United States World Cup Shirts: Home and Away (Photos)

The United States soccer team will be wearing newly designed soccer shirts this summer during the World Cup. The new United States men’s national team uniforms will be designed and manufactured by Nike. And we now have new images of both the home and away shirts to share.

The home shirt (pictured above) features a white shirt with a prominent diagonal line across the front of the shirt, which is a tribute to the 1950 US World Cup squad who defeated England 1-0 in one of the greatest shocks in world football. The shirt features a round navy blue collar and red trim near the bottom of each sleeve.

The away shirt (pictured below) features an identical design except the shirt color is navy blue with a red collar.

Personally, I like the away shirt better than the home. The bright colors accentuate the diagonal line. Plus the shirt looks more patriotic with the red, white and blue. The home shirt, in my opinion, is too plain. Yes, the shirt also contains red, white and blue but the diagonal line across the shirt is understated and the shirt will do little to strike fear in opponents. Based on these new images of the shirts, what’s your opinion about the design and has it changed either favorably or negatively?

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Thanks to Football Shirt Culture for uncovering the photos.


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