A Night At The Emirates: A Fan's Perspective (Video)

If you’re ever wondered what the fan experience is like going to a Premier League soccer match, or what it’s like going to the Emirates Stadium, film director Rohan Blair-Mangat has put together a five-minute video that beautifully captures the sights and sounds of a midweek football match.

Inspired by “Zidane – A 21st Century Portrait,” the video by Blair-Mangat is a unique and immersive documentary. Shot with a single camera (Canon 7D) on February 10, 2010 during the game against Liverpool, the film is about the Arsenal matchday experience from the perspective of the fans.

Hat tip: 101 Great Goals.

20 thoughts on “A Night At The Emirates: A Fan's Perspective (Video)”

  1. Thanks for this post Gaffer. I wish there were more videos like this. There has to be a youtube awards I think and this could win for the sports category. It shows the whole fan atmosphere. You can see the emotions of the fans, as well as the emotion on the players. Wenger looks like a lonely man who is fighting to defend his stances. The players look detached when entering the game, possibly trying to find their focus for the task at hand. The emotion of the fans at the end when they look at the time in worried anxiety and then when they look relieved when the game is called is priceless and exemplifies what every fan feels when they watch a match. This is a work of art. Sometimes the most simple and random works are the most dynamic and memorable.

  2. A pretty little film, but it doesn’t seem to reflect the spirit that I see and hear while watching an EPL match….but I’ve not been to one, so what do I know.

    1. Ovalball, the Arsenal experience is usually a lot more mellow than a typical Premier League experience, but I often find that the spirit you see on television is better than in person.

      With the experience in the ground, I often feel detached from the game itself and it lacks the excitement and energy that you find on television.

      The Gaffer

      1. If I understand correctly Gaffer, you are suggesting that football is LESS exciting in the ground than on TV? If so, I couldn’t disagree more.

        1. Tom, we definitely disagree on this one. The TV viewing experience versus going to a ground to watch a game are completely different experiences. There are pros and cons of both. I love going to matches but for different reasons (meeting friends, singing, cheering, etc, etc). But from a purist’s point of view, seeing the action replays and the action up close, I prefer the telly. Yes it’s a bit sacrilegious to say that, I know.

          The Gaffer

  3. Nothing really beats going to a match to be honest. Some of the smaller games are not a big deal but the more competitive fierce competitions are lightning bolts of energy. You get so caught up in the game you often forget where you are.

    I was watching a game at Old Trafford a while ago and they put one in and it was getting close to the end of the game.I got so caught up in the match I nearly fell down from one of the stands.

    It really is in a league of its own if your a football fan and far away treat a match like a vacation one day and go to a big or intense game. It’s just mind blowing how far gone you will be once your mind is in the game.

    It’s like your a part of a wave and your going there whether you realize it or not.. really something else.

  4. Winning 1-0 makes the game tense and the fans and players nervous. Not every game is the same. The Arsenal fan is always the more educated and intelligent and goes to watch a game, not scream your lungs off like a 12 year old girl all game

  5. I’m sorry but the Emirates is almost famous this side of the pond for how poor the atmosphere is compared to (almost) any other Premier League ground. And to think they had the chance to change that when moving away from the “Highbury Library”.

    If you want atmosphere then try Sunderland, Stoke, Tottenham, West Ham, et all before visiting the Emirates.

    Sadly all of the big fours grounds are somewhat disappointing when compared to ones mentioned above – even though they hold significantly more people. Watching on TV the coverage tends to “even out” the atmosphere across matches but I suspect this is due to the fact that in your lounge you’re not in the middle of crowd so dont get the full surround sound effect (or lack of it).

      1. I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic?

        If not, this is another myth. Liverpool is inundated with nearly as many day-trippers as Man Utd, and on my two visits (as a Wolves fan, this season and in 03/04) the atmosphere has been nowhere near the famous Anfield experience you hear so much about.

        I believe better atmosphere is found at teams lower in the league. Stoke, Wolves, Hull, Pompey etc, all know how to make proper noise.

        1. I agree completely. I’ve been to Anfield on many an occassion and every time I’ve been underwhelmed by the atmosphere.

          On Champions League night it may well be very noisy but usually its not a patch on the legend thats grown up around it.

          Now in the 1960’s & 1970’s when it was standing room only – thats a different story. Today…pah!

  6. Thanks very much, I have been to Highbury about 25 times but still not to the Emirates, I’m from Denmark so quite a long way, and after you have wife and children not that easy anymore…… I hope I can get there soon, and U gave me some sort of Idea what to expect….. thanks a lot 😉

  7. OK… perhaps I’m a little biased as a Spurs fan, but I traveled to the UK to see a couple of matches last year. A friend dragged me to see Arsenal at the Emirates. Our seats were not good near the top but at mid-field (what americans would call the 50 yard line) The place was DEAD and we had the most foul mouthed family (Mom, Dad and 2 kids; 12 and 13ish) screaming the “F*CK YOU YOU C*NTS!” all game long. Lovely.
    Then traveled to Birmingham to see Spurs at Villa. WAY more atmosphere. Much more enjoyable game regardless of the teams involved. Didn’t hurt that Spurs won.

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