Tommy Smyth Interview: EPL Talk Podcast

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Tommy Smyth is one of the most prominent personalities covering soccer at ESPN. Earlier this week, Tommy sat down with The Gaffer for this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast.

Some of the topics discussed with Tommy Smyth include:

  • His views on whether soccer will become more popular in the United States after this summer’s World Cup has ended,
  • What his role will be during the tournament and where we can expect to see and hear him,
  • How far soccer on television has progressed since he began working at ESPN 19 years ago,
  • What he thinks of the TV ratings thus far for the 2009-10 Premier League games shown on ESPN2,
  • Whether it hurts him when he reads or hears negative criticism aimed at him,
  • Who will win the Premier League trophy this season,
  • and much more.

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