BBC Sport Erases Everton's Victory Against Man United

What’s wrong with this picture above? Read the caption to see how BBC Sport accidentally erased Everton’s impressive 3-1 victory against Manchester United on Saturday. Since the BBC is based in The Old Smoke, maybe it’s a London bias against teams from Merseyside?

Thanks to reader Griff for the news tip.

6 thoughts on “BBC Sport Erases Everton's Victory Against Man United”

  1. I’m just happy Manc U got what they had coming to them. And their fans are obnoxious. So with this I’ll have a quiet week.

  2. I’m no Everton fan but when that second goal for Everton went in I was punching the air. Great cut back. The other two goals were classy too.

    Man Utd just haven’t got it this season. They’re running on fumes, a lot of luck (see Milan, AC) and a few bits of individual effort. They can’t sustain this for the next 3 months.

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