Poll: Will Manchester United Win The Champions League?

Will Manchester United Win the Champions League?(polls)

It was a textbook Manchester United performance. The Red Devils entered the San Siro with the pressure of performing against some of the top footballers in the world such as Pato, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Seedorf, Nesta, Pirlo, Ambrosini and Huntelaar. And despite being outplayed in the first half of the match, United managed to go into the changing room level at 1-1 at the half after a fluke goal by Paul Scholes that hit his standing leg and bobbled into the far corner of the net.

At halftime, Sir Alex Ferguson must have lit into his players because Manchester United’s second half performance was significantly better. And United got what they deserved from all of their hard work with two exquisite headers from Wayne Rooney, who is right now on top of the world playing the best football of his career. He’s playing so well that it’s easy to forget about a certain Cristiano Ronaldo who used to be in the spotlight at United.

Milan got a late goal from a beautiful flick by Clarence Seedorf to make it 2-3 to Manchester United. Bizarrely, Michael Carrick got a second yellow card in injury time and was sent off – presumably for kicking the ball away, but it was difficult to ascertain whether that this was the correct call or not based on the inconclusive TV replays.

Overall, this was an incredibly entertaining match. It’s a shame that one of these two teams will end up getting knocked out of the tournament because the way both clubs played Tuesday night would have made a perfect final. Everything was beautiful to watch – how open the game was, the skill that AC Milan displayed with deft touches and flicks entertaining the crowd, and the beautiful HD picture courtesy of Fox. This was how soccer was meant to be enjoyed. And it was made even better by the commentating team of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray.

So, based on the team’s performance in Milan on Tuesday night, does Manchester United have what it takes to win the second leg, and if so, go all the way to win the Champions League for the second year running? Click the comments link below and share your feedback.

7 thoughts on “Poll: Will Manchester United Win The Champions League?”

  1. united could do it ,if they get vidic back,john oshea is sorely missed
    brown at rb vidic and rio and evra 1 month from now they could be right back in form i wouldnt bet against em!

  2. If Manchester United can patch up their defense they will win last night going up against Dinho and not letting him put one in(apart from the deflection of course)… really quite incredible he is such a scary scary man to be up against for any defender.

    If United patch up their defense and get one over AC Milan it will be a big big deal and I will be completely convinced they can overcome them.

  3. Our defence may be patched up, but the young Brazilian handled the old Brazilian quite well. Ronaldinho got his goal and he created one late on, but for most of the match he was nowhere to be seen.

  4. Now with Carrick out for the next game, Fergie should have registered Hargreaves. Man United will be there in Madrid to lift the Cup again. Anyway let’s wait and see, like I did yesterday after the 3 minutes setback.

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