Fox Soccer Channel in HD on DISH Network: Open Thread


Now that DISH Network was the first satellite or cable provider to broadcast Fox Soccer Channel in HD on February 10, 2010, the race is on for other TV providers to get the channel as part of its programming.

For those of you who have DISH Network and you’re able to get FSCHD, use this thread to tell us what the quality of the HD picture is, to post questions and to discuss the techie topics you want to discuss.

Fox Soccer Channel HD will present more than 3,500 hours in the enhanced format, including England’s Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Major League Soccer and Women’s Professional Soccer. Among the studio shows planned in high-definition: Fox Soccer Match Day, Super Sunday+, Fox Football Fone-In and various World Cup programming.

74 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel in HD on DISH Network: Open Thread”

  1. For those of you who have Comcast, how are you hounding them to add this channel in HD? I have been constantly doing online chats with Comcast personel but I’m really getting knowhere. There has got to be a phone number that we can call to request this channel be added

    1. I keep emailing Rick Germano on the feedback portion of the contact us on their customer service website. I have had no luck with my chats of getting any info, but I have seen people post on here and on big soccer that they have had a Comcast CSR tell them March 1 for FSC HD and FS +.

      1. Comcast CSR chats are the same for me. One time they’ll say it will start rolling out sometime in March and other CSR’s will say we have no info about FSC HD. I happen to live in one of the first Comcast markets to get Xfinity which is supposed to mean increased HD channels so I figure I should also be among the first Comcast markets to see FSC HD. Now if only the TV I want is available before the World Cup I’ll be in soccer TV heaven.

    1. Grant, the registration process for networks wishing to bid on Euro 2012 has just ended so the bidding will happen in the near future. More details at

      ESPN would be the favorites to get the rights for Euro 2012 in the States, but it’ll be interesting to see who gets it.

      The Gaffer

  2. picture quality on fschd is not as good as espnhd. does anybody know if fschd will still be available when foxsoccerplus is launched? i already subscribe to setanta and if fsp is taking over their coverage will gladly subscribe to fsp. as i am sure all setanta subscribers would. appreciate any info. ggmu

    1. remember the picture is only as good as the source. Only certain EPL games (and no FA Cup games) are in true HD, only the European SD standard 16×9 576i. This is why the game wednesday night did not look as good as the Serie A game on Friday. Basically if the game is on Sky or ESPN in the UK, then the feed will be HD. Otherwise it’s 576i.

  3. It was awesome having Friday off from work so that I could watch AC Milan-Udinese live in HD on FSC. I think the picture quality was awesome… a much needed improvement over the SD feed.

  4. May not be the best quality HD I’ve ever seen, but so great to finally fill up the screen with a nice quality image… this is why I spent two grand on this TV… thanks FSC!!

  5. Noticed that the FA Cup matches in HD are not as clear and crisp as the EPL and Serie A matches that I saw yesterday on FSC. But still, way better than the standard feed. Really glad I have Dish…

  6. for me picture Q yesterday’s MILAn-UDINESSE was awesome on my 55’LED SAMSUNG i dont need anything better. i can easily compare FSCHD Q to ESPNHD and give both 9 points on 10!

  7. Love it Love it Love it!!!
    So much more of the pitch in view now and sharp and crisp images!
    That said , as soon as Direct offers it, I may switch since we on Dish do not receive GOLTV or the famous 400 channels that show all the UEFA matches.
    As far as Fox Soccer Plus, I asked the other day when I was having problems getting FSCHD(the tech had no idea the day after the upgrade they even had or offered any new HD channels) If Fox Soccer Plus was in the works. Not a clue. I asked if he knew that setanta was finished March 1st, Not a Clue.
    I asked if I could still order Setanta?(2-11-10) he said yes, lol
    Its sad that on the Front lines of Dish customer service, they keep them in the dark…

  8. I finally got my FSCHD this morning…woohoo! The folks over at the Dish Network Twitter page helped me out tremendously. They knew exactly what was going on and told me I needed a new dish to get the channels and set me up with an appointment this morning and that was that. The guy who installed the new dish knew nothing of the new channels nor did the dish rep he phoned while here. But, I don’t care, I have it now and it’s awesome!! Super sharp and crisp, love it. Now I can’t wait to see Arsenal in HD.
    I’ll be asking the twitter guys about FSC+ because they seem to know more than the phone reps.
    Also, I have to say, Dish Network vs. Direct TV…I’d choose Dish every time. Direct TV is horrible and I can’t even understand how they have any customers. I’ve been a dish customer for over 10 years, but I’ve used Direct TV in places I’ve stayed and at friends houses and just the horrible program guide and the lag when switching channels in the guide is enough to know that it would be hell to have direct tv.
    The only con about dish is no Goltv anymore.
    Fixed that with an inexpensive spanish package from the cable company :)

  9. I have Dish with the proper channel package, but FSC is still showing in SD for me. After spending 1/2 hour on the phone with tech support they tell me that some customers (such as me) will not receive the new HD channel without swapping out my actual dish. They tell me “the channel is so new with have not updated it on all of our computers so it’s only being carried on certain satellites” … dunno if that’s true or a line because the guys kept saying “this is really weird … I’ve never seen this before”

    For those who receive it … enjoy your luck!

    1. Can any of you confirm which satellites carry it and which do not? I am unable to get it, even after 90 minutes on the phone with Dish this morning. The service rep made a technical report about it and said they will work at it over the next few days.

  10. Well I love the fact that I don’t have it even though I have dish because i have 65.1 or w/e the hell the number is…im not wasting 99 bucks for someone to come and rotate my dish, this is absurd and a robbery by dish network…complete joke

  11. Having never had access to Dish Network, I can’t make any comparison, but I’ve generally been pretty content with DirecTV. Granted, I’m frustrated as everybody with the slow HD roll-out that failed to be ready in time for the Olympics and probably won’t have FSCHD available for the next round of Champions League games. That said, it isn’t like DirecTV is light years behind the ball. According to the most recent updates, the D12 satellite is on schedule to begin broadcasting by late April at the latest (and perhaps as early as March), at which point it’s safe to say we’ll be accessing FSCHD and FSC+HD, so better late than never.

  12. sucka99-
    Do you know how I can which matches are on SKY or ESPN in the UK? I’d like to know in advance what quality to expect from a broadcast.

    1. I don’t know if there’s a progamme guide somewhere but I live in England and know for a fact that you will never get a game live on sky that starts at 3pm GMT. The live games on SKY are always the ones that are 1pm GMT and 4pm GMT.
      As for ESPN UK they usually get the 5.30pm GMT game

      So if you can find out what time the game starts you should be able to tell whether it’s going to be in HD

      1. Sorry, should have added that the above applies to Saturdays. I suppose it would be possible to have a game live on Sky at 3pm GMT on a sunday although they tend to stick to the above times as well

        1. you got it – the early and late games on Sat, and the 8:30 am and 11am ET games and the monday nighter. Midweek I think there’s one or two if games are scheduled

  13. So I called Comcast yesterday and got some of the deal:

    -Setanta is no longer available to new subscribers as of Jan.25th.
    -FSCHD and FS+ are planned, but the customer service reps know nothing! The rep told me herself that they only know of channel updates when corporate sends along new information regarding updates, and they have not done so as of yet. Calling corporate would be the only way to hound someone for an answer.
    -FS+, for all indications will not be available on the current Setanta listing on Comast on March 1st.

    I am guessing we will have to wait until this summer/fall, which another rep told me is the planned period for a new HD package rollout, but I suspect he is full of shit since he didn’t even know what Setanta was.

  14. Off topic but can someone tell me why Fox hired a couple of newscasters who do not know how to pronounce names, the guy on fsr just called Kevin Phillips, ‘STEVEN Phillips’ I mean I thought they actually have a script they read or am i wrong? I am just so tired of fox soccer, I mean for crying out loud Goltv news is miles better than fsc. This new girl is doing too much, with all these hand gestures…. I am currently watching and the way she just pronounced ‘Capdevila’ is pathetic… I mean pls take soccer serious FSC!!!

  15. NB I’m guessing its because the feeds are provided by a different company (ITV have FA Cup rights in the UK, SKY and ESPN cover the EPL)

  16. I’m on the West Coast and get my FSC-HD feed from satellite 129 (only 129 and 72.7 carry FSC-HD.)

    Picture quality on HD matches and programs is excellent. I’ve had some brief instances of video glitches and sound glitches on some of the HD matches, but nothing serious.

    Picture quality on SD-16×9 matches has been quite good. Watching matches in 16×9 widescreen is awesome and adds so much to the matches.

    Some programs are SD-4×3 (not widescreen), but picture quality is still superior to what I had on FSC SD channel.

    Here are the formats I have seen so far for the following programs:

    EPL matches: SD 16×9 (still waiting for some EPL in HD)
    FA Cup matches: SD 16×9
    Serie A matches: HD
    Hyundai A-League match: SD 16×9
    Premier League Review Show: SD 16×9
    FA Cup Preview Show: SD 16×9
    UEFA Champions League Magazine: HD
    Passport to South Africa: HD (studio portion is HD. Some match clips are HD, but most clips are SD 4×3)
    The Contenders: SD 4×3
    Sky Sports News: SD 4×3
    Fox Soccer Report: SD 4×3

    1. First, thanks, Jay!

      Munged aspect ratio is something that drives me insane, and it’s a deal breaker for me. In the various feeds you cataloged, are all or most presented with correct aspect ratio?

      This delay in rollout on Comcast is the last straw. Despite that they are finally upgrading to decent box software, I’m going to leave for satellite (something I REALLY don’t want to do) as soon as I find confirmation from Dish customers that FSCHD and FSC+HD are actually available and transmitting high PQ images.

      Again, thanks, Jay.

  17. you can find out which games are airing on HD channels in the UK here:
    listings are in eastern time.

    The quality is not as good as ESPN’s but good enough that I’ve watched a few boring Serie A matches just because they were in HD.

    We’ll get a better idea of the extent of HD coverage on FSC next week when they air some Champions League and EPL games.

    I find it hard to believe that the other EPL games aren’t availalble in HD if fox can show ALL of their Serie A games in HD (even Livorno vs. Bologna). I’m pretty sure Fox just isn’t getting the feeds.

    1. Just had a look at the link and can’t believe how much live football you get in America and Canada (especially on Setanta Canada) It’s almost worth moving out there just to watch the games.
      We in England have to pay a fortune for SKY and we’re lucky if we get 2 or 3 live games a week. You’re very lucky.

      1. The Three Lions, I remember coming across your TV listings when I was wondering how many matches you were able to watch in HD in England. What surprised me the most was the lack of Premier League matches period, let alone matches in HD. Made me realize how good we have it here to be able to watch almost any EPL match the same day.


        1. Yep, if you take this weekend coming (feb 20th) we have got one game on the saturday (1pm kickoff GMT) and 2 games on sunday.
          That’s it!! (3 games live)
          I have to pay £60 per month for my subscription to Sky (about $100). Yes we get other channels, movies and so on but still, I basically have Sky because I love football and cricket and sky have got the rights to both in England.
          Mind you that’s why these players get paid over a £100,000 a week, because people like me are getting their pants pulled down.

      2. The Three Lions, all that football isn’t cheap for us either. Also, that website lists online only games as well as TV coverage. It’s not as much as it seems.

        Obviously nothing beats the native coverage of the networks in the country of that league (i.e. Sky Italia for Serie A, Canal+/La Sexta for La Liga, Sky Sports for EPL, etc…) but our very resourceful TV channels here can do a better job of brining us these games than they’re doing now.

  18. The Three Lions – In the UK SKY and ESPN share 4 to 5 matches per weekend plus the odd full midweek schedule where SKY show a couple of games. The reason we don’t get the lot live is to ensure people
    still go to matches and to ensure highlights packages have some value

  19. indomitable_lion – Only the games shown live in the UK are HD. The rest are SD widescreen. Expect this to change within the next couple of years

    1. i understand the reasons live coverage is controlled in the UK but all the games are recorded with high def cameras. An HD feed can be made available to providers outside the UK. i think the main reason that doesn’t happen is because it’s expensive.

  20. Honestly, the seria a games that i have seen in HD on FSC look much better than the games i have seen on ESPN. Just my opinion, but yeah, the games look awesome! cant wait for Tuesday champions league.

  21. Just FYI for anyone with Comcast in the Orange County, Florida area:
    Fox Sports Florida (channel 401 or 402) will be airing the the AC Milan/Man-U match live in HD along with the 1/2 hour pregame starting @ 2:00 PM EST.
    Be advised.

      1. I’m glad you said so becasue I stumbled upon it on the Comcast online guide and saw only Tuesday’s match and figured it was a one time deal. That’s good to know. Cheers brother !!!

  22. Does anyone have any insight on when/if Time Warner Cable might pick up FSC HD or FS+? I’m not keeping my hopes up given their squabbles over pricing late last year, but I’ll still pester the shit out of the TWC sales reps until I hear something definitive :)

    Thanks everyone!

  23. I just had FSC HD turned on today. I had to wait and get a new dish from Dish Network, but Im dancing on the moon. I’m glad I stayed with Dish Network. Now lets see if they get Fox Soccer Plus in March

    1. Sergio what state you leave in?
      I am going crazy with the people at dish network
      they have no clue what i need in order toget fsc on hd

  24. Let me add that if your a Dish Network sunscriber just do a signal test and if you do not have satellites 72 or 129, then they have to come and add another dish. I have three now. The reps on the phone do not have a clue. You have to tell them its on those satellites. Definetly hound them. I suspect they are keeping their reps ignorant because it costs them to add all those dishes. There is no money to be made in the installation part

  25. I live on in the North East near Providence, I called Dish and after a long troubleshooting project was told that FSC in HD was coming off a different Satelite than what I was receiving and I needed to upgrade. They sent over a tech and he put up a new satellite dish on my roof and I got FSC in HD. However, when my wife went to use our second receiver/DVR (501B) it was no longer receiving any channels. Contacted Dish and they told me that my 501B was not compatible with the new satellite dish on my roof and I needed to upgrade to a new HD receiver at a cost of $150. So Dish are playing some games with their customers about getting FSC in HD.

    1. My advice to anyone wanting FSC in HD is to wait. Not all the programing is in HD, most is still is SD (EPL is only SD as is the FA cup) and it’s not very good. If you upgrade now all your SD receivers will no longer work and you will need to upgrade to HD receivers at a cost of $95 for the install of the new Satelite dish, $95 for the install of a new HD receiver and $50 and above for the HD receiver.

      When you get the new Satelite all your standard receivers are rendered useless. Apperently the new Satelite dish only receives MPEG4 signals and the SD receivers can only handle MPEG2. So you will need to upgrade
      I made the FSC HD upgrade without being informed of what would happen. Dishnetwork admit they made an error in not telling me about the loss of my SD receivers but won’t upgrade me unless i pay the upgrade fees. Not very happy but I have to sit on my one HD receiver until i get a better option

      1. EPL is in HD when it’s at 7:45 or 12:30 ET Saturday, or 8:30 or 11 Sunday – provided you receive and watch the game on ESPN2 HD or FSC HD. Champions League and Serie A should be all HD

  26. “This is to inform you that the DirecTV 12/RB-2A satelitte arrived at the 76° W.L. orbital location today. DirecTV anticipates that it will begin in-orbit testing (“IOT”) of DirecTV-12 on the morning of February 13. Although the timing for IOT of DirecTV RB-2A is less definite, DirecTV currently anticipates that process will begin the morning of March 3. As the dates and times become more precise, DirecTV will provide that information to the affected parties as required under the two STAs.”

  27. “This is to inform you that the DirecTV 12/RB-2A satelitte arrived at the 76° W.L. orbital location today. DirecTV anticipates that it will begin in-orbit testing (“IOT”) of DirecTV-12 on the morning of February 13. Although the timing for IOT of DirecTV RB-2A is less definite, DirecTV currently anticipates that process will begin the morning of March 3. As the dates and times become more precise, DirecTV will provide that information to the affected parties as required under the two STAs.”

  28. I must say, as a DIRECTV customer, I found yesterday’s Milan-United on MSG-HD in the 630’s. It was definitely MSG picking up FSC’s HD international broadcast. Wow was it stunning. Perfect 1080. I have been a bit impatient with DIRECTV, but yesterday’s game has made me realize that this will be worth waiting for.

  29. Folks, you just can’t drop satellite or cable every time one of them add a couple of HD channels; it’s a big hassle and each and every one of these providers have their pluses and minuses. I used to have Time Warner cable and when I moved, dropped it and got DirecTV, because they offered Setanta Sports. Guess what, Setanta is going away! So, should I chase down Dish Network?! No, I’ll wait for DirecTV’s new satellite to go live in March or April, and I’ll get more HD channels; FSC, FSC + and perhaps a few others.
    Hang tight!

  30. As long as Direct will offer those channels, then fine. However no one is commiting to them but Dish Network. I also upgraded my dish to get FSC HD and my sd receiver is working just fine. I think there is some misinformation going on around here. I watched the Porto-Arsenal game yesterday and it was awesome.

  31. Here is some of my “chat” with the Dish rep:
    (04-23tu##) Randy L. 9EA: Now that I double checked the 501 is an MPEG 2 reciever, and all the channels that you get from the 3 Satellites that you reciever are MPEG 4 channels so they will not work on the 501.
    (04-23tu##) Randy L. 9EA: The 501 would need to be upgraded.
    (04-23tu##) Randy L. 9EA: Since you now have the 72.7, 77 and 61.5 satellites the only option is an MPEG 4 reciever
    04-23tu##) Randy L. 9EA: $50 for a non-DVR or $100 for a DVR.
    (04-23tu##) Randy L. 9EA: Installation is $95 or if you add the service plan for $6 per month then it is reduced to $15.

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