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Is This Tottenham's New Home Shirt For the 2010-11 Season?

tottenham shirt new Is This Tottenham's New Home Shirt For the 2010 11 Season?

An image of what may be the new Spurs home football shirt for the 2010-11 season has been leaked on the Internet thanks to a Tottenham blog.

Designed by Puma, the image shows what may be the new design of the shirt for the next Premier League season. The image is very fuzzy but was shot from a Puma vendor catalog released in the United States.

If this is the real Tottenham shirt for next season, Spurs fans should be pretty pleased with the design. There are no yellow streaks down the side of the shirt and the image looks very retro. However, it is believed that Adidas will be the shirts manufacturer for Tottenham beginning with the 2010-11 season, so either (a) the deal fell through and Puma will be the sponsor and this shirt will be the one they’ll be using, or (b) the shirt pictured above was created months in advance in the hopes that Puma would continue to be the shirt manufacturer.

Whether this is the real Spurs shirt or not for the 2010-11 season, what do you think of the design?

Source: TottenhamBlog.

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26 Responses to Is This Tottenham's New Home Shirt For the 2010-11 Season?

  1. brn442 says:

    Another season, another shirt – when will manufacturers and clubs realize the diminishing returns of releasing a new 50 pound home shirt every season.
    As for the shirt, I’m not a fan of the off-set design (is that black or navy blue?) But it’s certainly not worst than what they have now.

  2. Anfield66 says:

    FUGLY, looks like somthing you find on the discount rack!
    $4.99 at Marshalls…

  3. jay Redknapp says:

    Spurs fan for life…

    Dope kit , better than any of the 3 from this season but I don’t believe it’s the real deal. It’s too early for the shirt to leak on the interweb. Someone is up to their old tricks. I wish it was the truth, but I doubt it.

  4. F1Mikal says:

    Truly juvenile.

  5. LI Matt says:

    What’s “retro” about it? We’ve never had blue on the top like that, certainly not on the white shirt anyway.

  6. Jamie says:

    Forget the fact that I’m an Arsenal fan, this is NOT next seasons spurs kit. League rules state that you can only change your home kit every two seasons, and away kit every season. so no, forget this rumor, it’s not true, and it’s pretty bad photoshop skills aswell. (though, admittedly, it looks nicer than the current puma kits, which aren’t that nice.)

  7. ninja306 says:

    No, I’m pretty sure that you CAN change your kit every year. I think Spurs have had three different home shirts in the last three years for example.

    To be fair, I think Arsenal are kind enough to their fans to hold back from changing kits every year.

  8. Danperchspur says:


    Make that 4 years of Puma and 13 outfield shirts.

    Im sure thats not going to be the kit. Did you not see the rumoured shirts from last season?
    I’m not a fan of retro shirts. Whats the point in playing in the past when we should be looking to the future.

  9. Arnold says:


    You’re well wrong with you claim that Premier League rules prevent clubs changing their home kit every season. Spurs have had a new home kit for every season for the last 6 years, as proven here:

  10. P H-W says:

    @jamie: Those aren’t the real rules, Spurs have changed thre home kit every season for years, it’s only arsenal and a few other teams that do that.

  11. waiwonder says:

    i hope that ain’t the new kit. it’s ugly as ****

    it has no style, it ain’t retro and as anfield66 said, it looks like something you’d find in a sale clearance.

    i think the kits this season are very very good, especially the away kit.

  12. Josh says:

    No, I read that Spurs are signing to Adidas for the upcoming season whereas Newcastle are going to Puma.

  13. SpursDean says:

    Jamie you are wrong. Clubs can changes their home kits every season. This isn’t the new Spurs kit – this picture was released at the end of last season so its just doing the rounds again.

  14. dstu says:

    yes it nearly the new shirt,a liitle nod to umbro and the sponser is back to holsten.

  15. Mark Milner says:

    Well personally i thought that kit looked a bit rubbish. the lack of yellow streaks was a major dissapointment for me. but its probly not the actual kit so lets not get too upset about it. c’mon you forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! na manz i am a battyman

  16. jazz pearce says:

    i don’t think this the new shirt because the last shirt was white an yellow they can’t just change the new colour (yellow) back to the old colour boring and stupid black !!!!!

    by the way i am a girl and i play 4 truro city and i lov spurs and i am 11 !!!!

  17. Tottenham Tim says:


    White and Black?? Spurs play in White and Navy Blue!!

    And as for the yellow in the home kit, Spurs have only had that for one season and that is this season, there has never been yellow in our home kit since the 1890′s until 2009!!

    The dsign above does look cheap but at least it’s the old traditional colours of THFC and some monstrosity created bu Puma!!

  18. Jamie says:

    Would you believe this was the shirt if you saw it on the players though………

  19. Steve says:

    Jamie – Good work getting the photo of the players in the new shirt – maybe it is the new strip afterall!
    I just hope they improve the quality for next year, the current strip is cr*p quality, flimsy and cheap.

  20. Danny says:

    Chicken on the badge looks bigger, sorry the cock! Sums up Spurs with cheap look. Needs Claret & Blue in it to add class. Come on you irons!

  21. Alan Lennon says:

    Don’t know how this was found, but I came across it on another website:

    Spurs shirt leaked?

  22. Lee says:

    I think it maybe, I’ve just seen the new spurs training collection on the official website, there is a jacket that looks exactly the same.

  23. Bruiser says:

    This is the training kit! If you go on there official website it has them pictured LAWL.

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