10, or maybe even $20 a month. I can’t help but notice the large number of R’s and D’s on the weekend schedule for FSC+ (more than I recall Setanta having). The first three Sundays have a total of 4 live events. I’ve noticed that a few of the programs have an {HD} next to them. Is this indicative that the remaining of the programming isn’t HD?

    I know one point of frustration is that Serie A was available on FSC, so Setanta having Ligue Un was an alternative. Now, Serie A is on both channels. This isn’t as much Setanta as it is FSC 2 with some rugby.

    The potential lack of live events, too much similarity to FSC, the fact that ESPN will be showing two matches makes getting FSC+ seem less likely for me. The main draw will be the Cups.

  26. From the advance FS+ schedule in March it would appear that they have not picked up ChelseaTV and MUTV. A BIG disappointment, particularly if the CTV/MUTV matches would eventually have been shown in HD. Also I’ll miss Pat Dolan, one of the best analysts on TV. We’ll now be treated to the robots and charisma-deprived amateurs in the LA studio.

  27. Is it offical that ESPN2 will be showing 2 games on Saturday next season? If so I’m guess it will be the 7:45am game still and a 10am. Also anyone esle have Cablevision in CT or NY?

    1. CTBlues, it’s not official. EPL Talk broke the news that ESPN2 will be double its coverage of the Premier League for the 2010-2011 season, but we don’t know which timeslots they’ve sub-licensed from Fox.

      The Gaffer

  28. I just learned today that Setanta will cease operations on March 1, today. I’m not suprised. Dish network informs us that they will give the Setanta subscribers Fox Soccer Plus at no extra charge. I’m glad they will show the Rugby games, esspecially the Heinekin Cup matches. Hopefully Tri Nations and six nations and super 14 will follow, and GAA might follow. After the bankrupcy of Setanta UK, Setanta in the US was never the same, esspecially missed the Rugby league games.

  29. on fox soccer plus they show highlight from 6nation and super14 and said on fox soccer plus hmmm hope they will add this soon,or else ill cancel my sub

  30. Since watching Fox Soccer Plus since the introduction on March 1, 2010 I am not so sure it will be as good a channel as Setanta was even until the end. Remember, Setanta UK went bust almost a year ago and the channel has been running on fumes ever since. With the rights to rugby and soccer being to expensive for Setanta to maintain and the Americans coming in and scooping up the tele rights. It’s all about the $$$ they see a golden egg in you and me and they will probably try to stretch out coverage as much as possible. The Setanta channel in my mind still remained good because it still had the UK emphasis. With the Fox taking over everything has changed even from them sticking in crappy info-mercials, which didn’t exist before.

  31. Gaffer,
    Do you plan on listing scheduled matches on the EPL Schedule. It would be nice to have all the ESPN2, FSC, FS+, and matches listed in one place. Thanks.

    1. Cricketlover, let me see what I can do. Not to complain, but it’s a lot of work maintaining the list and the TV networks often make last minute changes.

      The Gaffer

  32. Another strange thing I have noticed, on the UEFA cup matches, they often don’t show the best games. For example this coming Tuesday and Wednesday schedule, no Chelsea-Inter Milan game. The other three can be seen. The previous Tuesday-Wednesday, it was Porto-Arsenal not shown. Yes these games were on their regualr channel, but to get that , I really have to pay somewhere like $47.00 per month from Dish Network, because it comes with the 250channel package. Most of the time, I can do with out those channels.

  33. I don’t get it, at first i saw fox soccer as a channel dedicated to bring soccer matches for people who can’t afford to pay a lot of money AND with a plan to grow Soccer in the US but now i feel like they don’t care about soccer fans all they care about is MONEY MONEY MONEY! This is why the US is not successful at soccer (in the US money limits you love for soccer)

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