United States World Cup Shirts: Home and Away (Photos)

The United States soccer team will be wearing newly designed soccer shirts this summer during the World Cup. The new United States men’s national team uniforms will be designed and manufactured by Nike. And we now have new images of both the home and away shirts to share.

The home shirt (pictured above) features a white shirt with a prominent diagonal line across the front of the shirt, which is a tribute to the 1950 US World Cup squad who defeated England 1-0 in one of the greatest shocks in world football. The shirt features a round navy blue collar and red trim near the bottom of each sleeve.

The away shirt (pictured below) features an identical design except the shirt color is navy blue with a red collar.

Personally, I like the away shirt better than the home. The bright colors accentuate the diagonal line. Plus the shirt looks more patriotic with the red, white and blue. The home shirt, in my opinion, is too plain. Yes, the shirt also contains red, white and blue but the diagonal line across the shirt is understated and the shirt will do little to strike fear in opponents. Based on these new images of the shirts, what’s your opinion about the design and has it changed either favorably or negatively?

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Thanks to Football Shirt Culture for uncovering the photos.

25 thoughts on “United States World Cup Shirts: Home and Away (Photos)”

  1. Too plain? There should be an element of austerity to national team jerseys. And the navy is less muted; I liked the muted navy.

  2. Thank god we have navy blue again. I hate the greyish shirt we have been using. I hate white shirts so I typically prefer the away. But our last two white shirts were fairly decent. This one is lacking something.
    Doesn’t hold a candle to the shirt based on Nikes T90 design – worn around 2004. I have that away shirt and will probably not replace it any time soon.

  3. Just put your home state’s name on the diagonal, and enter any beauty pageant that you’d like!

    I have to say that I do love our current kit, and find these a bit lacking in visual interest…especially the ‘home’ version.

    Sometimes a nod to the past should just be left at that.

  4. At least we have Navy again which in my opinion is the color most identify the US with. But the white jersey’s are just too plain, I don’t understand why the sash isn’t at least red if its to be a throwback to 1950. Why is it so hard for Nike to come up with something unique? Hopefully in the future a company like Under Armour can develop the jersey’s, I love to see what they could produce.

  5. Brian and Adam: Right on. Navy has always been the US color – track, hockey, hoops. Sure, there have been times when grey – track 1984 – and red have been used on alternate jerseys but our color is navy.

    I don’t mind the austere white. Plain is appropriate for national team jerseys. And considering the money that Nike shells out to the USSF, you should expect to see the US in Nike gear for a while.

  6. Old news, this was leaked month ago. There is supposedly a 3rd kit that is red with white stripe. I like the white but perhaps there needed to be a little more to push out that diagonal stripe.

    1. Yeah, like I said something is just a little off with it.
      I like Navy should be our home/primary color. When we wear white shirts with navy shorts, we look like England wannabes. Everybody knows that kit belongs to the English. I get more pumped when I see our boys in navy blue. For some reason it makes me feel more patriotic. White is the color of surrender, after all…

  7. It is old news, but The Gaffer made the original news.


    The colors are fine, hard to go wrong with Red, White and Blue….
    except they seemed to have found a way.

  8. The new jerseys are great except for the home jersey with a plain white diagonal line. If they are going to make the line the same color as the shirt, and so plain that it is not that visible, why even bother with a diagonal line?

    The home jersey will have been perfect with a blue diagonal line across the white.

  9. I am glad the blue is back, but i did like the old grey ones, but like everyone else, what is up with the white ones, they could have added a little more color. I do like the current whites better than this one. Hopefully they do something with the strip across the chest.

    I wish nike would do the same thing with the Soccer Jersey that they do with the basketball jerseys. Men wear blue as road Jerseys and Women wear red. Nike pretty much make all US jerseys for every sport we play internationally, one would think it wouldn’t be too hard for them to propagate that decision through the company

  10. “Robert: Navy is the traditional US color. ”

    Says who? The USA isn’t like Australia where you have a single color scheme across all sports. In many countries, the colors the national teams chose to wear don’t line up across all sports.

    And even if navy blue were the “traditional US color” (which it isn’t), it would be a very recent “tradition” since if you go back through history and look at US national teams across all sports you’ll find a wide variety of different combinations of red, white, and blue.

    For instance, all white used to be traditional for all USA Olympic teams – the USA Olympic rugby teams of the 1920’s wore all white, for example:


    ….and I believe the USA Olympic/World Cup soccer teams of the 1920s/30s wore all white as well…the sash on the 1950 USA World Cup team was a one-off freak and we would have completely forgotten about it by now if it were not for that (also freak) 1-0 victory over England in 1950.

    I don’t care for any of the USSF national team kit of the past 20 years. White home jerseys are rather anonymous – what the USSF national jerseys completely lack is distinctiveness, uniqueness, recognizability, and any kind of sense of tradition (we can’t even make white jerseys traditional as the basic design is changed every couple of years).

    White home jerseys could be England or Germany or Austria or several other countries. A sash is no better – Peru has a sash. Not very distinctive. No one looks at it and says “aha, obviously Team USA”. We don’t have the advantage of Argentina with its “celeste” sky blue and white vertical stripes, or Croatia with its red and white checkerboard design (for example), of being instantly recognizable. We should.

    This isn’t just an advantage for the USMNT (and USWNT) but for the fans as well who will being wearing replica jerseys and thus form a more cohesive group (note Sam’s Army failure in getting USA fans to wear red shirts).

    I would say go with vertical red and white stripes, but that’s Paraguay. It would be nice to have a national home jersey that was instantly recognizable as “Team USA soccer” the way that the Argentina shirt is instantly recognizable, or Paraguay, or Peru, or Croatia, etc – single color jersey designs are too common (if you are Brazil, this doesn’t matter – if you are the USA, it matters).

    Instead of Paraguay’s red and white vertical stripes, I say go with red and white hooped shirts, blue shorts, and red and white hooped socks. You say it looks like “where’s Waldo?” Good! Instant national team nickname.

    Or if you don’t like that, how about red and white hooped sleeves on a blue shirt, with blue shorts, and red and white hooped socks?

    Try thinking out of the box – no need to get ridiculous with stars and other crap like that – stay traditional (hoops, stripes, etc are very traditional in soccer) while being distinctive.

    Something distinctive, something not used by any other national teams in soccer, something that is instantly recognizable as Team USA. Something that is not bland and anonymous and only chosen because Nike (or Adidas or whoever) dumped a truckload of money in front of Soccer House in Chicago.

    Is that too much to ask? (as long as Nike is calling the shots, apparently it is)

    1. The last time we came up with a uniform that was truly unique were the hideous 1994 World Cup uniforms, with the stars on a sky blue background. Google them…

  11. I am in the group that thinks we should have one WC design and stick with it over the years. The ONLY reason to change it every time is so Nike can sell more jerseys. I don’t like either one of these designs, and I don’t think any design will “strike fear” in our opponents. C’mon for crying out loud, these are world class athletes. They’re going to be scared by a jersey?

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