BBC Sport Erases Everton's Victory Against Man United

everton beat man united BBC Sport Erases Everton's Victory Against Man United

What’s wrong with this picture above? Read the caption to see how BBC Sport accidentally erased Everton’s impressive 3-1 victory against Manchester United on Saturday. Since the BBC is based in The Old Smoke, maybe it’s a London bias against teams from Merseyside?

Thanks to reader Griff for the news tip.

6 thoughts on “BBC Sport Erases Everton's Victory Against Man United”

  1. I’m just happy Manc U got what they had coming to them. And their fans are obnoxious. So with this I’ll have a quiet week.

  2. I’m no Everton fan but when that second goal for Everton went in I was punching the air. Great cut back. The other two goals were classy too.

    Man Utd just haven’t got it this season. They’re running on fumes, a lot of luck (see Milan, AC) and a few bits of individual effort. They can’t sustain this for the next 3 months.

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